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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Off season

Rest time, and I need it!
So thankfully it is at this time I have pulled a muscle in my lower back, one of the QLs, and it is very sore. Not preventing me moving a lot bu it is making me hold myself incorrectly and my shoulders and neck are aching as a result. Trying to keep moving as much as possible.
Unfortunately children, car seats and backs do not mix!
But this weekend I will be getting back out on the bike. Just have to purchase some wet weather gear, as I have bought no bike clothes for about 3 years! All my shorts have holes in and I have no overshoes, and just a pair of tri cycling shoes which offer no protection from the cold at all. Thankfully I have saved a little for such rainy days!
Hopefully now the winter is here I can get out consistenly for som elonger easy paced rides and get the mileage up as a base for next season.
Also going to focus on the running, will be doing a few events, Boscombe 5k series and Wimborne 10 miler and a few other local runs.
The personal training is taking shpae now and lots of really great people to train with. And I am setting up circuit training in Wareham Forest, more details to follow, so keep reading!!
Right, off for a gentle jog to see if I can loosen up my back a bit!

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