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Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Well, recovery week was good after half marathon. No running. Ran today for 40 minutes at a nice easy pace, just to see how legs are. Covered a little over 4 miles, and felt good. Legs in good shape.
Done a good amount of cycling last week and at the weekend, not too hard, nice and steady. Couple of sessions on the rollers, getting better balanced on there now, done 2 good workouts, concentrating on pedal technique and spinning at high cadence - 110 - 120rpm.
Swimming is on the go too, 4 sessions in the week, 2 this week already, back in tomorrow. Was videoed on Monday night at Zoom tri session. Front of stroke is lovely, with good shoulder rotation and angle of entry, good reach and smooth long stroke. That's the good bit. Bad are my legs!! All over the place. SO at least now I know what to work at for the next few weeks. Get my core strengthened and get that kick nice and narrow.
Reliability ride on Sunday, Jubilee Wheelers event, 100k, should be a good ride, if the weather is any good! Feeling good to train hard at the moment, but resisting going hard, and just really keeping my fitness up, but building the bike slowly. Focus on swim technique. slow and steady. And will start to build run endurance with long slow runs.
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