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Saturday, 27 January 2007

Saturday long bike ride

Great ride today.
Here's the stats!!

Distance 91.62 km (57 miles)
Time 3 hours and 3 minutes
Ave speed 29.9 km/hr (18.6 mph)
Max speed 63.2 km/hr (39.3 mph)
Ave h/r 150 bpm
Max h/r 199 bpm( I have my doubts about the accuracy of that figure)
No cadence recorded on Scott S30 but it was generally higher than normal.

Nutrition - 4 PowerBar Gels (2 of them caffeinated), 2 * 750 ml water, 1 litre water. 1 Nutrigrain bar. Just about right. Bit more needed, maybe a couple of bananas to add to it.

Nice loop today, took in Blandford, Dorchester, Weymouth and Wareham. Downhill sections mostly into headwinds, and a lot of uphill sections, long and undulating stretches, but very good workout. Great descent into Weymouth from Dorchester, then hard again back up to Wareham. The last 15 miles would have been quicker but for the headwind. Also, overall temperature was cold, about 8 degrees C. Very strong and steady ride, just about enough in the tank and judged pace right, as was tired when got in but legs in good shape. Had to push the last 3 miles, tiring a little. Overall, very pleased with ride and will recover well for brick session tomorrow( bike and run).


Anonymous said...

So, todays ride was the Ironman distance - will you need to do any longer rides in training - if yes why is that?
Will tomorrows brick session be short and sweet- why are they called brick sessions?
Really enjoying following your training - don't feel tired at all!
You deserve to do well you seem very dedicated.

Steve Birtwistle said...

Thank you for being a regular reader, nice to know at least there is someone else out there!!!
I hope the hard work does pay off, sure it will if I stay injury-free and in good health.
The brick sessions as I understand were named after a coach who developed the idea of merging the 3 disciplines together, or at least two of them. Sim/bike or bike/run. There are combinations of these that can be done, short runs/bike/run/bike. Useful to have indoor trainer to do on bike.
Yes tomorrows brick will be short. 3-4 mile run followed by 40 minutes on bike and then 2 mile run. All at steady pace. Mainly I will try and practice the transition from bike to run, but I will also take another 20 minutes to get used to getting on the bike barefoot, and slip feet into shoes while they're clipped into pedals.
Regarding the long ride, I am planning on doing some cyclo sportive events later in the year. And as the plan is to start next year training for the full Ironman, I'm slowly building up endurance on the bike. Today was all about spending time out on the bike to really get my head focussed again for stepping up the training. I will be doing no more than 3 hours now until June. Maybe one longer ride each month, but no more than that. Next weekend I will be probably back to around 40 miles, taking in a bit more climbing.
For the brick sessions I will do at most 2 hours on the bike and then 1 hour run, no need to go harder/longer than that in training.
My first triathlon of the season is on 4th March and is a nice easy short sprint tri, 350m swim, 10 mile bike and 3 mile run. Will give me a good guide as to where I am and what I need to work on. Not long to go!!