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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Building with bricks

First serious brick session of the year, and not bad if I say so myself. Very cold again, with a biting headwind for the first 10 miles on the bike.

Stats on the Plasma:

Time - 54 mins 28 secs
Distance - 18.4 miles (29.6km)
Ave speed - 20.3 mph (32.7 kmh)
Max speed - 32.4 mph (52.14 kmh)
Ave hr - 152 bpm
Max hr - 164 bpm
Ave cadence - 86
Max cadence - 110
Kcal/hr - 867

First 10 miles was slow, into headwind, 32 minutes, very hard work. But then once out of the wind, I was able to pick up speed. Unfortunately never a tailwind! Typical!!
Last 8.4 miles was quick but slowed down a little over the last 2 miles to save my legs for the run.
So off the bike and into my running shoes. Felt ok, legs a little tired but nothing to worry about. 4.5 miles in 37 minutes. Fairly slow going, but the idea at the moment is just to run time. I set off to run for 40 minutes so I'll settle for that.
No gels or energy bars/drinks today, as I have run out!!!
Day of rest tomorrow, but will have a gentle float at the swimming pool, just some very easy swimming, to ease my legs which I am sure will need the recovery time!
All in all a successful weekend, and feels good to have put in some hard effort

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the info re bricks - sounds as though you made a good start - hope the build up goes well