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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Wednesday lunchtime swim

Well, I just went to the pool today after a stressful morning at work and set off swimming, really felt good. Then I worked hard and just kept going. Lost count of lengths, just swam until I saw 50 minutes on the clock and thought, I best be getting out and getting back to work!
So who knows what distance I went. Was certainly longer than I have been before. Good endurance swim.
I really hope I haven't picked up the bugs and colds that are flying around at work. I'm so aware my immune system is potentially lower as I am working my body hard at the moment, and it is repairing muscles and tendons. I do feel a little tired eyes, bit too warm, side of tongue sore and a little more mucus than usual, and a bit irritable!! Eaten a lot of good food today, replace my glycogen stores, and will curl up, watch a good film and early to bed, get lots of sleep.
If not right, will cut back tomorrow's planned run, maybe even leave it out altogether.
Do not want to overdo it at this time, training is just getting good!

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Tuesday Lunchtime run

Just over 13km (8 miles), same route as two weeks ago(on this blog) weather a lot better today, wind gone and nice and cool. Time 1 hour 4 minutes. Slow going out for first 3 miles, then picked up pace. Again, finished very strong, loads of gas in the tank. I think my endurance and overall aerobic fitness has improved massively over the last 3 weeks, certainly can afford to go a bit harder in first few miles.
I am right on 8 - minute mile pace at the moment, and I am happy with that, building up the distance at that speed. My speed will improve over the course of the year, but for this year, distance is the main priority, I'll worry about speed later!!

Tuesday morning swim

After a good day of rest I was back in the pool. warm up with a few gentle lengths.
400m - hard effort
400m - easy effort
400m - medium.
then cool down.
That was enough this morning. 30 seconds rest between each.
Trying to build up some strength. But, my swimming is so slow. I know it's all down to technique. I just want to be able to get near 30 minutes for the Half Ironman UK swim which is 1900m. I can do 1500 in 30 minutes now, and I know a wetsuit will shave some time off and by then I will have been swimming much more, and will be in better swim shape, and hopefully my technique will have improved. The closer I can get to that time then it will save a load of effort on the bike. My goal time for the race is 5 hr 30 minutes. 30 minute swim. 3 hour bike and 2 hour run. That is the maximum time. I am hoping to get near 5 hours. Shave 15 minutes off the bike, and 10 - 15 minutes on the run. Any time off the swim(even a few seconds!) will be a bonus.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Building with bricks

First serious brick session of the year, and not bad if I say so myself. Very cold again, with a biting headwind for the first 10 miles on the bike.

Stats on the Plasma:

Time - 54 mins 28 secs
Distance - 18.4 miles (29.6km)
Ave speed - 20.3 mph (32.7 kmh)
Max speed - 32.4 mph (52.14 kmh)
Ave hr - 152 bpm
Max hr - 164 bpm
Ave cadence - 86
Max cadence - 110
Kcal/hr - 867

First 10 miles was slow, into headwind, 32 minutes, very hard work. But then once out of the wind, I was able to pick up speed. Unfortunately never a tailwind! Typical!!
Last 8.4 miles was quick but slowed down a little over the last 2 miles to save my legs for the run.
So off the bike and into my running shoes. Felt ok, legs a little tired but nothing to worry about. 4.5 miles in 37 minutes. Fairly slow going, but the idea at the moment is just to run time. I set off to run for 40 minutes so I'll settle for that.
No gels or energy bars/drinks today, as I have run out!!!
Day of rest tomorrow, but will have a gentle float at the swimming pool, just some very easy swimming, to ease my legs which I am sure will need the recovery time!
All in all a successful weekend, and feels good to have put in some hard effort

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Saturday long bike ride

Great ride today.
Here's the stats!!

Distance 91.62 km (57 miles)
Time 3 hours and 3 minutes
Ave speed 29.9 km/hr (18.6 mph)
Max speed 63.2 km/hr (39.3 mph)
Ave h/r 150 bpm
Max h/r 199 bpm( I have my doubts about the accuracy of that figure)
No cadence recorded on Scott S30 but it was generally higher than normal.

