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Sunday, 25 November 2007

New Half Marathon PB!!

Downton Half Marathon today, first time out for this distance without it being part of a Half Ironman Triathlon, and what a great race. Really well organised, great fun, very tough and challenging course, lovely sunny weather, just a strong cold headwind around a lot of the course.
I went through 8 miles in 59 minutes, and picked up the pace after that to finish in 1hr 36 mins 21 secs. The firsthalf of the course was hilliest, but I was strong up all the climbs, really strong on those, but had to go wearily on the downhills, as my knee was a little sore and my shoes were a bit slippy where there was surface water. But that aside I finished strongly, just a little tight in the calves with 200m to go. Delighted to go under 1hr 40 at my first attempt at a proper half. I will definitely be doing some more. Just need to remember that I will need to increase the recovery time after doing them!!
I came 29th out of a large field of over 300. For me that result is excellent, as I consider my running to be my weakest discipline, but for some reason at the moment, I am improving in leaps and bounds, with my last 3 outings at 5k, 10k and Half marathon resulting in good PB times. Lets keep it going. Will rest for a week, no running, minimal cycling to let my legs recover!! Will still keep up the light swimming sessions.

Friday, 23 November 2007

November 07 update

This month has been a good one. Lots of rest and recovery and some good running.
After 10k pb, I had an easy week and took the family to Lanzarote for a week in the sun. Lovely weather, just the job to rest tired limbs. That said, I di a fair bit of running there, as my muscles and joints were nice and loose in the warm air. Lovely running by the sea in the late afternoon. Did 5 runs, from 40 minutes up to an hour. Also did a lot of swimming, all working on stroke and turns. Easy to do as the pools at the hotel were empty as noone would go in. They were not heated!!
Returned to UK on 15th. Ran on the 16th, 8 miles. Felt good. And ran on the Sunday, about 6 miles, very slow and didn't feel great, legs a bit stiff, very cold wind in Bedford. Back to riding to work this week. Nice and easy does it, some good swim sessions, all stroke work still, stroke count coming down. Got it down to 22 in a 33m pool. Very pleased with that. Ran 50 minutes Wed 21st, ran 30 minutes today, but stopped as bitterly cold and hungry!! Downton half marathon on Sunday so prepping for that.
Bike speed slow at the moment buts that's ok, just working on techniques and building endurance. Starting training on rollers, and will add turbo workouts in December.
Running is much improved now, feel I have the strength to go under 40 minutes for 10k at the start of next season and definitely the ability to go under 20 mins for 5k. I can now tumble turn, and am not far off being able to do it at the end of every length I do, but will take some time to develop the strength and fitness to turn every length and swim at race tempo. That will come for the start of next season. 6:30 is my goal time for 400m pool swim. Under 28 for 1500m. Looking good for that at the moment, I' m on track. I reckon I can go sub 2' 10" for an Olympic distance, that's a 20 minute improvement over this year. But I've got 6 months training before I attempt that distance again, so confident of doing well and hitting my goals!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

New 10k PB

Well, after an easy week, with little training, I topped it off with a crazy 10k performance, on the back of very little running, just been biking to work everyday, and longish bike Saturday, with 3 light swim sessions thrown in. Didn't feel great this morning, just the tail end of a cold on it's way out. But I turned out on a lovely sunny morning to do the AECC Dash Back 10k. Started at Boscombe pier, finished at the Chiropractic College. Great event.
Set off and kept around the 170bpm mark for heart rate and my pace throughout was very even. Just under 21 minutes at the 5k mark, and thought I might push on to get under 40 minutes. However, I lagged a bit from 6 - 8km, didn't feel brilliant but then managed to kick on within the last 2k. Felt very good when I finished, quick recovery, legs in good shape, IT band a little tight, but nothing to worry about. So all in all a great morning's work!! Time 42' 51". Well pleased. Official time will be a few seconds quicker, as I didn't stop my watch right on the finish line, but no matter.
Good race which sees me into a nice rest period when I holiday in Lanzarote!!! Lots of swimming out there and sun on the beach!!
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