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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thursday lunchtime swim

40 minutes of solid swimming again. Back to full health and able to go hard today. Cycled into work this morning from Wimborne into a strong headwind, but went hard as feeling good on the bike. Took 24 minutes for about 8 miles, so pretty good going really. Very pleased with fitness levels and gaining confidence all the time now, with Half Ironman 17 days away!! Have been having dreams about it already, usually involving something going wrong in transition!!
Cycle home tonight and have a good rest. Easy run tomorrow and then a long bike ride on Saturday, possibly 90km loop I have done before, see what the weather does. Don't want to overdo it. This is my last hard weekend before I start tapering, taking it easy for 2 weeks. My only concern is that I have not done enough running, but I have been conscious of many coaches and training articles who say that athletes can do too much running and their performance will suffer as a result, so I'll see how I get on with that.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Wednesday Lunchtime Run

Just over 8 miles in 1 hour 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Hard going, did not feel like running and did not particularly enjoy the run, wet and windy. But that said, my body is not in bad shape and I was reasonably comfortable running. Just didn't feel good mentally and it didn't help that I had terrible bowel cramps half the way round, with nowhere to go!!! Not pleasant! But then I suppose over the course of 5 and a half hours of swimming cycling and running I'm bound to experience some discomfort so it's good to deal with these things in training!
I'm very comfortable now running at 8 minute mile pace over long distance and feel confident that my half marathon time will be around 1 hr 45 mins. For this weekend's Poole 10km I'm looking at 42 minutes. It's a flat course, good underfoot and it will be good practice for me to do a run at a quicker pace than normal, especially as I will swim and bike before I do it. This will be my last hard session before IM 70.3 UK.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tuesday training

After a good weekend of 3 solid days rest, ie. sleeping and eating I felt refreshed today, enough to venture back into the pool for 40 minutes of good solid swimming. Very happy that I can go the distance. My target time is 35 minutes for 1900m on the Half Ironman swim leg, and anything under that time is a bonus. With wetsuit I should be able to do that time and save a bit of energy, not going too hard, thereby starting the bike not having used up too much.
Riding to and from work, but barely raising my heart rate, as I don't want to overdo it still. Bike fitness is very good, so not going to go too hard on shorter rides.
In all, a positive swim session, getting me back on track and improving my mental state.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Time Off

BIg decision to make this weekend, but I just have had to have some time off from training. I feel very tired at the moment, and this cold is just about gone, and my body feels like it's aching. I feel physically and mentally drained at the moment, and I have decided to take 5 days off. This is not an easy decision to make, but if I keep going as I was doing and try and train on a tired body then I'm going to get injured and at this stage of the game it's not worth it. I will cycle to work and that's it for 3 days. After that I will get back in the pool and go out running again, but not piling on the miles. I will keep to short sessions in the pool and for the run, and only get in a couple of longer bikes rides between now and the 17th June. I will be better off getting in some open water swims, practicing transition and doing shorter brick sessions. My base endurance is already sorted and I have the fitness to go for 5 hours. It's now about getting my body in tip top condition, staying fresh and mentally ready for the event. Rest will do me more good than hard training at this point in time. And bearing in mind I have plenty more races left this season. My goal is to finish Half Ironman UK, second goal is 5 and a half hours, 3rd goal is top 100. If I get just the first one, I will be delighted! Any more is a bonus!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Still got a cold

Over 2 weeks now and no sign of shifting. I have rested for 2 days, other than cycling to and from work, and even that has been gentle. Last training session was Wednesday, it's now Saturday.
I have decided to take it easy for a few days, as I really need to shake this thing off. Do not want to have it dragging on any longer. I will do a run later today, but only for 30 minutes, and at a very easy pace. I was going to ride the Ironman 70.3 bike course today but decided against it, rest instead. Too much to lose, and I've worked really hard for this, I don't want to get injured by overdoing it. I'm going to have a light training week next week, and do a couple of harder sessions at the weekend before I go into last 2 weeks of tapering down.
I need to get in some open water swims as well, and practice transition more. A few easy brick sessions will help.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Wednesday Training Time

Another good day today, a lot of effort expended so it will be a nice easy day tomorrow.
Lunchtime swim, 40 minutes of continuous swimming, but in amongst that were 3 lots of 200m really hard efforts. In fact at one stage, even though only for a length I kept pace with my 'swim coach' and was even pushing to go passed, but I couldn't keep that level of effort going for any longer, so just swam easy for a bit of a rest. Swimming is really improving since I got my kick going well and am better balanced and more streamlined in the water.