Nutrition - 4 PowerBar Gels (2 of them caffeinated), 2 * 750 ml water, 1 litre water. 1 Nutrigrain bar. Just about right. Bit more needed, maybe a couple of bananas to add to it.

Nice loop today, took in Blandford, Dorchester, Weymouth and Wareham. Downhill sections mostly into headwinds, and a lot of uphill sections, long and undulating stretches, but very good workout. Great descent into Weymouth from Dorchester, then hard again back up to Wareham. The last 15 miles would have been quicker but for the headwind. Also, overall temperature was cold, about 8 degrees C. Very strong and steady ride, just about enough in the tank and judged pace right, as was tired when got in but legs in good shape. Had to push the last 3 miles, tiring a little. Overall, very pleased with ride and will recover well for brick session tomorrow( bike and run).

Huge thank you to all my sponsors so far!

Many many thanks to all those who have donated to Rotary charities through my fundraising page, it is motivating me more during these cold winter days to actually get out there and put the time and effort in. Your support is more than appreciated and I hope I can do all you all justice and complete this event and all the other races I have planned this year.
Big thank you to my 'Swim Coach'(you know who you are!!) who has really helped me get the most out of my pool time at lunchtimes. Give me a year and you won't be passing me every 10 lengths!!
I am back to full fitness now after a 2 week lull in my training, and will be out today for a long bike ride to kick start the next phase of my training.

Friday, 26 January 2007

More pool time

Back in the pool again this lunchtime, for another 60 lengths of 33 metre pool as yesterday. Swimming well, bit slower than normal, but all about endurance at the moment.
Would have sum further but they brought the boom down to cordon off for schools swimming without telling the swimmers and I bearly garotted myself on the rope as I didn't know it was there. So i had a little chat with the manager, a few issues with the pool, not being managed very well, and cleanliness and hygiene not great either. So it is forcing me to look at my training schedule and perhaps re-organise my swimming times and running times. Early mornings would be good, but my local pool is only open twice a week early. Will have to look at alternative though.
Bike to and from work today, nice and easy spinning, was very cold. Out for long ride tomorrow, looking forward to some quality bike time.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Back in the Pool

Felt good to get back in for some pool time, spoilt a little by a lot of stop - start with people blocking up the end of the lane, gathering for a chat. 45 minutes for 60 lengths, so was a bit slower than usual, but as I have not swam for a week, then I was very pleased with it. Going the distance will not be a problem, and I was very comfortable, albeit I was going at a slower pace. That said, my stroke is improving, balance in the water is better and rotation better, really need to build up strength and of course improve on technique.
When it warms a bit I will get back in the sea for some open water swim practice.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Turbo Man

Back on the turbo tonight in my cold garage. Not pleasant and didn't really enjoy it, as my feet got cold. Just an hour of riding, no structured workout, just to keep my legs turning over really, active recovery session I think the proper term would be.
53 minutes and 18 seconds of it, to be precise. Lost my way this week a little as I have not been able to get to the pool. I feel that regular swim sessions help me to stay focussed, especially as that is my weakest discipline. The cycling to work is not so enjoyable at the minute, and is nowhere near long enough. And I could do with getting two long rides in a week. Will have to look at my schedule again and really map it out clearly. Need a good session to get me back to staying focussed. Off to swim tomorrow lunchtime, will help to get back in the pool, and again Friday. Long ride Saturday and brick session on Sunday, which will be shorter bike and longer run.
Running now will consist of 2 mid/long runs a week for endurance with a short one to help improve strength.

Hamster time!!

Gym session tonight, as well as riding to and from work, boy oh boy, it was very cold!

