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Friday, 12 January 2007

Friday swim and bike

Back to commuting on bike today, and fair flew in! Ave 39 km/hr over 12km. But for traffic lights and Ambulances in the cycle lane it would have been better. And cycled back home at a fair lick too, didn't clock the time but felt strong into a headwind.

Lunchtime was a swim. 1500m, decided to get head down and give myself a good workout. Went with a friend of mine who has swum for a long time and is quicker. However, we set off together and I followed and he didn't lap me until length 36 of 46 lengths(33 metre pool). Was very pleased. My time was 29 minutes and 12 seconds. I know that needs to be much quicker but I'm getting there, and my stroke is improving everytime. I'm really trying hard to focus on swim technique even when tired and I have put in a lot of effort. Body rotation better today and more horizontal in the water, also catch a lot better too. Best swim I have done yet. Not just time, but general swim fitness is improving. Overall aerobic fitness is coming along nicely at the moment.


Anonymous said...

sounds like today was a good one - at what stage will you add disciplines together?

Steve Birtwistle said...

Well, I will start adding some bike to run brick sessions in 3 weeks' time, just once a weeke to start, probably on a Sunday, and these will not be hard sessions.
I also need to practice transition from swim to bike. Even though it will look at bit silly running down the road with my wetsuit half on!!
Need to practice jumping onto bike after swim with shoes already on the bike, bare feet into them. Can save a lot of time. They are Specialized's tri comp shoes, very very comfortable and easy to get feet in and out.
Harder to practice the swim and then bike, unless I can rope my wife in to stand with my bike on Swanage promenade and I run along the beach to get out of my wetsuit!
BUt throughout Feb and March I will certainly be doing one brick session a week, maybe add a second, but using the indoor trainer on the bike and then run.
Max distance I will do on these sessions will be an hour and a half on the bike and 45 minutes on the run. No need to go full distance otherwise I'm gonna burnout.
I'm learning now to pace myself better and not push too hard too soon. Feeling stronger for it.