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Friday, 26 February 2010

Time Trialing

Well, it's that time of year again, where those brave few don weird looking helmets and fashion large flat pieces of card to their rear wheels in attempt to break the sound barrier!
Yep, Time trial season gets underway on Sunday in this neck of the woods.
Poole Wheelers 27km. For more info
Also for TT info in the South of England go to
And for general TT info go to

Legs in pretty good shape after a relatively easy week. I wouldn't say I was 100%, as still a bit stuffy and a little more tired than usual but certainly more than fit enough to ride on Sunday. Long bike ride on Saturday, but pretty easy 3 hour ride. And then I shall be riding the TT course twice, and then back home with a 45 minute run straight off. Oooh me legs!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Speed Distance Time Calculator

Here it is again, really handy little calculator for working out times.


I just keep thinking of that Chilli Pepper's song that was used on the Beavis and Butthead film a few years back! Great cover of an old track by R&B legends The Ohio Players. I know it's called Love Rollercoaster, but it's kind of what triathlon training is like! Well, mine anyway!
So, Boscombe 5k went well, felt good and strong. Come Saturday morning, I got my race bike together and fitted wheels on and drinks sorted etc, ready for a 30 minute warm up followed by 2 hours at 70.3 race pace. And within 5 minutes I knew I was gonna be fried. Just not on it at all. It was bitterly cold out, riding slow was cold coz my body wasn't generating enough heat, and riding quick was cold because of the air temperature! Couldn't win. Gritted my teeth and pushed on. I covered 46 miles in the two hours and 8 miles in the warm up. Got back home with no feeling in my left foot and proceeded to set off on a 40 minute run. As many that have expereinced the off the bike running sensation will know, it's hard enough as it is, but with no feeling in one of your feet, things can get a little strange. The run was actually ok in the end, as it was just an easy one off the bike, so felt reasonably comfortable.
But later in the day as tiredness kicked in, boy oh boy did I feel rubbish! Mentally frazzled! Roth was off, I wasn't going to do this long distance stuff any more and I just had no time for anything or anyone!
I woke up this morning feeling tired and snotty still, but mentally a bit better. But I am not going to ride my bike outdoors today, I am absolutely sick to death of this cold weather! Big training sessions I can handle and it's all making me stronger, but the cold weather really takes it out of you and recovery time is much longer. A week in a Meditarranean training camp would be ideal about now!!! I wish!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Latest News

Lots of food, drink and rest has seen me get back on my feet and I ventured out for another 5k down at Boscome last night. And well worth it. I ran very well, felt strong and in control and posted a PB, by about 15 seconds, my first time under 19 minutes. I'm no speed merchant, but it felt good to get the legs moving a bit quicker than normal!
Then today out for a 2 hour 70.3 race pace session with a 40 minute run off the bike. Tired, heavy legs and just not on it, but got the session done and nice to recover with the gang and watch Star Wars whilst the hailstones are bouncing down outside!
Long easy recovery ride tomorrow and back in the pool next week, normal training week resumes.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Well, had to happen, I've gone all winter without a sniffle, and then woke up this morning. Bang!!!! Felt like a bunch of morris dancers were rehearsing(badly) in my head, and like I had lead weights tied to all limbs. So was phone call in to work and back to bed. Have slept, rested and ate most of the day, even when no appetite, I have forced myself to get solids down me. Drunk lots of water and juice. Still ropey, but I'm hoping a decent night's sleep will fix me up.
See how we go tomorrow, I could do with getting back on my feet asap, just while the going is getting good at the moment.
Back to bed, news to follow later in the week.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday legs

Well, I was very tired after yesterday's efforts, but the legs are in pretty good shape.
Had a solid ride, was great to meet Dave Woodgate at last, seen him at many races and just never had the chance to meet and greet. He is an excellent athlete, finished top 10 at Ironman UK 70.3 last year and was 17th at Ironman UK. He also won Winchester triathlon last season as well, and has been a podium finisher at most races he has done over the years in the South of England. So I was in good company with him and James Gilfillan, and having met them at Ringwood after 34 miles in the legs, we set off and soon the tempo was up, nothing manic but strong. And I had to just sit in and try and hold on up the hills! Flat and into the wind, not too bad, but they are both small and light and powerful riders, any hills and I was fighting to hold a wheel. But I stuck it out, and even managed to get to the front after 80 miles in my legs! After 3 hours with them and with me rapidly losing ground on any small incline, we went our separate ways and I headed home for a nice hot bath. The weather was dry, but a very cold northerly wind tried its best to dent our progress!
So 105 miles altogether, ridden in 5 hrs 45. Nothing spectaular, but very steady for this time of year. Feeling good this morning, and after a bike clean and a walk with the boys, I'll be out for a nice 2 hour run round Wareham Forest.
James and Dave if you are reading this, many thanks. Look forward to riding out again. Hopefully will be a bit warmer, and watch out if there are no hills!!! ;-)