10 minutes warm up on treadmill. 15 minutes on the rower.
Then an hour on the treadmill. After 25 minutes I wanted to stop, but kept going and got to end of workout. Felt great once I did it. Good cool down and stretch. h/r steady 160 bpm for most of the time, rising to 173 bpm towards then end and when I uppped the speed a little. There was no air con at the gym and it was very hot, so I expected a higher h/r than normal.
This is the good part of training, that feeling in a race where you just want to stop but you have to keep going. Focussing on what makes you do that in training is very worthwhile. In my training I am learning a lot about myself, mentally and physically, as well as developing my skills and endurance.
Covered just over 12 km in that hour, nice steady pace.
Just water tonight, no gels or energy drinks, and feel good!
No bike tomorrow, resting my legs but will do a session on the turbo in the evening.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Training so far

Ok, this week has not got off to a great start, but it is a bit of a recovery week, at least until thursday. Sunday was a complete day off, slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, early night, and lots of food. Felt much better this morning.
Rode to and from work in very cold and windy weather, but feeling good. Light gym session tomorrow night and then run on Wednsday, swim thursday and Friday and then back to long bike on Saturday, short brick session Sunday, bike to run.

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Saturday morning run

Well, set off for a run this morning feeling ok, after a gel and a banana and plenty of water. Felt ok up to 20 minutes. All of a sudden, bonk! No energy in legs and overwhelming feeling of hunger. I just stopped, not able to run any more. Walked for 10 minutesd and ran back a mile at a very gentle pace. Got back, had recovery drink, 1 large bowl of muesli, 2 pieces of toast, banana. Had a bath and felt much better.
My own doing, did not re-fuel enough yestersday and I think a little tired after a stressful last few days. Will rest tomorrow and as away on a work course for 3 days next week, will get a good rest and will re-charge my batteries. Will still manage a turbo workout on Monday night, and maybe a gym session on Wednesday night, but easy few days, whilst I'm still feeling abit tired.
Night out at the cinema tonight, might get some sleep!!!

Friday, 19 January 2007

Friday - bike and bit of everything!

After a stressful day off from training yesterday and an Indian that didn't settle very well and a restless night's sleep I ventured out for a gentle swim this morning. Felt like hard work, and I was swimming through syrup! But I didn't go all that hard as I was out on my bike a bit later, doing my usual 40 mileish loop.
However this morning, part of the route was closed off (army firing range in action!) and so I had to cut it short. That said, other than a horrible headwind on most climbs( all the climbs on this route bar one rise to the West! Makes it double the amount of hard work. Plus I was a little tired this morning as well.) thankfully no rain, but still a lot of surface water and debris on the country lanes, which meant I had to slow down to avoid puncturing or sliding on some sections. Felt strong though, so was good ride and improved speed as well. Lot stronger riding on the flats(what little of them there are!)

Here's the stats:
Ride time - 1 hr 45 minutes and 19 seconds.
Ave h/r 152 bpm
Max h/r 169 bpm (think this was on account I didn't go quite as hard on the climbs as I was feeling tired - not up around the 172-175 mark as is normal)
Distance 31.5 miles (50.61 km)
Ave speed 17.9 mph (28.8 km/hr)
max speed 37.9 mph (60.99 km/hr)
Ave cadence 80
max cadence 107
Kcal used - Approx 1690

This ride was done on my Plasma. It is quick on the flats and handles very well on cornering. Acceleration feels not so quick, takes a bit to get up to speed, but cruises very nicely and very comfortable ride. I don't enjoy climbing so much on Plasma as I do on the S30, maybe it's the different wheels. Got Real Design Suprersonic's on the Plasma, very light, 40mm deep section rims. I have Mavic Ksyrium Elites on the S30, which do feel very nice and climb well. Might have a chop and change and see which set up feels right for when I do Half Ironman.

Fuel today - 1 750 ml of SIS Electrolyte drink. 1 Power Gel sachet. 1 500 ml bottle of water.

On return to home I then jumped out of cycling gear and donned my running shoes, as I wasn't out on the bike as long as I expected to be. Ran 2 miles in 16 minutes and 12 seconds, not quick but just wanted to get the feel of my legs running again after a reasonably hard ride. Felt good, apart from the damned Indian food repeating on me and I had a stitch all the way round!
More of the brick sessions to come, definitely needed!

