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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another Evening 10

Same course as last week, trickier conditions, bit cooler and I was following Max Baldock, winner yet again. Well, all in all, not a bad ride, considering my legs were hammered from training and I just felt really tired. 22' 44", just 3 seconds down on last week, so consistent. Certainly felt more controlled tonight and didn't seem to be 'blowing' as hard, but my legs were sore, oh yes, they were damn sore!!
Results on poole wheelers website as per usual, think I ended up in 4th place, but a bit nearer the quick guys this week. Time for pasta, cereal and sleep( hopefully!)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Love this pic from Winchester triathlon. To the uneducated onlooker you would never guess there's a race in progress. And to the experienced triathlete, you would also never guess there is a race going on!!!
And in the middle of the pic that's me starting out on the run leg.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Training update

Thus ends another successful week. More miles in the bank, another seemingly endless wave of tumble turns completed and sore legs!
I hit the Sunday weather just right, between 7 and 9am, sun was up, as was the wind, and was nice just to spin legs out, recovering from Saturday's tough 70.3 session.
Next race is Dorchester tri, on the 10th May, which is really a training exercise. I will ride over there, about 20 miles, race and then ride back. Did the same last year so will be interesting to see what happens.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Poole Wheelers Evening 10

Great cycling club, really friendly and their evening 10 mile TTs are ideal for a good workout. I went down tonight to put right my faux pas from last season, when I missed the first turn off when I was flying!! Not quite flying tonight, in tricky riding conditions, and my legs were feeling tired after Winchester tri. But on the whole I gave it my best shot and finished with 22' 41", think it was 5th or 6th in amongst the faster Poole Wheeler time trial specialists!
Well done to Max Baldock, he is quick, another win with 21' and not a lot! Results out later this evening on their excellent results site. I cannot find a more thorough results service anywhere on the web, it's tremendous.
Recommend time trials to anyone who rides a bike. Just turn up, pay your 2 pound and go as fast as you can! It bloody hurts! But great fun!

Southampton Tri Club

Excellent tri club, really good website, and they always have a healthy group of top triathletes competing in events in the South of England and further afield, and seem to provide great support for all their atheletes. Well worth checking them out.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Winchester Triathlon 2009 race report

Well done to everyone who turned out to race, marshall and spectate! Really good atmosphere for this race, even though a lack of cheering at the end! Congratulations to Dave Woodgate and Tracey Cook who came away with the wins. Steve Birtwistle - Winchester Tri 2009 And special mention to Freddy Devos who won the 20-24 age group, of Zoom tri club. Unfortunately a the presentation afterwards they hadn't got the 20-24 age group prize sorted out! But great to see Fred making excellent progress and performing well.

Well, the sun was out at last and the weather was lovely. Well, it would have been if the bloody wind had died down. My god, the out leg of the bike was a toughie anyway, but the headwind that blew up around 5 miles got stronger, and towards the turnaround I felt like I wasn't going anywhere!!
Anyway, big turnout for this conceptsport FastTwitch triathlon, 400m pool swim, 19 mile bike and 5 mile run. I was in the 9:30 wave. One of the benefits of my improved swimming is that I get to go off in a later wave, which means more time in bed the night before!! The waves go off based on predicted times, the slower swimmers in the early waves and so on. As I haven't done a pool based tri for a year, I was a bit unsure of swim time, so I guessed at 6:20 ish, and got out roughly on schedule, although not seen my splits yet. Had a good transition, no mishaps apart from dropping my glasses, and got into my riding, only to find my legs were still back in transition( or the swimming pool!) Took about 3 miles to get loose and then ok, until the wind picked up!! The turnaround was a hop off your bike, walk across the dual carriageway to the other side and get back on your bike! Safety thing after last year's accident in the same spot. Legs deserted me momentarily but got going again, a downhill thankfully and a tailwind. Nothing quite like getting over 40mph on two wheels!! Great fun! And I was pretty quick back into T2, swift change to running shoes and then mile and a half of uphill! Always gets me and got me again today, just find that first mile really takes it out of me, and no time to get into your running. Got to hit it straight away over the shorter distance runs. I found my rhythmn after 2 miles and was striding out nicely, but by that time, race is nearly over and it's the final push for the line and did find the last incline a bit of a tester on the legs.

