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Friday, 26 September 2008


At last, I have seen with my own eyes the inside of my right knee, and I can report it is all good. All that I have is slight inflammation where the tendon on my Vastus Medialis meets my knee.
Hallelujah! Rest and gentle recovery will suffice from now, and I can start getting slowly back into some training, armed with the knowledge that with careful supervision, strength and flexibility I will be ok.
I might just be able to go to Clearwater with a chance of getting a decent result. Easy does it!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New tri site found

Looks good -

Sports Massage

Went for sports massage at Body in Motion last night, with Vikki Styles, who is physio with Worthing RUFC.
And for a small lass, she delivers quite a punch! Quads and hamstrings and glutes aching last night, but boy oh boy, do I feel better today. And good news is that I am almost pain free in the knee for the first time in 3 weeks. Certainly feel well enough to do some light strength work on my quads at the gym tonight and will have a swim after, still pushing off on one leg til I feel more confident of my knee.
But I can now flex my knee with no pain, so all has settled down. Just strength and felxibility for the rest of the week and at the weekend will try sitting on my bike on the rollers for 10 mins, and maybe a light jog/walk for 10 minutes as well.
So far so good. Much more positive today.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Still injured

No good. Have stopped swimming as well. Still pain in my right knee when I walk, so I have decided to stop completely and rest as much as I can until there is no pain. It's frustrating as I marshalled at the New Forest middle distance tri yesterday and as I watched the bikes go passed and then saw the results, I would have been mixing it with the top 10. Never mind, there's always next year and marshalling was good fun.
Just don't know when I will get back on my bike or run, and with Clearwater only 7 weeks away, it's not looking good. Oh well, it's just another race, and we'll have a nice holiday over there I'm sure!

Monday, 15 September 2008

AECC works wonders!

Thanks to Ed Morton at the AECC in Boscombe, I now can focus recovery on my knee injury.
As I thought, the knee is not the root cause. Down to tight quads, adductors and pelvis. Will be continuing with stetching, flexibility and strengthening. Have booked a sports massage for this Friday at Body in Motion, also in Boscombe, to sort me out as I feel a bit like an ironing board at the moment.
No running and cycling for 2 weeks is killing me, I still have 5 days to go before I can get back on the bike. This is self-enforced as well, so makes it harder. And while I'm not training I'm fighting the urge to continue eating the colossal amounts of food I normally do!
I'm off for another swim session, so on a positive note, this time has been useful to focus on improving my swimstroke, and at least I'm keeping a bit of aerobic fitness.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008



Gone and overdone it when recovering from a knee injury. Nothing serious but will take a while to heal and for me to get back to full training.
No cycling or running for a week while I address the pain and then 2 weeks of gentle recovery, mostly swimming, light rollers, treadmill walk/jog and strength conditioning in the gym. Hopefully can get back to full training by beginning of October which will give me just under 6 weeks to go before Clearwater on 8th November, which hopefully will be enough to get me through with a decent performance, although I'm almost resigned to the fact that I might be going there not at my best.
Oh well, trying to stay positive, and at least use this time to look at some long term goals, work at swim technique and start including strength and flexibility into my training.
Just means I will be pulling out of Littledown triathlon on Sunday and might not compete at the New Forest middle distance tri the week after. I'm disappointed about the New Forest one as at the start of the season I was targeting this as an 'A' race, and was very confident of a sub 5 hour finish, and certainly finishing in the top 20.
Next year!

Southwater Relays 2008

Southwater Relays 2008

Good turnout for this event in poor weather, a very dull and dreary September day. This was brightened by a surprisingly good result on our part.

Zoom tri club had entered 4 teams and myself, Lawrence Down and Andy Downton(team captain) had some serious competition form Rob, Ed and Freddie!

In the end we came through in 4th overall and picked up the 2nd men's senior prize! Andy and Lawrence have been training long this season and were in no sprint form, and I had a very sore knee( now a lot worse!) and had done virtually nothing in the way of serious run training for 6 weeks or so, and nowhere near being race fit. I hadn't ridden my bike for a week prior to the day before, and on the Saturday before the race I spun on the race bike for 30 minnutes and had to stop with pain in the knee. Ideally, should not have raced, but couldn't let the team down.

We all posted similar times, Lawrence and I did 56' and a bit for 400m swim, 18.5km bike, and 3.8km run. Andy was a bit quicker on the last leg with 55' and small change. Well done boys.

I was slightly disappointed I couldn't push any harder, but injury and lack of race fitness just held me back, particularly on the bike where I rode very conservatively, but still managed to get us up to 4th place from 16th. Lawrence did a great job to get us up near the front guys at the start which set me up for a good bike, and then Andy came through solid on all 3, finishing with a strong run to keep us in 4th.

Freddie Devos posted the quickest time from Zoom tri club in 54 mins, his team finishing 14th overall in the end. And the Zoom ladies senior team managed to bag 3rd place, excellent stuff.

Was a great fun event and will look forward to doing this one again next year, hopefully the weather will improve.
Link to website: Southwater Relays
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