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Wednesday lunchtime swim

Biked to work this morning in a torrential downpour!! Don't you just love the weather in the UK!! The worst thing though is that it is very mild, not at all cold. that's not right for the middle of January, temperature should be at least 5 degrees colder. Need a cold spell to ward off any colds and germs in the air.

So, I was at the pool again today, for 60 lengths of the Dolphin pool and it's 33 metre length!! So 1980 metres altogether. Didn't keep time on this one, but I felt very relaxed in the water and did feel quicker. I think my stroke is improving, better rotation and certainly more efficient, not using half as much energy to propel myself through the water as I was doing 3 months ago. Really enjoying the swimming at the moment. I do need to work at some more drills and get some coaching, but for the moment I'm happy to build up my swim endurance. I am also very pleased that I can swim the Half Ironman distance - 1.9km and feel good after it, ready for the bike leg. At this moment in time, I am confident of going the full distance of 70.3 miles, and am now thinking of establishing a goal for my overall time, and splits based on performance limiters and the course. Both bike and run involve a lot of climbing.
Watch this space!!!

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Tuesday training

Bike to work today in a lot of rain and surface water, not a lot of fun, but went a slightly different route, nice and easy ride, about 35 minutes.
Lunchtime run of about 30 minutes, just to keep my running legs in some sort of shape.
Not a lot else to report on today, very much an easy day of traiing, nothing too hard. I think last night's turbo workout was a bit harder than I initally thought, which is good. Another easy day to follow tomorrow. Thursday off, Friday swim and family day and then long ride Saturday and bike/run Sunday. This week is lighter than planned, but that's ok as build phase of training not really getting going til end of month.
Note to self - put up list of books on Blog.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Monday night is turbo night!

1 hour 10 minutes of biking, without going anywhere!
Very good, positive workout.
20 minutes warm up, followed by a series of intervals, specifically working at leg strength. 20 minutes cool down. Feeling strong at the moment, and recovering well.
Still not sure about this tri seat on the Plasma. When I'm on the aero bars it feels like I'm slipping forward. I know the natural time trial position is to be further forward than on a road bike, but not to feel like you're falling off the saddle. It is more comfortable now that I'm riding it more and the saddle is moulding itself to my shape, but gonna give it a fe weeks and if still not right, will just get another Selle Filante, great minimalist seat, cut out, with just enough of pads there for your sit bones. Nothing to it, but very comfortable to ride for hours.
1 750 ml bottle of SIS electrolyte drink. This is ideal I think, as riding on stationary trainers with no wind and generating a lot of heat, loses a lot of salt and water with a lot of sweating.

Ave hr - 136bpm
Max hr - 169bpm
Ave cadence 82
Max cadence 136

No distance or speed recorded as bike computer for the Plasma is on the front wheel.

Monday lunchtime swim

1km swim today. More relaxed in the water and feeling a litle quicker, body position better and more rotation, all good stuff. 20 minutes, good little session, very positive.

Sunday day of rest

Good day today. Positive recovery, I could actualy feel my body healing and repairing itself as the day went on. I wonder if it is the case that the fitter you get the more in tune you are with your body?
Another easy day today, swim at lunchtime. Possibly turbo workout tonight, will see how I feel. That said, I probably will do a workout because Thursday is a forced rest day.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Saturday long bike

Here's the science!!
Distance 63km(39 miles)
Ride time 2 hrs 16 minutes and 56 seconds
Ave speed 27.6 km/hr (17 mph)
Max Speed 61.1 km/hr (38 mph)
Ave h/r 153 bpm
Max h/r 171 bpm
Ave cadence - 87
Max cadence 121