Steve Birtwistle - Winchester Tri 2009In the end, had a solid race, and thoroughly enjoyable, my first one of the season and coming in a block of hard training, with a very snotty nose and sinuses a little bunged up. But on the whole, extremely pleased how it all went. Up on last years' time by a few minutes and managed to sneak an age group win, finishing 12th overall!! Good day a the office. And even better, Man City won 4-2!! And Robhino scored his first goal of 2009! Yessssss!!!!!!!!

Winchester Triathlon 2009

Steve Birtwistle - Winchester triathlon 2009
Gosh, this has come around quick. My first tri of 2009 and not sure how I'm feeling! 400m pool swim, 20 mile bike and 5 mile run. I won my age group last year, well, I got the 1st 35-39 prize as they award prizes for the first 5 overall, and one of them was 35-39. So technically 2nd in my age group, but was delighted to get something anyway for my efforts. And I had a shocker of a race last year, felt dreadful, had a knee injury and ran like a novice. So I have got to do better this year. Have I????? Let's bloody well hope so!
I will be happy to know that I gave 110% on the run. That's my weak point, just backing off when it hurts. But that's stops from today!! Well, at least, that's what I'm saying now. I'll tell ya later if it worked! Good luck to all racing and looks like it will be good weather!


Report to follow!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Latest News

Well, it's been a busy Easter weekend.
Me and James did the Bournemouth Arrow 10 tt on Easter Friday. Was a rough course in tough conditions but we both put in solid rides. James finished 5th in 22' 47" and I was not far behind in 11th in 23' 25". Winning time was 21' 40", by Paul Jones of Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, and he seems to be going very well at the moment looking at results on

James Gilfillan was at it again at the Steyning duathlon on Easter Monday, coming away with yet another duathlon win! Becoming a bit of a habit James! That's 3 wins so far this season, and unfortunately James DNF'd at the National Championships due to a puncture at the far end of the bike course. He was going well and would have been interesting to see if he could have nicked a win. Have a read on for more info on the Steyning result, sounded a very eventful race!

As for my training, things are going well, despite having a bit of the sniffles this week and feeling a little below par. Big mileage on the bike over the Easter weekend, and a lot of running over the last 2 weeks. Have got back in the pool for some hard swimming, a bit slower than I would like, but a bit of tiredness set in and having not swum over Easter, 4 days of not being in the water, does show up. I have Winchester tri coming up on Sunday 19th, which will be my first proper test of the year, and give me a good idea where I am.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Well, had to happen eventually. I did a run session today, supposed to be an hour steady. The hour, yes, but my god, it was as if I'd just come off finishing a marathon. I was totally shattered, stomach cramps half way round and could not raise heartrate or legs! Just a bad day, but at least I finished the session, got through it and more miles in the tank.
Was off the back of Sunday's half marathon, Monday's swim and Tuesday's hour time trial prep set on rollers followed by 15 minute run and swim in the morning, and riding to work. Bad night's sleep, up with boys in the morning, off work to look after them coz Tracey is poorly and I'm just physically pooped. But the positive side is my mental state was good, which got me through a tough run. Hopefully sleep tonight, easy day tomorrow, ready to hammer it hard for 20 minutes on Friday morning's TT.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon 2009 results

New PB for me, and was in good form today, feeling super strong and had plenty of gas to really push home in the last mile. Very pleasing result. Very enjoyable race and good atmosphere. Weather was fantastic. Went for a 20 minute jog later in the day to get my legs moving again, and all looking good to continue the hard work into next week's training.

And photos from the run.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon

Well, the weather so far this April has been lovely, albeit only 2 days!! It has put a spring back in my tired legs. Bike training has stepped up a gear - or literally nany gears! - and my quads and glutes have been feeling the pain. All good though, so I'm told. Continuing to make good prgoress in the pool, with some solid sessions. Running is looking good as well, and hope to put in a decent performance at the Bournemouth Bay half on Sunday. Not sure what to expect as it's part of my training, and will be riding 3 hours on the bike the day before. No tapering for this one, although I have had a lighter running week. Anything under 1 hr 30 and I will be happy. Anything close to 1:25 and I'll be delighted. See how I feel on the day.
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