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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Poole Wheelers Club 25

Wet, windy, only 9 turned out! Me and James Gilfillan rode out to sign on and watching the group huddled round the sign on car, we feared the worst, a cancellation!
However, not to be and the ride went ahead. James was off number 8 and followed by me at number 9. For those not experienced in time trialing then we go off at minute intervals. So I had my incentive to try and keep up with Mr Gilfillan. And for the first half of the race I was not losing that much ground, 3 loops of the dual carriageway and I was able to keep an eye on progress. Mile 15 to 20 I found tough, as the hard headwind on the fastest section of the course, slowed me right down to a snail like 22 mph in places, whereas normal speeds would be up around 34mph.
I tired over the last 2 miles, but finished in a respectable 57' 26". Second behind James who rode a very solid 54' 20ish". I was riding well and felt stronger in the legs today, heart was tired from hill runing at Forest Fit yesterday.
After the race, me and James rode out for an hour, a quick loop of Wednesday's club 14 mile TT. Hopefully I am back to some kind of form, and nice to feel some strength returning to my legs.
James is off to Alpe d'Huez triathlon in less than 2 weeks, and I quite fancy his chances of coming away with a podium finish, such is the strength of his riding.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Not that quick

Disappointed. 10 mile TT last night and I was feeling ok. I went as hard as I could but it just felt a bit slow. Couldn't push my legs any harder and that was that. 21' 31" on the night, 4th behind James Gilfillan, Terry Icke and Gary Dighton. But I was 30 seconds back on Gary( 20' 58") and a 40 seconds back on Terry. This left me a bit confused as to how I rode, as there have been a couple of seconds between the three of us over the last few rides. Whether I was tired from more training and having done circuits and run at lunchtime, maybe my legs were a bit fatigued. Dunno, just disappointed. I was held up at a roundablut and lost momentum but that's only a 10 second loss, so no excuses. I went as hard as I could, just not good enough on the night. Back to the drawing board!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Latest News

The pursruit for more bike speed continues and I have been back on it a few times over the last 10 days, a few turbos and an Open 25 event at the weekend. BJW 25
Had a decent ride, but took me 14 miles for my body to loosedn up, I was stiff in the shoulders, neck and back and legs, and felt pretty rubbish all over. In the end I finished pretty strong and was 7th on the day, picked up the team prize with gary D and Terry again, so not a bad morning's work.
Forest Fit is going very well, more great Saturday and Monday evening sessions.
I am wanting to race again, and keep seeing all these performances at Ironman races and really want to get stuck in. Challenge Roth was at the weekend, and I was a bit envious of people racing as I went there last year and got ill the day before the race. I did enter for this year, but withdrew back in January after I sprained my ankle and decided that there was not enough hours in the day for me to commit to such a race. i don't want to go there and not give 100%.
I was looking at my performance at the Outlaw triathlon last year, and considering I was still poorly and not recovered for me to do 10hrs 33mins, is not bad. At the time I was bitterly disappointed with the whole Ironman thing and not having got to do one when I'm at my peak makes me determined to get one done! Maybe IM UK next year and see what I can do. Although I think for next season I might have a good go at 70.3 races and see if I can crack 4hrs 50 at Wimbleball.
When September ends( and this is a favourite song of mine by Green Day) I will get into some serious run training and get my legs moving, shifting from a bike focussed summer. Bike legs are definitely much stronger and this will set me up for a good season next year. I better start saving up for race fees!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

2 seconds for second

I went to Wednesday's 10 with the bit between my teeth and just wanted to ride hard and see what I had in the tank. I rode a good 50 minutes to warm up and was fully prepared to go hard. Got into my riding early on and was feeling pretty strong. In fact, I was up on Terry Icke just before halfway( he went off 2 minutes before me) and I was confident of really doing a good time. Then the driving gods got the better of me. Slower rider ahead and 3 cars pulled infront of me and behind said rider and would not pass him. With nowhere to go I was forced to slow down and wait for them to go passed which didn't happen, so being aware of losing time I sneaked inside of the first one and then managed to get passed the front 2, but it was slow and I then had to work very hard to get back up to speed. 300m later and the same 3 cars passed me again and then came up on another slower rider and did exactly the same thing! This time I could not pass and waited for what seemd an age for them to finally overtake and I could get through. So valuable time lost, and energy wasted getting up out of the saddle to sprint back up to speed.
I came back pretty strong and put in a long sprint to the line, but I knew I was well down on time.
Very pleased with how I rode, and without any hold ups I would have been substantially quicker, but thems the breaks and could have happened to anyone, so onto the next one. 23' 04" on what was not a particularly quick night. 25 next Wednesday evening as a preparation for the Open 25 on 10th July. Time to start putting in some proper training.

Frame for sale

My old Scott Plasma framset is up for sale. More info will follow and a pic as well. Anyone interested then get me through this website.
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