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Sunday, 11 December 2011

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10 days since the last post, no idea where the time has gone.
So, been taking it a bit easier. Forest Fit has been going very well, great turnouts to the sessions and good quality training from everybody taking part, including both trainers!!
Really helping to maintain my general fitness levels. Still struggling a little with tight neck and right shoulder wihc is hampering any upper body work, and I've lost a little motivation for biking and running. Not done a right lot recently. Couple of turbo sessions, out for a couple of rides, and running, only a few shorter 30 minute runs.
I want to get back to swimming to help loosen me up a bit, as there is no doubt this helps keep me flexible with no impact.
I did put in a good turbo session for an hour today followed by a 25 minute tempo run. Felt pretty good, legs a bit heavy, but strong. Bit more biking to be done over the next few weeks, time to start building it up it in the New Year, and hopefully rediscover a bit of Mojo!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tiredness creeping in

Ok, so training been going well, adding in some strength work and a bit more biking, and I've just hit a patch where my body is telling me to rest.
Sunday was a 2 hour bike.
Monday was a 25 minute run, legs felt like lead.
tuesday's strength workout:
Warm up with a few lifts and kettlbell swings
3 x 15 reps:
Deadlift 90kg
Bench Press 45kg
And that was it! All I had time for. Worked at a faster tempo and it got me really working up a sweat.
I did a 45 minute turbo later in the day which was a solid session.

Wednesday was Forest Fit, and I had nothing in the legs for jumping. We did some sprinting and my legs can really feel that today.
Rest day today, and have entered Antwerp 70.3 for next July. Going to really prepare well for it. Unfinished business from 2009!!! This time I won't be falling off my bike!

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