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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Another GB World Champion

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Time trial time again today, first for a while, and also the first time I had ridden a 2 man event. Rob Jefferies, Poole Wheeler and strong rider elected a few weeks ago to team up with me. We went out and had a short practice on Wednesday just to see if I could follow a wheel. And so we turned up in very cold weather this morning, a cool Northerly wind keeping it a little on the fresh side!
But I have to say it went very well, and I found some form. In fact I have not ridden that well all year! We had a couple of scary moments, Rob took on a car at a roundabout and I backed off, then we nearly had a clash of the spokes moment, coming together a little on the close side, and I wasn't great at going round a second roundabout, the wind gusting into my disc. But for our first ride together, it went pretty well. 58 mins and 46 secs for the 25 miles. Typical, season draws to a close and I find my legs!! In fact, I felt that good today I could have gone and ridden the course a second time!
Most enjoyable, and the lovely guys and gals down at Poole Wheelers might even have talked me into a couple of hill climb events!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rest and recovery

So the 2010 triathlon season draws to a close. Time for mind, body and soul to have a rest, regroup andplan a way forward.
I have a 2-up time trial with Rob Jefferies of Poole Wheelers on Sunday, first time for me riding in a team time trial situation, but should be good 'fun'!! We went out yesterday for a practice ride, but my legs were still feeling the effects of Sunday's New Forest race. Better today and another ride out will help recruit some more muscle fibres. Lacking in speed, but a couple of rides and a turbo session should get me firing on Sunday and at least with Rob we can help push each other along. My aerobic system won't be best equipped to deal with a very hard effort, but I'll give it my all and at least I will have a reasonabe amount of rest this week. 1 easy swim and an easy hour light jog yesterday has helped to keep the body moving.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon Race Report

Last race of the season for me, and finished with mixed feelings.
Cool but fine weather was the order of the day, and another early start. Up at 3:30 for a large dose of porage oats and pack the gear up. Bike racked Saturday so not had to worry about that. Rocked up there at 5am at Sandy Balls for a short bus ride to the start. Felt ok, very relaxed, no expectations and got in a cool Ellingham Water, up the front, and then did my usual thing at the start of just not getting into it and not finding feet. I'm just no good at open water swimming, don't get to doit that often and I just end up swimming on my own and seem to make it hard work for myself. Felt ok swimming though, and exited into T1 to change for bike. I felt really out of breath and was flagging a bit. Onto bike, and I was nowhere, no legs, no breathing, just felt pretty rubbish. Took me 15 miles of riding to find anything in my legs. Climbs were hard work. But I stuck at it and after riding along with Lawrence Down for a mile I decided to just try and push on and find something. And it sort of worked. Headwind on the way to Sandy Balls and then back for another smaller loop, and before I knew it I was into T2, about 10 or 12 bikes already in. Slightly disappointing but I just tried to focus on putting in a good run.
Shoes on and out we go, running well, smooth, just a bit slow! Made a decision to walk the big hills, a 25% gradient at mile 2 was hurting my legs even when walking. My legs were pretty much shot and felt very sore and fatigued. But I stuck to it and by mile 7 or 8 I was feeling pretty good. Had to stop for nature call of the second variety, and was caught by Freddy Devos and we ran together for the next 3 miles, and I was feeling ok, even with tired legs. He was getting away on a climb but I pegged him back but then he finally got away on a downhill and I had nothing to give. 3 miles to the finish and I had slowed down and started to cramp, despite getting my nutrition right today for once.
A strong runing Emma Dews passed me with 2 miles to go and not long after Tracy Cook followed suit. I walked the last hill and then th run in was very slow, cramping calves made sure I couldn't push on, and was very pleased to finish.
Great event yet again, very tough race. James Gilfillan , Lee Piercy and Dave Woodgate made the top 3, Will Newbery in 4th. I think I was about 25th.
On the whole, I gave it as much as I could, but lack of training over the last few months has shown. I enjoyed the race and I was pleased that given the lack of conditioning I was able to get round in a respectable time. But the other side of the coin is that I did yet another race not being in any sort of shape. My biking has been shocking really this season, I've lost a lot of speed and am not quite sure what has happened. My swimming continues to be hit or miss, but running is beginning to show signs of improving. Winter work needed, strength work needed and I also need to shft a bit of weight, just too heavy, carrying half a stone too much. I hit 40 next year, as Freddy pointed out today, maybe age is catching up with me!! Yep, thanks for that Freddy, makes me feel a whole lot better.