Bike ride this evening, and it was a good one. Very hard effort, took in 3 long climbs, first from Wool to Lulworth Castle, via Newtown Hill, not so steep the gradient, but a good 4 mile uphill effort which got my legs working hard. And before I forget, before that climb I was on a slight uphill straight stretch of 6 miles into a strong headwind. 2nd climb was just under 2 miles, from Lulworth Castle onto the top of the firing range. Much steeper this climb, but by this time my legs were working well and I felt very strong and powered my way up the climb, seated all the way and recovered almost immediately once over the top. 3rd climb was my old favourite from Swanage up to Kingston via Langton Matravers. Took this one nice and steady, and again finished strong at the top. I started to tire on my way back down to Corfe Castle, at around 34 miles. Reason being is I only lef thome with 2 Power Gels, a bottle of water and a bottle of Electrolyte energy drink. Not enough. I was sweating a lot in the warm evening air and I actually cramped up a little during the ride as well. I stopped in Corfe Castle at a pub where they kindly filled my drinks bottle with water! Yes, water, not beer!!! And I had a can of Red Bull, just to give me a lift for the remaining 8 miles home. I pushed very hard on the way back, shouting at myself to push harder and telling myself I was not feeling enough pain!! Obviously the Red Bull was working, and I powered home into a headwind at a really good pace, shattered but feeling great.
time - 2 hours 30 minutes and 23 seconds
distance - 68.6km ( 42.6 miles)
Average speed - 29.4 kph (18.3 mph)
max speed - 58.3 kph (36.2 mph)
no heart rate as I forgot my monitor!
no cadence as done on Scott S30, which is riding really well at the moment. Need a new chain though in the next couple of weeks.
I think I will use this bike for Half Ironman, as the bike course is very hilly, and put my Easton wheels on it, as they are super light, ideal for climbing.
At the moment, I'm well on course to go under 3 hours for Half Ironman UK, 90km bike leg, as long as I get my nutrition right. That's the key.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Tuesday lunchtime run

What a lovely sunny and warm day. Out for an 8 mile run. 1 hour and 4 minutes. Felt very good, well hydrated and full of running. Much prefer these new Asics running shoes, very happy with them. Weather was lovely, and after 4 miles i had to take my top off as the wind dropped and it was very warm. Ran down by Sandbanks in Poole, the water did look rather inviting the further I went.
Good recovery, legs in good shape, even after heavy sessions today. Rode home from work on bike as well. So in all, I done 3 hours of training today. Feel good but a little tired so an early night for me to recover well, and swim and bike tomorrow. Have only 11 days now of hard training before I start 2 week taper up to June 17th. Getting to the point now where I just want the race to start and am fighting to keep up the training at the moment. But even though I'm mentally a little jaded I'm still getting out there and working hard. I'm sure it will all pay off in the end.

Tuesday morning bike ride

Well, las night I got on the turbo and after less than 10 minutes I got off! I just felt too tired. I have had 3 nights of rubbish sleep, my little boy has not been so well and waking up in the night, and I have still not shaken this cold off.
So Iafter a reasonable night I left home early and did a 1.5 hour ride to work, in lovely sunshine. And a good ride it was. But it does take me a good 40 minutes for my legs to get working hard. My recovery over the climbs is excellent at the moment as well. The short steep stff I'm powering my way over and then accelerating away over the top. This is very positive and bodes well for the bike course at Half Ironman. The climb from Swanage over to Studland is a nice long one which rises steeply towards the end, and I rode this steadily, well within myself and had lots left to push it up a couople of gears towards the end and power over the top.
This was a good ride and has got me back into riding as the last 2 weeks I've been a bit negative about my cycling ability and worrying that my fitness level is not whaty it should be. But I think once this cold has finally gone (and I left most of it on the road from Wareham to Swanage!!) I'll be a lot stronger and will have no trouble riding hard for 3 hours.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Monday training

Monday lunch and back in the pool for 33 minutes of swimming. Would have been longer but my left shoulder is a bit niggly. Nothing severe but enough soreness when extending it to warrant me not wanting me to swim any longer. I don't think I've injured it in any way, I've not knocked it, or I've not overdone the swimming. In fact, I probably haven't done enough swimming! I think maybe my shoulders aren't quite as flexible as they should be and I need to get warmed up more in the pool. I'll take it reasonably easy for the next few swims and see how my shoulder gets on.
I will be back on the turbo trainer tonight as the weather has turned nasty and I need 2 hours on the bike.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Even healthy people get ill !

