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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

update of progress/rest

Well, 22nd October and season is now and truly over, and I am trying to rest, but finding it hard not to train. But I haven't gone at it hard at all and have done no running, in order to rest my legs.
Since Avon Tyrrel:
Monday 15th Oct - rest day.
Tuesday 16th - evening swim session, working at mostly tumble turns.
Wednesday 17th - bike to and from work.
Thursday 18th - early swim session - bike to work - slow lunchtime run of 3 miles. Very easy pace. H/r at 140bpm.
Friday 19th - morning swim - bike to and from work
Saturday 20th - rest
Sunday 21st- bike ride. 65km, 2 hours 10 minutes, good loop, hard ride on very little nutrition, legs felt good. Then straight into run. Stopped after 2.5 miles, no energy!!! Bonked!! Walk/jog home.
Monday 22nd - bike to and from work - slow.
Tuesday 23rd- early morning swim - easy. slow bike to work.
Wednesday 24th - bike to work - lunchtime run 4 miles, slow pace.
Thursday 25th - bike to swim, swim, bike to/from work. easy
Friday 26th- Early swim.
Saturday 27th- rest.
Sunday 28th- swim.

No running now until we go on holiday on 8th November. My left IT band is still sore when I run. Not unbearable but enough to notice it. So complete rest from running, very little biking either, as I'll also be off the bike on holiday, and plenty of swimming, but all technique work. Body to return from holiday on 16th November fully rested to resume training on Monday 19th!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Avon Tyrrell Short Duathlon

Was not at all in the best shape for this race. On the back of a chest infection and then a cold. Had 2 weeks of very little biking and no running, except a very short 25 minute run last week.
Been swimming though, so aerobically not too bad, but I wasn't really up for it.
Lovely setting at Avon Tyrrell Outward Bound camp in the New FOrest and thee were a lot of competitors out. Duathlons don't normally attract big fields as they are a little tougher than triathlons, especially on the legs as the swim is replaced with a run leg to start.
Warmed up for 25 minutes on my turbo trainer and then stretching and 10 minutes jogging. We all assembled at the start and were off at 8:30am. GOt myself up at the front, but everyone went off at a hell of a quick pace. Managed to hang in and after the steep hill at the end of the first 5k lap I was back in 24th spot, which I was very pleased with. Quick through T1 and onto bike and powered my way through the field to get into the top 10, but I was not going quick enough and I knew that if I didn't go faster I wouldn't be able to challenge the top 5. I got off my bike in contentiopn for a top 10 finish but got a nasty attack of the cramps in my calves and was forced to slow down and then stop and strectch them off, which lost me time and momentum. Got going again, and managed to hang on to 18th place. Vey pleased with the result, in view of my lack of preparation and recovering from injury as well. Leg held up well and IT band is not at all sore today, which is great news going into winter training.
Well done to Lee Piercy, who finished first. He's off to the long distance World Duathlon Championships next week, and hopefully he will be coming back with at least a bronze medal. Go Lee!!
Here are the results:

No photos of this one. But if Will Newbery is reading this at all, then please destroy the ones you took of me running up that hill, I was not looking my best!!!
Rest day today and then back to swimming tomorrow. Will get back to running later in the week, have a long bike at the weekend, and start bike training proper at the end of the month.

Monday, 8 October 2007

2007 Season

As the season draws to a close I have been reflecting on my performances.
Without going into too much detail, I performed well early season and was really enthusiastic. I think I overdid the racing a bit and will probably drop 2 races next season, although then I will be fitter and stronger and it may be ok to do them.
Also I had a bad start to the year with my bike accident and a lot of other stuff going on, so not ideal preparation. However, stuck it out well. Had a bit of a dip with Half Ironman UK which really hit me hard in terms of not performing, knocked my confidence. But after a couple of ok Olympic distances that made me fell better I then pulled out a stormer at Littledown tri and carried that into New Forest middle distance tri! Just a shame I was ill with a chest infection and had a sore knee while doing this race, because I think I could have gone a lot better. But those last 2 races have really given me a load of confidence and I know I have the strength and abilituy to do well, with the right training and discipline.
Next season looks good and I will be looking after my body and getting it well prepared in the off season. I have a duathlon on Sunday and a couple of road races in November and December which will help me focus on my running.
All positive stuff and more importantly than anything, I am loving it all!!!!

Latest training updates

Well, after 2 weeks of a nasty chest infection I am slowly getting back to work.
I am starting Monday evening swim sessions with Zoom Tri Club, in a bid to really consolidate on my improved swimming and to set up some good base work for next season with better technique and increased stroke rate. And will be working at being able to tumble turn.
I have a sore left IT band at the moment, which is on the mend, but I still need to take it easy for 2 weeks, especially with the running. Cycling will consist of to work and back and on the rollers of an evening. Just light spinning for the next 2 weeks. Need to be right to then begin my training for End-to-End ride next April!!
And then there's my running. On hold a bit at the moment. I am trying to lose a bit more weight which will help. Not easy when injured, but the chocolate is out, and hardly any cheese, and more wholegrain bread, and less sugars. Feeling a bit lighter, but hopefully, after a lot of swimming my weight will fall, and especially after doing long slow bike rides over the winter. Looking forward to winter training, as it will give me a solid base to build from early next year.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

time for a rest

2 weeks off. Need it mentally and physically. Been a fantastic start to my journey into triathlon, my first full season and I will certainly be carrying on with my efforts.
I now have a bit of a chest infection, had some time off work and have been on antibiotics. Feeling tired and a bit under the weather. Will have the rest of this week completely off and then re-assess where I am going, goals for 2008, winter training, road races and swim coaching. Plenty for me to look at, and also have my lovely new Assos cycle wear to ride in , when it gets a bit cooler!!
I shall be keeping the blog going and will be updating on a regular basis and keeping all readers and myself informed of progress.
See you all soon!
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