This was the same ride as I did just before Christmas, somewhere on this blog. Interesting to compare times and see where I am.
Well, this wind is not for letting up. Much the same as last Saturday, not quite the same amount of rain but the wind was stronger, and going out for the first 40 minutes was into a strong headwind, mostly undulating with an overall uphill theme! My feet got soaked despite an extra neoprene overshoe, a lot of surface water made bike handling on descents tricky and this did reduce my overall speed, plus back wheel was kicking out a little on me on roundabouts. But my feet were warm inspite of the wet, that's the beauty of neoprene.
I felt really strong today and finished with plenty in the tank. Good to end a workout like that. Filthy, wet and sweaty!! Great fun!
When I got back I did 20 minutes easy pedalling on turbo just to cool down and work out some of the lactic acid from my legs.
Nutrition - 1 SIS electrolyte gel, 2 power gels, taken every 30 minutes. 750 ml of SIS electrolyte energy drink and 1 litre of water. Got nutrition spot on today.

Climbing was strong today and was able to push a higher gear and really attack towards the end of the climbs. Last 12km was riding around 45 km/hr on the flat with a slight following crosswind. Felt a bit awkward and had to concentrate to balance well, but I was able to get some good speed going and once again I had more left. Legs getting stronger. Cardio in good shape. Rest day tomorrow, maybe a recovery jog of 3 or 4 miles, but only gentle.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Friday swim and bike

Back to commuting on bike today, and fair flew in! Ave 39 km/hr over 12km. But for traffic lights and Ambulances in the cycle lane it would have been better. And cycled back home at a fair lick too, didn't clock the time but felt strong into a headwind.

Lunchtime was a swim. 1500m, decided to get head down and give myself a good workout. Went with a friend of mine who has swum for a long time and is quicker. However, we set off together and I followed and he didn't lap me until length 36 of 46 lengths(33 metre pool). Was very pleased. My time was 29 minutes and 12 seconds. I know that needs to be much quicker but I'm getting there, and my stroke is improving everytime. I'm really trying hard to focus on swim technique even when tired and I have put in a lot of effort. Body rotation better today and more horizontal in the water, also catch a lot better too. Best swim I have done yet. Not just time, but general swim fitness is improving. Overall aerobic fitness is coming along nicely at the moment.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Thursday lunchtime run

Well, this weather is not getting any better! Windswept would be an understement and soaked by horizontal rain!! Into the wind I could barely stand up, let alone go forwards! And with the wind behind I couldn't stop myself from going too fast! Was quite hilly as well. That said I ran for 1hr 7 minutes and 5 seconds. Was just over 13k(8 miles). Felt very strong and could have kept running at that pace and probably could have upped the pace a bit for another 30 minutes. But, I'm not overdoing it and was happy to stop when I did.
And my god, my nipples are sore! Wet Helly top and wind chafing does not help!!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Wednesday swim and turbo

Went for lunchtime swim, first time in the pool since last Friday. Unfortunately things have happened that have prevented me swimming for tha last few days. Only managed 25 minutes in pool, so tried to focus on body position in the water and maintaining a nice smooth stroke with good rotation. Feeling better, but need to be in the pool at least 4 times a week now, with two of the sessions focussing on endurance and building up aerobic swim fitness.
Turbo on the bike again. 30 minutes of easy and then a 10 mile effort. Was looking at doing a 10 mile at time-trial effort, but I find the indoor trainer far harder than being out on the road. A lot of effort for not a lot of speed. I gave up after 6 miles and just coasted the rest. Ended up 35 minutes! Out on a clear road I would be looking at 25 minutes for 10 miles. Didn't feel full of energy today, but I can't expect to be fresh as a daisy everyday!
Back to cycling to work tomorrow and in the pool or run tomorrow, see how the legs are feeling. Feel good at the moment. Right, off to eat and then sleep!!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Time on the Turbo

