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Monday, 31 October 2011

Sandy Balls Duathlon

Good morning!
And a good morning it was yesterday. I have to say this was one of the best races I have had, and I really enjoyed it.
Rocked up at 6:30am with James Gilfillan, who was marshalling and having a rest from triathlon and duathlon this season. He was kind enough to give me a lift over there to the campsite. Registration was nice and relaxed and there was a good atmosphere around. Weather was dull and grey, a little windy and very light drizzle in the air. Bike racked and a gentle warm up and I felt pretty good.
So to the race. The start is in the middle of Sandy Balls caravan park and from there after a few hundred yards it drops down very steeply and with a sharp left onto a wide stony trail. I took the first mile fairly easy as I am still so very cautious of my ankle, even though it was 10 months since my injury. The we hit an uphill that slows you down considerably. Well, slowed me down a lot anyway! I was probably around 15th place as we came back up to the campsite and out on the road, where I felt a lot more comfortable and managed to pick up the pace a little. The turnaround loop was another steep off-road section, only short but very steep! Then back onto road and down to the site for a smart change onto bike and out onto a fast course.
The first run was hilly enough for me to really feel it ion the calves as I haven't done any concerted hill running all year. So the bike leg really felt like hard work most the way round. The wind was not a lot of help and a bit in your face on the way back. However, not much of a problem. What was worse was the driving drizzle into my eyes which stung like crazy. I do not like riding without glasses but really had no choice. I made up a lot of ground on the bike and hit T2 up in about 4th place, 2 athletes that I had just passed on the bike came in shortly behind. I was out quick onto run and bang, the cramp kicked in my calves, but I just gritted teeth and after 500 yards or so they eased off, having been passed by one runner. By the 2nd km I was passed on an uphill by Chris Roxburgh from Total Fitness Bath. Hit the road and I managed to hang on about 20 yards back but couldn't quite push it enough to get back on level terms. I held that position until the end and finished it off well. Felt really strong at the end, and was delighted with how it all went. Especially pleased with my running, it's improving lots at the moment. Also, all the strength work is paying off.
I finished 6th overall and won the Vets race! Great morning's work. Lee Piercy won the overall race, by a country mile or 2, 7 minutes ahead of 2nd place. He's back to form and is going into the Ballbuster duathlon in 2 weeks' time in good shape.
Thanks to Richard and Jo Iles for hosting another great event. And well done to Sarah Smith, from Team Forest Fit who completed her first duathlon. Many more to come from her! Results are out on the Race New Forest website.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Training update

Well, I now have my gym almost fully finished! I installed two large mirrors yesterday and gave the floor a once over, good clean and tidy up and I must say that I am delighted with how it is working out. Boxing bag in there, squat rack, bench and deck and loads of free weights, kettlebells and gymnastic rings! Loads of other bits and pieces of kit.
Turbo is set up permanent in there and I have loads of room to work in, providing 1-2-1 personal training.

As for my own training, I have been getting back into a bit of a routine. Good solid bike and run o n Friday, then 2 Forest Fit sessions on Saturday, and a very hard run bike run bike run yesterday!
Just got back in from an 11k out and back run, finishing well. Recovery good. And I feel in pretty good shape for the Sandy Balls duathlon this Sunday. Another bike this evening, and a couple of easy runs and another bike later in the week, should see me hit the start line ready for a solid race. Looking forward to it, should be good fun. Especially as Mr. Gilfillan is marshalling and will no doubt be dishing out some stick! I mean encouragement!

Circuit Training

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Boscombe 5k results

A reasonable start to the winter series for me on the back of no specific run training. Been getting out when I can for a few easy miles but no structured interval training or tempo running.
Conditions were not ideal for a fast night, windy and a lot of sand built up on the sea front made it tricky trying to find the concrete floor. But on the whole I ran as strong as I could, finished with a bit of pace with the usual guts and lungs screaming to let them out! Oh, it's horrible doing the short stuff!
But hopefully over the course of the series I can improve and will be interesting to see how I get on. I was running these last year and did an 18:43 in December and then just when getting into my running I went and got injured with a nasty ankle sprain that has taken me the best part of this year to really get out of my system.
For anybody wanting to test themselves over 5k then this is a great way to do it. £2 a race, results up the next day and lots of people there, 250 runners on a Friday evening is a sign of just how popular the Boscombe race series is. Next one on 25th November.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New gym

I am now the proud owner of my own gym and training facility, so I can now provide top quality 1-2-1 personal training without the hassle for fighting for space and worrying about what's going on around. I can focus on exactly the right type of training to accommodate everyone who trains with me.
Kit includes boxing bag, kettlebells, step deck, bench, med balls, dumbells and barbells, squat and multi press rack, pull up bar and knee raise station, turbo trainers for bike workouts, swiss balls, resistance bands, skipping ropes and alsorts of other little bits and pieces, including sandbags and jerry cans!
Over 20metre square of floor space so lots of room for hopping about and lots of dynamic moves, stretching and a great gym floor to work on, which is used by gymnastic venues for training and tae kwon do dojos.
Few more things to sort out, some mirrors to go in, pull up bar and knee raise station to add. But it is up and running and am training my clients in there and proving to be very successful.
I also have my own bike on the turbo trainer and can incorporate a strength training session with efforts on the bike, keeping the training varied throughout the winter. Happy Days!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Injury again!

Not that it's stopping me from biking and running, but no upper body exercises or swimming.
Difficult given my line of work. Having some physio which is helping but I have a very stiff neck which has tightened me up in the chest and bit of a muscle strain there.
Also very run down with a bit of a cold this morning, and feeling below par. Improved during the day but still a little tired. Will rest up for a day and then hit the training hard at the weekend.
Signed up for Sandy Balls duathlon, had a good race there back in 2009, so hopefully with some improved run and bike speed and better fitness I should go well.

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