Well, I've had sniffles and a bit of a dragging on cold and catarrh for the pasted 10 days, and it is only just showing signs of going now! In fact this morning it was worse than ever, but as Sunday passes me by it's eased off and I feel loads better, just a little tired.
]I have had the last 3 days off, and I decided to go out running today, trying out my two new pairs of shoes. 1 is a pair of Asics GT 220s, or something like that, for all round training and long distance, and the 2nd pair is a pair of Brooks ST-Racers. Can't miss them, bright yellow!! Took them out today for 2 miles in each pair, a nice little loop near where I live. And it is nice to run in new shoes! 13 minutes 46 for the first 2 miles and then I switched to the Brooks - 14 minutes 15 for the second 2 miles. Finished with plenty to spare. Feeling good about my running at the moment, and improving all the time. Goal is to break 20 minutes for 5km by October and run under 42 minutes for 10km. Next year I want to go sub 40 minutes for 10k. I know I have to do that to be competitive at age-group level with the triathlon racing, but I know I can do it with some good training over the winter.
I now have less than 4 weeks to Half Ironman UK!!! 2 weeks of hard training left and then 2 weeks of tapering. I will be hammering it on the bike for the next 2 weeks, and getting at least 4 brick sessions in there, with some easier ones when I taper. I am riding the bike course next weekend, so I'll be able to get a feel for how to ride it come race day. Itching to get going on it now! 40 minute pool sessions from now on, all about going the distance on the swim, working hard on the bike and steady as she goes on the run. Bring it on!!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Thursday afternoon Bike ride

Well, I was full of cold and felt lowsy but I justhad to get out of the house and get some fresh air on my bike. And glad I did, lovely warm sunny day, but still very windy. Did a 28 mile loop in 1 hour and 30 minutes, very hilly and nasty crosswind sections. Did this ride on my Plasma, and oh how I love those Easton wheels, such a joy to ride. Only thing I found was on the hills as I powered down the cranks my back wheel was lifting ever so slightly and I didn't seem to get the traction I needed. But small price to pay for what is a most enjoyable ride. Despite feeling below par, my legs were strong and I could have ridden at that pace for a lot longer. Average speed was 18.2 mph, not that fast, but if I can maintain that over the Half Ironman distance I will be pleased. Any more is a bonus. I know I can go a lot faster but I need to save something for the run.
I'm having two days off training this weekend, save a nice leisurely swim on Saturday. I think at this stage, a lot of the hard work is done, and I don't want to overdo it, with only 30 days to go. But I will still have 2 weeks with some long sessions in there, so not easing off too much just yet!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Wednesday Lunchtime Run

just short of 10 miles today. Good run, starting off at easy pace and building throughout. 1 hour and 18 minutes. Legs in good shape, good recovery, feel reasonably fresh. Felt good to do a long run, and will be doing a few more of these before June 17th. Another run on Friday, which will be a short one(5km) and then a long run on Sunday, about 9 miles.
Will spend an hour on the turbo trainer tonight, just turning my legs over, active recovery session, keep em fresh!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Back to it

Was in the pool yesterday for a leisurely recovery swim, got me feeling much better, any aches and pains from Sunday's exertions faded away!
Back in the pool again today for 30 minutes of swimming. I am stroking so much better now and have better body position in the water, and my kick has improved, keeping me better balanced and body is straighter. Will do two long swims later this week.
Back on the turbo this evening, as weather and light not good. 1 hour 20 minutes of sustained effort, adding a couple of time trial effort intervals into the mix. Good structured session, and felt good to do a proper bike workout. I'm not able to ride to work mon, tue and wed, and I feel my bike endurance has just dipped a little, but hopefully will get that back by the end of next week, and really push on to be strong for 17th June.