Boy, this weather is not nice, and with these short dark days and long dark nights, not much chance to get out on the bike. Hail the indoor trainer! Was on it again today for another hard workout!
1 hour 50 minutes. My god, without an Ipod it would be as dull as hell for that time, but that said I got some intervals in and I can break the time down into various amounts of effort, work on cadence, leg speed, leg strength, aerobic and anaerobic efforts.
Got cadence up to 150 which I managed to hold for around 2 minutes. Obviously this was in a fairly low gear. Further along I got heart rate up to 182 bpm for a 4 minute period. This was at a cadence of 100 and in a hard gear. Could probably sustain that for longer, and this was an all out effort, over time trial effort. Saw my speed up to 47 km/hr. Felt good , recovery time excellent, down to 120bpm after 4 minutes of easy pedalling. built it up again to then after a while stick it in the highest gear on the bike and got my cadence up to a steady 95 for 2 minutes, max speed of 52.1 km/h. Heart rate around 174bpm, but was hard on legs. Long cool down of 15 minutes easy pedalling, worked any lactic acid build up out of my legs, and felt very good after session.
Speed is coming on the bike, pedal action improving, and leg strength is loads better than 8 weeks ago. Turbo trainer is really making a difference. Doing 2 or 3 sessions a week now and I am definitely being rewarded with increased aerobic fitness. I recommend them to anyone who is into cycling or who has a bike and just wants to use one to keep fit.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Sunday run

This afternoon, went for a run. Rain had gone, temperature a little warmer, but man, the wind was still blowing!
Was out for 1 hour and 2 minutes, was a good run, approx 7.5 miles, into the wind for the first 3 miles, really took it out of me, but finished strong.
Bike in for an overhaul tomorrow, a gentle swim at lunchtime, and rest day.
Tuesday will be back to cycling to work, not really much fun, but it will keep my bike legs in shape. Just takes ages getting ready, especially if it's raining, all the wet weather gear and reflective strips on everything. Oh, how I long for sunnier times!!

Track cycling is the Business!!!

Today 9.00 am at Calshot Velodrome. For all cyclists out there, you gotta try it! Well cool, great fun!
It was an introductory session, 8 people there, split into 2 groups of four. Shown how to handle a fixed gear bike, very strange at first, but once a few laps ridden on the green(inside of the track) then was ok. Slowing down is tricky, pushing down and back with the heel while still pedalling. Then up to Cote d'Azur line, the 2 ft wide blue section, lowest part of the track. After a bit on there doing a couple of drills, up onto black line and then inbetween black and red. Black line is the one that is commonly ridden laong for the team or individual pursuits. Then up higher to the blue line, runs along the middle of the track, and that was as high as we went.
Once I got into it, man, it was great fun, and it was brilliant swigning into the corners and accelerating out, keeping it smooth while pressing down into corners with left hand, keeping body position the same on the bike.
It all went too quick, but thankfully my wife was there to take some pics.
I will definitely be going again, to the group riding sessions, and have a go at some pursuit riding!

Saturday, 6 January 2007

I must be mad!!!

Ok, before I describe today's ride here's the stats:
ride time 2 hours 36 mins
miles 37.4
Ave speed 15.7 mph
Max speed 36 mph
Ave Cadence 79
Max cadence 121
Ave h/r 157 bpm
max h/r 176 bpm
kcal 2555

My god, the weather!! I was wet through after 10 minutes of riding, the strong headwinds and strong crosswinds did not let up. After 2 hours it stopped raining and the temperature dropped. I had to wait at a level crossing for a train for 5 minutes, muscles seized up inspite of being well fuelled. I had to stop for 10 minutes to get some blood moving in my left foot. Soaked through my overshoes and socks and was very cold, couldn't feel my toes!
As you can see from ave heart rate it was a damn hard ride, a lot of climbing, but I must say my fitness level is strong. Unfortunately when I was waiting at the second level crossing I heard a bang, I looked down and when I went to set off, yes you guessed it, puncture!! A biggy, my tyre had been ripped open! Luckily I was by the station and the train was 20 minutes. Phoned my missus and she picked me up after a short train ride.
On a positive note I felt I could have gone on another hour, and got to near 60 miles as the ride back from where I punctured is a false flat with a tailwind for about 15 miles. Legs strong, but man, that was hard today.
Velodrome tomorrow!!! Can't wait. Also will get in a gentle run in the afternoon, and possibly a gentle recovery ride on trainer for an hour.