Friday, 17 September 2010

New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon

Last race of the season for me on Sunday. Usually I am in great shape for this one and have come at it after a good block of solid training. Not this time!!
I haven't ridden my bike since last weekend's race. I have been up in London on business, so not been able to get out. Have run(30 minute son a treadmill!), swum twice and that is it! I shall turn my legs over later for an hour and also have a gentle jog tomorrow as well as an easy spin, but basically I am not at all race fit. I shall go and do my best and just relax and enjoy it. As long as I put in 100% I will be happy. No speed at all at the moment and to be honest I'm not worried about it. If I can break 5 hours for this one I'll go home a happy bunny! Last year was 5:01, so a minute to find from somewhere!!!
Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to all those racing on Sunday!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weymouth Classic Triathlon Results 2010

As for myself, I was 11th overall, 2 hr 29. It was a long course, 42km bike and nearer 11k run. Really pleased with how I went, could not have put in any more effort. But I am just soooooooo slow at the moment. Biking is way down on what I can ride. My swim was a bit of a shocker, thought I was a bit quicker than that. But at last a run leg that did me a bit more justice. Hilly bike to start with and it took until mile 20 for me to realy get into my riding and find any sort of rythmn. Just couldn't get my legs moving smoothly, but I didn't worry about it too much and pushed on with what I had. Missed out on a top ten finish by 2 seconds! I was running down a chap infront of me ever so slowly over the last 4k but just couldn't quite get there. BUt overall, very enjoyable morning, and very pleased that after very little training of any quality over the last few weeks I managed to bang out a decent performance. Bodes well for next season. Next week is the New Forest middle distance race. If I can run like I did today then I might be alright, but I really need to find some bike form and to be honest, I think it won't return this year. But that's how it goes sometimes. Bustin Skin put on a great race and great value for money. I shall definitely add in some of their events next season.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

weymouth classic triathlon

Sunday 12th September 2010. 7am start.

At last, a race! And one I can just go enjoy. Most of the bike route is on my various training rides. The 10k run appears to be pretty flat.
I haven't ridden my bike all week. I've run a couple of times and swum once. Feel reasonably refreshed but no idea how I will get on, and for once I'm not too bothered. Will be nice to get a good solid training session in and just enjoy myself. Racing without watch or hr monitor or bike computer, just want to go on feel. 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10k run. Simple!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Latest News

James Gilfillan, World Duathlon Champion, age group 30-34. Not only did James win his age group, he won the whole race!! Brilliant result, and the only guy to break 2 hours on the day. Results here:
Sister Ceris was 2nd overall in the women's race, so a great day for the Gilfillan family. I'm sure James will fill me in with a detailed race report when we meet up for coffee later this week.
It's quite nice to know that over the last few years I have had the privilege or swimming, riding and running with James. I must mention I did have a faster split than him at Ironman UK 70. in 2008. I was 20 seconds quicker in Transition 1! Woo-hoo!!! And that's about it. I did get to within 30 seconds of him in a 10 mile time trial in 2009 and again in a 25 mile TT, where I was his minute man and he only caught me with a mile and a half to go!!
James is racing the New Forest middle distance triathlon on 19th September, and he will win by a country mile. I am aiming for a top 10 finish. 12th last year and ran like a donkey!! This year, just gonna go and give it some welly, no pressure, and have some fun!
Got the Weymouth Classic tri this Sunday, but not in particularly great form, but now fully recovered from Outlaw efforts and bike and run legs are returning slowly. Will just go have fun and see what happens!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Harry Wiltshire

Nice to get back out for a 2 hour ride today with the boss man!! Harry is back in the UK after a successful European trip. His 5th at Alpe d'Huez being the highlight, as well as making the break with Jonathan Brownlee at the Sprint World Champs in Lausanne, but Mr. Brownlee proving too strong and ran away from the rest if the field.
I'll get Harry to have a look at my swimming at some point over the next few weeks, and DrivenToTri are hopefully going to resurrect their very popular and successful swim days. Technique analysis, video, lectures, swim pratice, drills, open water swimming. Loads of stuff in there. I'll post up some more info on here when I find out.
This weekend sees duathletes from all over the globe heading to Edinburgh for the World Champs. James Gilfillan will be there along with his sister Ceris Styler, both in good form and hopefully they will do very well.
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