Friday, 12 February 2010

James Gilfillan, Dave Woodgate and me

It's the weekend!!
So, tomorrow is 100 miles. Plan is to ride out from home, meet James and Dave at 10am in Ringwood and ride round New Forest and then back home. With those two leading the way I have a feeling I might be a little trashed by the time I get back home! Plenty of sleep tonight, get some solid food in tummy first thing tomorrow, smash the coffee and then get my legs moving!

triathlon coaching

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

running better

Well, I set off into a horribly cold north easterly wind on a build run. And after 1 hour and 20 minutes I was delighted to get back into the warmth and a hot bath to ease tired legs and sore calves! 35 minutes easy followed by 25 minutes at threshold, pushing hard in the cold air. Now funnily enough the hard effort felt better than the easy! The human body can be very strange. Feeling uncomfortable and breathing hard actually felt better than the easier effort. Work that one out!! Feeling well recovered, fed and watered this evening. I do love my chocolate milkshakes for recovery, can't beat em! Early night and lots of sleep(hopefully) will finish off a good day.

Coffee with Harry

Had a good swim session this morning, after a beast of a turbo last night which had me on the verge of throwing up! Met coach Harry Wiltshire of who had a good look at my stroke, and just one minor modification to make and something to work on. But on the whole good. Very tired after not much sleep either. No surprise there then! But holding reasonbale form on a timed 400 effort. Quite happy with the morning, nice civilised morning coffee after, short ride home and will have a sleep for an hour before going out for an hour's build run. Very cold northerly wind out there today, not pleasant, a real chill ya to the bone kind of day. But a day out of the office and a chance to get some other jobs done.
Got a 100 mile ride to look forward to at the weekend and a two hour run! Happy Days!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

to swim or not to swim

That is the question, and the answer is yes, but I do not feel like leaving the house! Tired after a long day, very good run at lunchtime which has helped sort out my back and loosened off tight hips and glutes. Turbo tomorrow, swim and run thursday, swim friday, then 100 miler on Saturday, 2 hour run on Sunday. And then it's Monday and we do it all again!!
Have I any sanity left?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sore back

Well, it's been a solid two days of training this weekend, but left me with a sore back, tight in the glutes and hips from yesterday's bike which I did on the time trial bike, not ridden that long in the aero position for a while and left me a bit sore. But covered 66 miles in the 3 hour ride, and then hopped off straight into a run. 1 hour 15 minutes later and I was frazzled! But a very solid session. These kinds of sessions are the real quality ones, where it just gives me a confidence boost and makes me realise that if I keep fit and healthy and build up nice and steady then it's going to be a good summer!
Then the other side of the coin! Today, 4 hours on the bike, covering only 65 miles! Bit more climbing, nice and easy pace, but horrible back ache for most of the way round. Not pleasant. And a horribly cold easterly wind on the way back from Portland Bill. But job done, miles in the legs and time in the saddle so no complaints. Recovering well and just hammering the hips and glutes with whatever I can find lying around!! Might be time for another massage!
Back to work tomorrow, but there is news to follow on this front, more of that at a later date! Have a good week everyone, hoping Monday is a good day!

Friday, 5 February 2010

The weekend

Another Friday, another tired early start to the day. Coffee, stat!
Swim session at lunch today, will not be hammering myself, body still a little sore from sports massage, but certainly helped as yesterday's run intervals were good, up on speed for level of effort. Fairly short set, but got me working hard. 15 mins jog warm up, 15 mins( build each 5 so last 5 at 5k race pace), 10 mins easy and then 5 x 100m fast, concentrating on quick leg turnover, 10 mins jog down. Doesn't sound like a lot, but I can feel it today as I haven't done any run intervals for 3 weeks because of a slight knee niggle. But all good now and looking forward to the weekend.
7 hours of biking and 2 hours of running. Time to start working for Roth!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sports massage

Excellent sports massage this evening at Highly recommended, has sorted out tight glutes and IT bands and got a bit of flexibility back in the old hips.
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