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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Boscombe 5k Results

Well, a really good evening to be out running. Another excellently organised event. Great fun, and damn hard work, breathing hard in the cold weather. But a big PB for me. 18' 43" on the finish, and I felt pretty good all the way round. My best 5k run to date and a new target, just got to get my legs moving along with a quicker turnover. But happy to feel like I can actually run, and not just a heavy donkey!
Training is going well, keeping things short at the moment, mostly due to work constraints, but more intense efforts which I'm hoping will build my strength up for when I can start getting in the longer biking and running miles.
Well done to Harry Wiltshire who was 2nd and had a solid run in 15' 55".

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Just taken a training session for one of my clients out in Wareham Forest, glorious weather this morning, touch of frost in the air first thing but the sun came up and simply stunning scenery. What a fantastic place to work in, hopefully more of the same when me and Charlie do Forest Fit at the Sika Trail tomorrow.
On my return from this morning I went out for a run, did a 2k easy jog warm up, then 5k race pace for 3k and then 2k warm down easy jog. Feeling strong and refreshed, getting some good running in, had a 26k run on Sunday and will get some more miles in this week. While time is limited for getting out on the bike at the moment, it seems an ideal time to focus on my running a bit more in an attempt to get a little leaner and put my increased strength to good use. Seems to be working!
Boscombe 5k on Friday 26th November is the next race for me.

James Gilfillan

And just to add, James was first UK athlete, pro or age grouper over the line!!!!! Awesome!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

James Gilfillan World 70.3 Champion

Awesome! Simply amazing performance from the undoubted UK's top age group triathlete. There is noone in the UK that is in his league at the moment, and just rewards for James's efforts this year was the World title at the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater last Saturday. He was first amateur over the finish line, 22nd overall. The list of pro athletes he beat contains a number of previous world champions at all sorts of distances from sprint to Ironman distance. The best endurance athletes in the world are at this race, in Clearwater, Florida, USA and to finish in the top 50 is a fantastic achievement in itself but to go 22nd in that field and scoop World Amateur Champ status is nothing short of outstanding!
I shall be buying the coffees when we meet up next week and get a full race debrief. I am so chuffed for James and his efforts and his talent have been well rewarded this year. And it's also cool for me to say that I have trained with a World Champion!!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Time Out

Training, health and fitness and sport all the time can get a bit much, and even I need a little break from all that stuff. Mentally as well as physically.
Thank the lord for music! I have just rewired my music studio and am now sitting down at the piano, just generally messing around, and also doing some structured learning of tunes. And I have forgtten how much fun it is! Having been a professional musician in my former life it is nice to be able to sit down and do something purely for fun! I essentailly quit music because I had lost any feeling for it and it was no fun. How great to sit down and 'knock out' a tune. I have even begun to have a go at songwriting.
I say the same to all the people I train, taking up exercise is great and valid, but you have to enjoy it or it won't work for you. That said, of course there are times when going out to run in the cold or riding in the wet and windy weather is no fun, but the feelings of achievement always outway the nagging doubts in my mind as to whether there is any point to this!
I'm off to hunt for some logs as me and Charlie are taking circuits again this morning in Wareham Forest; and we have yet again been blessed with sunshine. Someone up there likes me!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Latest News

It's been a while since anything noteworthy to report, but here goes!
My personal training is going very well, enjoyable sessions, some fantastic clients with me, and all positive, really enjoying my work. As with triathlon, I wish I had started doing it years ago! Better late than never as the saying goes. The circuit training in Wareham Forest is fantastic. Brilliant sessions, lovely people turning up to train with us, and there is no better way in which to spend one's time and earn one's living! Charlie and I are really getting into the swing of things now and we are progressing nicely. Two sessions on a Wednesday and two on a Saturday, possibly some more lined up for the future. All positive.
As for my own tri training I am getting in some decent running and a reasonable amount of biking, not a lot of swimming. Favouring the turbo trainer at the moment, with the weather as it is, and only able to fit in around my work. On a mission as well to shed a few pounds, having gained a bit of muscle weight spending so much time in the gym. I have done so many squats and lunges with big weights over the last few weeks, I'm beginning to look more like a track cyclist with big legs!

Other news to report. James Gilfillan has departed for Clearwater, Florida and is competing there at the World Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Championships on Saturday 13th November. Best of luck to James and his support crew, Emma! He will be gunning for a podium slot in his age group(30-34) but I have sneaky feeling he might come back with a gold. Let's hope so. If he gets away without any drafters on the bike then I think he'll hold em off. You can follow his progress on the Ironman website

Right, off out in the rain for 30 minutes on turbo followed by a 40 minute run.
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