Got my race kit for 17th June today, Orca 226 tri top and tri pants. I want a separate top and shorts rather than a suit, for long distances. Very comfortable, looking forward to racing in them. Top has 2 deep pockets for extra gels etc, which will come in handy for on the run leg. Will try it out on 3rd June when I do Poole 10k road race. I will do a swim and bike before and aim to get to the start line on time!!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Results from Stratford 220 Triathlon

Surprisingly good, apart from a disastrous bike! Best swim yet over 400m and best 5km run time in a race so far - and that includes stopping to pee!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Stratford 220 Triathlon

Well, I was up for this one, and feeling good when I arrived at 7am. Pool time was 8:45 so had lots of time to prepare and relax. In fact I was very relaxed for this one. Everyone was very friendly and chatty, and we all lined up for the swim , off in 15 second intervals. They had over 1000 people to get into the pool and out again!! Swim hats were provided for this one.
My swim was excellent, by my standards anyway. I have been working at a 2-beat kick, as used by USA Olympic swimmer Lindsay Benko, and focussing on that really helped to keep me nice and high in the water and more streamlined. Not sure what my time was for 400m, but it felt good and I passed a few swimmers. It was divided into 3 wide lanes, 4 lengths in each lane and then duck under each rope at end of 4. It was a 33.3 metre pool.
Exited the swim feeling great and got to bike. And it all went wrong from there on in!!!!
Bike fell off the rack, as I was getting my helmet on. Didn't hit the floor, I just managed to hold onto it, but it just threw my concentration a bit. Then I ran with bike to mount line and there was someone right infront stuck on the line and I tried to get on my bike befopre the line(without realising) and just managed to avoid a penalty by stopping quick. Then mounted and when I rounded the bend to the next straight, I couldn't get my right foot in my shoe! I forgot I hadn't opened the velcro fastening wide enough! So I had to stop to get it on. By this stage any hopes of a fast time seemed gone. That said, I got back on and started to ride hard. Now soemthing just did not feel right, and after 2 miles I thought I had a slow puncture.
I was coming up to slow bikers just too slow myself, whereas I'm usually flying past. It was a nice flat course, quite a blustery wind but I'm strong enough to get through the wind. But I just could not get the bike moving, and it was such hard work. I couldn't understand it. Not until mile 11 and a downhill section could I get any speed up. And then even on flat smooth surface I just couldn't get up to a decent speed. Something was not right. That said I persevered and got off the bike and was quick onto the run.
This was a well-organised event but this has to be the dullest run course ever!! Difficult to describe but it was a T shape loop, done twice. 5km. And what a nightmare I had to stop to pee!! I needed to go as soon as I started the swim, but just couldn't, and in the end I was that fed up with my performance so far I nipped behind a bush!! The run was all off-road, and a little wet and muddy underfoot. Brooks are not good in the wet and I was skidding around a fair bit.
That said, I ran at a reasonably good pace and tucked in behind someone. I didn't go hard and felt really fresh when I finished. 400m swim, 14 mile bike, 5km run - 1 hour 14 minutes. Slow! Felt like I could have gone a lot faster, but then again, we all have days like this one!
So I showered and refreshed and recovered well in the car and went to put my bike back into the car, when I at last discovered what had slowed me down on the bike. My rear brake block was tight against the rear wheel! Arrrgghhhhh!!!! And I must have taken off a fair amount of rubber, as there was a sizable chunk of it hanging off one end of the block!! No wonder I was so slow, and found it hard work! I felt somewhat relieved in a way because I thought it was my legs that were the problem. That said, I was the problem, because I should have noticed it before racking my bike, or at least one final check in transition! I reckon without a shadow of a doubt that's cost me about 5 minutes. On that course today I would have averaged around 25mph, and not the 20.8 that I did. Plus I would have been more positive on the run, and maybe shaved a couple of minutes off that time. Very disappointing as this was the last race before Half Ironman UK. But then again, good that it happened today and not on 17th June, because I would not like to cycle 90km with the same problem!!!
I'll put that down as good practice and a good training session.
It's all good experience, and I'll put down today's race firmly in that category.

Lesson of the day, double check and triple check bike!!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday lunchtime swim and bike to work

And that's about it folks! Not much more to report today. Nice leisurely bike into work, but awful cold and wet ride home in the evening!
Swim at lunch was good, albeit a bit short.
I need to work at going harder. I did 200m out of 1000m at a very good pace, and put in a lot of effort, so I can do it. I have been swimming now for too long at a comfortable pace and not pushing myself. Certainly on the shorter swims I will have to really make more of an effort to get out of my comfort zone. Actually that goes for the run too. Bike is not too bad, because I can push harder than is comfortable and work through the pain and on those climbs that require real lung-busting efforts. Need to apply the same to swim and run.
This Sunday I have a tri in Stratford. Nearly a 3 hour drive there! Will leave at 4:30am. But this will be a 'balls out' effort on all 3 disciplines as this is the last 'official' race before Half Ironman UK. And it's a short sprint tri. 400m swim , 23km bike and 5km run. I want to run sub 20 minutes for 5km, that's my goal for the weekend. Top 20 finish. And I want to go under 35 minutes on the bike. And 7 minutes for the swim. 1 hour 2 minutes for the lot. It's going some, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Thursday lunchtime run

