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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

December 07 training

The focus for this month was on the swimming and running, improving technique and aerobic fitness. This has been working and to great effect. Managed to do a pool 1500m in under 28 minutes. Very happy with that. Can now tumble turn, and use it on 90% of my lengths in the pool. Needs improving but has come together really well.
My technique is far better, coming through with nice high elbows and legs together more, very high in water and balance is improving. I'm managing to control myself in the water better and have an overall better feel for the water. By the end of next season I'm hoping to be under 25 minutes for 1500m. Then I can look at being competitive.
Running is improving greatly, and that has been boosted by my performance in the Downton half marathon. To do 1' 36 on a hilly course is a great time for me and I'm looking to build on this and do a couple more and see what I can do on a flat course. To go under 1' 30 would be fantastic, and really give me something to build on. My goal is to run 1 hr 35 for Half Ironman UK run leg. Similar course to Downton, I feel I have it in me.
At the moment, lots of easy paced runs, extending the distance, building up my base miles.
And that's the same on the bike. December has been some long easy rides mixed with a couple of harder paced efforts. Once the weather warms up then I expect my speed to really improve. Working in some turbo sessions for building up leg strength and been on the rollers for improving pedalling technique and efficiency.
I now have new Easton Attack aero bars on my Plasma, which look the business and are light and built for speed, get me in a far more aero position. Looking forward to next season just to see how fast I can go o the bike.
So all in all December has been a positive month. My fitness levels have increased hugely, my body shape has changed as I have got leaner, and back has broadened due to swimming. No shoulder pain when swimming as I now have the correct technique, and running injury free.
Just going to plan my race schedule for next year, keeping it flexible, but to focus on HIMUK as a qualifier for the Worlds in Florida in November. I will be there!!!
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