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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A long time

Having been out of the triathlon game for nearly 2 years now, it was with interest that I returned to this blog to review the past 10 years of training.
It's like it happened to someone else!!
Having been plagued with various injuries and time constraints, commitments to husbanding( if that is a word!!), parenting and acting, full on training has taken a back seat.
But now is the time to getting in shape and start putting in a bit more hard work.
Training-wise a lot will change. More running and working out HIIT style.
Will get back to posting up here, as I find this helps staying motivated, keeping a log of what I'm doing. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

300 rep workout

50 reps of each, 50kg DL, 50kg Bench. 30kg big duffle Bag.

Bench/pres ups as 5/5 for 50
Bunny Hops
Bag Lift
Kettlebell swings
situps/pull ups as 4/1 for total 50

Warm up and cool down.
20 minute workout! 

Happy Days!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Feb 2014

Where has it gone? 

No posts for a lifetime!

Busy, work, training and acting. Training has taken a back seat. 

So for 2014? When the weather improves bike. When I feel more motivated swim and when I feel like getting quick, run!

I'm fit, well and strong but not done any specific tri training for months. 12 weeks solid will see me in race shape. Can I do it? I'm gonna return to blogging and we'll see! 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


If there is one thing that will improve your fitness, strength, stamina, endurance and overall health and well-being it's consistency. Keep doing those sessions. Obviously keep them varied, interesting, keep adapting and working on your weaknesses and over time the improvements will come. 

This is true for all sorts of things. And I am practicing what I preach. Since last Friday, I ran 3.5 miles to Forest Fit, we did a solid training session there and I ran back. Sunday I cycled at tempo on my old training bike for 1 hr 40 mins, ave 22mph and then ran at half marathon pace for 35 minutes, about 5.5 miles. This felt good. OK, not monster quick, but for me, my legs are coming back into some sort of shape and I felt good. Monday, I got on the turbo for 40 minutes and did two TT efforts of 8km each, with spin recovery inbetween, each 8k hard effort was 10 minutes. Now this felt really good. Consistency. Tuesday, circuit training and a little bit of jogging throughout the day with work. Today, Forest Fit and a run back home and then on the rollers for a 30 minute spin. Time Trial tonight if my brakes are here! If not I will be out for another solid training ride. 
If I can find a cheaper triathlon race to do in September I will be getting back to swimming. If not then I might just do a few efforts over the coming weeks in the sea, now it's warmed up( a bit!). I will continue biking solid with quality run sessions during the week. And Puddletown Circuits and Forest Fit will keep me strong. And that provides me with plenty of variety.

Consistency. It works.

Friday, 28 June 2013

The weekend is here...

...after 3 days of solid biking and a couple of workouts. Cycling legs returning, and getting some speed back. I went to time trial on Wednesday and decided to bin it after 10 minutes of riding out to the race, and just got in a solid training session. 1 hour 5 mins, averaging 25mph, felt good to ride a bit harder and more like I know I can. 
Forest Fit and a run tomorrow and more biking over the weekend.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Training week update

Since last week. Sore knee for a day, but ice, rest and stretching fixed it. Tight glutes, sore back from lots of riding. Again, stretching fixed it. Biked and ran on Sunday, 30 minutes hard and 5k run, bit slow at 20 minutes and 5 seconds, but it will do as a bit below par, bit of an infection in the waterworks. All good now. 90 minute ride yesterday and followed by a circuit session this evening. 
Bike tomorrow if weather good or turbo and a run at some point. Then to pick a race to target in July/August but race fees are so expensive now just not sure what to do. Might time trial tomorrow evening if I feel good. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday is round quick

Puddletown Circuits tonight! Should be great fun, 7pm for general exercise class and 8pm for Man Circuits! 

So, since last week I have mostly been riding my bike, getting in some quality miles, a little running and a few short workouts, Forest Fit included. 
Some speed is coming back into my legs so hopefully back to time trialling as soon as I have got some confidence in my ability back. Feel a bit smoother on the bike, but still not right and must just relax more, and let me bike fitness happen. Just forcing it a bit and cannot get comfortable! 
So easy day of training today for me, back out on the bike tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tuesday training

After a rest day on Monday I was keen to get back on the bike, but the weather had other ideas, as it has today.
So I hopped on turbo and banged out a tough 80 minute session. Legs feeling back into some sort of biking shape. Bike fitness is improving, after a disastrous 10 mile TT 3 weeks ago and a slow ride at Dorchester tri. 
Last night was Puddletown Circuits, two exercise classes, one for general exercise and the second something I have entitles 'Man Circuits'. At the end of the second session I was finished! Great workouts.

Here's what we did at 8pm.
Warm up with general stuff for 5 minutes then:
1 minute of each exercise, do all exercises, rest for one minute and then repeat.
Circuit 1:
Press Ups
Hamstring Extensions
Reverse Lunges

Circuit 2:
Bunny Hops
Single Arm Row
Clean and Press
Mountain Climbers
Bag Lift

Circuit 3:
Box Jumps
Shoulder Press
Step ups
Band Row
Farmer's Walk
Bag Crawl and Push

Cool down.

I can safely say if you work this as hard as you can it works everything. Takes about 45 minutes altogether. Job Done!!!! 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Solid weekend

Friday - 2 hours easy paced ride on bike over the Purbecks, nice and sunny but very windy out and about. 

Saturday - Forest Fit session including a couple of hill and then a 6 mile extended run home after the session. Very hot and sunny. Great morning's effort. 

Sunday - 33 miles at 22mph, followed by 5 mile run at 7 min/ml pace. Nice steady effort, at ave HR of 143bpm.

So bike and run fitness is definitely improving, after a really good week. I managed a little afternoon snooze yesterday, just to recharge the batteries. Easy Monday, might squeeze in a swim. Forest Fit in the evening, Puddletwon Circuits on Tuesday, Forest Fit Wednesday, and lots more biking to be done. Hope to time trial on Weddnesday evening, see how I get on. 

Consistency is King!!! 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Solid week continues

So another couple of sessions in the bank this week.

Workout 1. 

AMRAP for 15 mins:
10 front squats with slosh pipe
5 clean and press
1 climb rope, no legs

Basically do the above little circuit as many times as possible in 15 minutes. 
I managed 6 and had to cheat on the last climb and use my legs, arms were gone!
Then I rode 30 minutes quick on the rollers. 

That was Wednesday. 

Thursday I got out for a 2 hour ride over most of the good climbs in the Purbecks. Legs are tired today! Run later and possible sea swim, if it warms up a bit. So far so good! 

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