Well, I was at it again. Bonking! 25 minutes into my run, I just lost it, legs went and I had no energy, overcome with hunger. I could have mugged an old granny for a biscuit I was that hungry! So I stopped and sat down for a minute, gathered myself, turned round and ran back. Was just over 6 miles in all. Very slow going on the way back. I managed it ok in the end, and actually got stronger as I was out, funnily enough. I think the positive thing to get from this is it's good to run on empty on occasions(not very often) as this may well happen to me in a race, particularly on the longer distance ones. If I know I can get through it on very little in the tank then when I get my nutrition right, I should be ok. Was running for about 55 minutes in total, so not a bad session. I know what the problem was, I didn't feed enough last night after my hard 2 hour bike ride, and again I cycled to work this morning and didn't re-fuel as I should have done. Lesson learned: keep yourself well fuelled!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Wednesday Swim and Bike

Lunchtime swim - 30 minutes. Shorter session today, in the slow lane, concentrating on stroke and trying to be as smooth as possible in the water. Felt much better. Also worked on kick with kickboard. Stroking stronger, reaching better and sitting higher in the water. Good positive session.

Evening bike - 1 hour 58 mins. 50km (31 miles)
Well, this has to be one of the hardest bike training sessions I've done. Took in 3 long climbs, and all were into an incredibly strong headwind. And when it wasn't a headwind it was a horrible crosswind! Took all my efforts to get the cranks moving just in lowest gear! Needless to say my average speed was slow at 25.6 kph. But despite hard effort, h/r average was 136bpm, max of 174bpm. Aerobic fitness has improved but I must admit, having been racing for the past 4 weeks I have noticed how my all-round bike fitness has just dropped off a little, which is to be expected as it's a while since I have done a long training ride and the races have been over short bike distances.
I'm now aiming for a 2 hour and a 3 hour ride each week over the next 4 weeks, with two rides of an hour each as well. 3 hour ride will be steady pace with a few intervals thrown in. The 2 hour ride will be done at near race pace. 4 weeks good riding will help get my bike riding back to being able to go hard for 3 hours.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Tuesday training

Lunchtime swim. 45 minutes pooltime. 25 minutes swim, followed by 20 minutes of work with kickboard, paddles and pullbuoy. I'm not all that positive about my swimming at the moment, and I really do need to improve my technique with some one to one coaching. However, at the moment, I'm not going to worry about it too much, and I will just focus on getting myself through the swim for Half Ironman without wasting too much energy and trying to stay as near to 35 minutes as possible. From now I will just concentrate on swimming for 40 minutes, still try and smooth out the rough edges of where I know I can improve. I'm never going to be fast through the water but my goal for this year is to just go the distances. My goal for next season is to shave a minute off my 400m time and to get near to 28 minutes for 1500m. This will involve coached sessions and lessons over the winter and beyond.

Note to self: Don't worry about the swimming, it will come good in time.

Evening run, 36 mins 51 secs for 4.9 miles. My running is definitely improving, and my times are slowly coming down. I have increased my speed over the last few months, and can now run faster with less effort than before. I find 7 and a half minute mile pace is quite comfortable now, and today I finished my run with energy left, feeling I could go further, which is exactly as it should be.
I'm aiming for under 7 minute mile pace by the end of the year over the shorter distance races. For now, 8 minute mile pace over half marathon distance will be sufficient to reach my goal time for Ironman UK 70.3.
So two good sessions today, which have kicked off the next 4 full-on weeks of training. Bring it on!!!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Results and pics from Dorchester Tri!!

Tongue out for the camera!!!Setting up in transition - Me in the black hat!!!
Results on Concept Sport's website.
Big thank you to them for hosting another great event. satisfying end to another enjoyable triathlonaded/web%20dorc.htm

Well and truly happy to finish this one!! Best race of season so far. I've certainly not gone too hard on this race but overall I paced myself very well, got my nutrition spot on, and finished feeling fresh, even though the picture on the right suggests otherwise!!! Oh how the camera lies!!!

