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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Training resumes

So, another week older and now at the ripe old age of 30-something! I am back to full training schedule and I must admit it feels good. My legs are aching as I write, because I have swum 2500m this morning, ridden 15 miles to and from swimming and to work and just got back in from an 8 mile run which consisted mainly of a hill repeat session. And it's only 2pm!! Scheduled rest day tomorrow, and I will make the most of it. Weekend will consist of a long bike and long run. At least 4 hours on the bike and a 90 minute off-road run. Good times!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Taunton Dean Aquathlon

Kerry Mclean in action again today, this time in the swim and run arena! Good stuff Kerry.
Results will be posted on the website :

James Gilfillan on good form

James Gilfillan
Well, the weather was ideal for today's Winchester 10k, just a shame I wasn't in better shape! I lost 3 hours sleep to a very noisy 9 month year old!!!
So I went down with James Gilfillan and we warmed up. Well, he warmed up while I ran alongside gasping for air, working up a right sweat. Arrived at the start feeling ok, not in peak condition but reasonably fresh. Good turnout again for this popular race. Hilly-ish course, plenty to keep you working hard. I set off at a steady tempo, and kept everything controlled, well within myself as I haven't done any significant hard run training for nearly 5 weeks now. Went through 5k in 20 minutes and pushed on in the second 5k as it is mostly uphill. Finished strong in 40:05. James Gilfillan was third in 33:05, and had a good race, behind two very quick Winchester AC athletes, winning time of 31:40. I was down in about 60th position which was ok, up a little on the same race last year. But again, the position in these races is of little consequence for me and this one was a gauge of my run fitness levels, and I am pleased to be reporting back to my coach that I am good to get back to full on training.
Steve BirtwistleSo we'll hopefully be resuming the nasty interval sessions and hill reps! Oh what fun!! I'm off to find a half marathon to enter, probably Bournemouth Bay half, as I want to see what I can run over 13.1 miles.

Winchester 10k results

Results out later today and race report to follow.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Winchester 10k

My next race on Sunday 22nd Feb. Was going to be a targeted performance race, but it will now be just a trot round and see how I'm feeling type of run, as I've been backing off any decent run training for 4 weeks now, due to illness of varying degrees. So we'll see. James Gilfillan is in action again and he's running well at the moment, be interesting to see what he can do. Event website is here

Dorney Lake duathlon 2009 results

Results are now out at last.
Well done Kerry in your first duathlon, see you at Ballbuster!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dorney Lake Duathlon results

Results from 15th Feb duathlon. Fellow tri bore and snow-biker Kerry Mclean was racing here today in her first duathlon! GO Kerry!

What a difference a day makes

Well, I've been bombarded with bugs this year! And the latest was an attack of the tummy aliens last Wednesday! Not particuarly pleasant and passed soon enough, but left me with that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach and was right off my food, and that is most unlike me!!
However, at last got some decengt sleep last night and rose early for a solid breakfast of ready brek, toast and jam and a nice pot of fresh filter coffee. And headed out to Merley for the 100k Bournemouth Jubilee Reliability ride, the last one of their series. Was expecting a large turnout but there were only between 20 and 30 riders, most doing the 100k, only 2 set off on the 100 mile. Surprising as the weather has warmed up and it was a lot drier and the wind had also died a little.
So set off with a group of 20 and after 45k I decided to stop and take off my overshoes which had decided to rub against new Look Keo pedals. Most annoying as I was accompanied for an hour and a half of squeaking! Feet were cold but least I remained sane. Anyhow, I set off to rejoin the group and never did!! I missed a right turn and went 2 miles down the road, then checked my route and then doubled back, found the turn and carried on my quest to find the other riders. Noone had waited! Hmmm. Oh well, got back with 3 other riders ,one of whom had punctured and then they got lost!! I couldn't work out from the directions where I was supposed to be headed but saw a sign for Sturminster Newton and just carried on in that direction, and headed for home via Blandford, never got back to race HQ as it was out of my way and by this time I was out of juice and food. So after 4 and a half hours and the best part of 80 miles in my legs I got home. Was good to get out and get some miles in and try out the new bike. oh yes!!! Scott CR1 Pro, what a machine. Lovely bike and such a pleasure to ride, solid, very comfortable and quick. Seated climbs were a joy and easier on the legs and cornering nd downhills were very secure and i get the feeling that when really hammering it in a race situation this bike is going to respond. Very very please with it,and even when I was tiring in the last 5 miles, I didn't feel like I lost a lot of momentum and kept a reasonable pace with the minimum of effort. Excellent fun, I highly recommend anyone getting one!
I've replaced the bars with Easton EZ70 CNT bars, lovely flat tops for great hand position, less pressure on the wrists. And have added a Specialized Toupe Gel saddle, very comfortable. Bought without wheels so I have my Fulcrum Racing 3s on there for general riding/training. For racing I'll have on my Easton carbon Tempest 2 wheels. This will get it's first outing in a race at Ballbuster duathlon, should help with those long climbs!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Kerry is bonkers!

Well, this is one brave( or stupid!) girl! Going out in all weather, fair play. Scenery on Exmoor looks lovely in the snow, though I wouldn't fancy those hills!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ballbuster duathlon course map

Training update

Well, despite being totally deaf in my left ear at the moment, I am feeling better and have been keeping my legs going with some light sessions. Since Wednesday I have run for 20 minutes each day and have had a coupke of very light sessions on the rollers.
Saturday was the first day I've got out on the bike for a couple of weeks and I got a decent 80k in at a reasonable level of effort, even if the very cold weather. Legs are a bit lacking in the strength department, but that will return over the next few weeks. The big problem is how I have missed so much pool time, because of my sinusitis and ear infection. Ear plugs on order, but I will be in there on Monday with cotton wool and swim cap! An easy 1k should see me back to it and once I get my ears syringed on Tuesday hopefully that will be the end of my problems and normal training will resume post haste!
My next race of any note is the Wninchester 10k on Feb 22nd and then Ballbuster duathlon on 21st march

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Fraser Cartmell

Aside from his modelling for another new tri mag, Fraser was in fine form in South Africa for its edition of the 70.3 Ironman, turning in an awesome 2nd place behind SA tri legend Raynard Tissink. Here's his website for more info.

Ear wax

Well, on the mend at last, still on anti-biotics, but at least cold and sinusitis are on the mend. Just now left with blocked ear, which the doc said today was ear wax. Hoorah, I was that relieved that I went and ran for 20 minutes. So ears syringed next week, just olive oil for next few days to help loosen it all. Apparently he reckons swimmers get it a lot, especially when they get colds or run down. Makes sense really, I dread to think what lurks beneath the surface of our pools!! Looking forward to getting back to training next week, will get in some easy bike miles this weekend, to help get me moving again.
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