Dorchester 'Fast Twitch' Triathlon

Good race today!! Felt good the whole way round, as I was well rested in the week, in spite of being bunged up and full of cold!!
My start time was 9.05am, and was in a wave with some quicker swimmers. I got myself set up in transition which was on astroturf pitch, very comfy on the feet! And was very relaxed for this one.
Steady pool swim of 400m, would have been quickest time but for the very high pool walls which made it hard to grab anything for turning, and as I can't tumble turn I was very slow coming off the wall. But for that I felt good in the water, very relaxed. 7 minutes 55 for the swim, not at all quick, but I'm consistent at the moment!
Very quick through T1, which gave me a confidence boost. It was a reasonable run to T1 and then I ran uphill with my bike for 50 yards to mount beyond the mount line, where it was flat and I could get more momentum, a lot better, hopped on and got feet into shoes ok, bit slow to get going, but didn't want to blast off too soon. In hindsight though I should really have hammered it on the bike. A 15 mile ride, I coasted it, and never really put my foot down as hard as I could have. Out was fine, mostly uphill, only a small gradient and with a slight tailwind, more cross than tail, but just enough to help me cruise at a reasonable speed. Back was into a crosswind/headwind which was a bit unsettling at times. But still felt very strong on the bike, last 2 miles were slow though, and I lost focus and the last mile was far too slow, as I took too long having a gel and some energy drink, and it was through a residential area with speed bumps and traffic. Need to make sure I push to the end of the bike.
I was off and into T2 and out in quick time, and pushed hard onto the run. Then came an off-road hill at about a mile and a half, and it got my legs, I found it hard work, very slow going. After that I recovered well and it was downhill to the finish. Short run of approx 3.5 miles.
I finished hard for the last half mile and made myself work harder.
Finished in a time of 1 hour 13 minutes and 40 seconds. 25th on the day out of 165, 3rd in my age group( 35-39 - the first 35-39 was only 3 minutes infront). So a good result, and even better knowing that I finished feeling very strong and ready to go further, which is just what I need for June 17th. Again, I think if I was to really focus on going hard in these sprint races I could bring my times down by a couple of minutes. But I'm conscious of not overdoing it and staying as fresh as possible in my build up to Ironman UK 70.3.
Well done to James Gilfillan, who finished 2nd, extremely quick in a ll 3 disciplines and a very experienced young triathlete. Makes me feel even older than I am!!!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Thursday lunchtime swim

Back to cycling to work today, nice easy bike in the sunshine.
And so back in the pool for a long swim. 40 minutes. I needed it. Need to do this regular now, and make sure I have the swim endurance I need for 17th June. The next 4 weeks will be hard training, followed by 2 weeks of tapering. I am now following Tom Holland's 12-week training for Half-Ironman Performance goal. Obviously I'm picking it up with 6 weeks to go, which means 4 weeks in peak phase and 2 week taper.
Long bikes, taking in plenty of hills as interval training, as the bike course for Half Ironman is very hilly. Same for the running, more interval training, and longer runs. 2 long runs and one short a week. 3 x 45 minutes swim sessions and a short open water swim session. 3 mid-length bike sessions, and 1 long bike and run(brick). Must practice transition, and some swim to bikes.
4 weeks of focussed effort, but not overdoing it, to remain injury-free.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Wednesday Lunchtime run

Working from home today and went out for a run at lunch. Very warm weather for this time of year at the moment. Was in the mid twenties, and but for a strong cool breeze would have been unbearably hot. Did 7.5 miles in 58 mins 32 secs. Went out at a reasonable pace, feeling great, and the way back I was into a strong headwind for 3 miles, and in the heat I was tiring, and slowed down a lot.
Recovered well. Runs like this are necessary to get a feel for racing when we are in the height of summer. Need some liquid out with me, will remember it for next time, and I hadn't eaten much this morning, so energy levels a little low.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Tuesday training

Light swim at lunchtime today, an easy 1km, just about recovery really.

Went out on the bike this evening for an hour, forgot that I had chnaged wheels over and didn't have a sensor on the front wheel for my bike computer, so no stats. That said, it was just nice to get out and ride. Took in the very long and steep climb towards Steeple. Long climb that rises to a 20% gradient, very hard on the legs. Need some more climbing sessions, as Half Ironman UK bike course has a lot of climbing.
Good ride and legs feeling a lot fresher now. Run tomorrow, swim Thursday, run Friday. Rest Saturday. Race Sunday!!! Dorchester Fast Twitch tri, and my start time is 9.05am - Hooray, due to my improving swim times I'm starting later!!!

Lymington Triathlon Results

Results have now been posted for last Sunday's race. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the result, particularly my bike which put me 5th quickest!


Nice positive race and sets me up for next Sunday at Dorchester.
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