Friday, 5 January 2007

Friday lunchtime swim

25 minutes in the pool at lunchtime, just swam fairly easy bunch of lengths in that time. Don't know how effective it was but it's keeping me in shape. Feel a little faster in the water, and it's not killing me to swim for that amount of time.
I think I need to push harder at the swimming, but my technique does need working on.
Looking forward to getting out on my bike tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

lunchtime run

Oh, how nice it is to run completely pain free. For the last few weeks now, I have been running without any injury, my knee is now fully mended and I feel strong.
Still not overdoing the running.
Ran for a steady 40 minutes, including a warm up. Good cool down and stretch, legs feeling pretty good at the moment. Will gradually up the time I run for, by 5 minutes each week over the next 8 weeks. Still running mainly on time and not too bothered about distance and speed for the time being, that will come over time. Just concentrating on building my endurance for the run. Want to be able to run for an hour and 50 minutes by end of April. Should then be ok for half marathon distance come June.

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

turbo trainer workout

1 hour, 1 minute!
Great workout, pushed hard, but not too hard, worked up a good sweat, and kept up strong pedal cycle, smooth action. On the Plasma, good ride in the aero position, not keen on the saddle though, might have to look to change it, Fizik Arione Tri. Supposed to be the business as a tri-specific saddle but I have a selle Italia gel thing on my Scott S30 which I really like, very small saddle but cutout in the middle for your 'bits'!!! Very comfy! Fizik is very well padded but it feels a bit slippy. Maybe better without cycling shorts and just a tri-suit, not as much padding in the seat of the shorts.
stats for interest from workout - time - 1.01.42. Ave h/r 147 bpm, max h/r 175 bpm.
Ave cadence 85, max cadence 103. And this was most pleasing as was pushing a fairly hard gear. Calories burned 938. This is a very rough guide. I don't think my heart rate monitor is that accurate, but it's ok to give me an idea of what to put back in my system after a workout.
SIS Recovery drink taken 10 minutes after workout.

Lunchtime swim

40 minutes of quality swimming in the pool. Did not want to go, but I went in and took it easy. Felt good in the water, lot more streamlined, much more efficient swimming and didn't expend a great deal of energy. Didn't time my 40 lengths but felt faster in the water. Was at the Dolphin pool which is 33 metres long. So just short of 1500m I think.
No bike riding today, bike(Scott S30 Speedster) is booked in for an overhaul next Monday, need new chain, cassette, brake pads, cables etc. Will do an hour easy riding on turbo trainer tonight on Plasma(Scott CR1 Plasma Pro, time trial tri-specific bike), just to get my legs turning over. Just keeping my base level of fitness at the right level. All good to go for next week, when serious training starts.


It was indeed a good Christmas on the pesents haul, Ipod Nano and loads of tri goodies, books and general stuff. But best of all my wife Tracey booked me a taster session at Calshot Velodrome near Southampton, for this Sunday. Never done track cycling before but really looking forward to it.
If anyone reading has any tips then please feel free to post a conmment or two. Never ridden a fixed gear bike before so should be interesting. I'll let you all know how I get on.

Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year

Hi All, Happy New Year to all my readers!

Well, much better today, and the sun came out this morning so I had to take the Plasma out for a ride. Gentle, took me ages to get my legs, but then again, it has been nearly 10 days since I last rode. Did an hour and 36 minutes, 26.7 miles, ave speed of 16.6 mph, ave h/r 140 bpm, 168bpm max, ave cadence of 80, 119 cadence max.

Not bothered about times etc today, just nice to get legs moving again, after a bout of flu. Not too tired either, felt ok once I got first 25 minutes under my legs. Did the usual nice circuit of to Swanage via Studland and then back through Langton Matravers and Corfe Castle. Was lovely bright sunshine out and very blustery, headwind and crosswind most of the way round. Lot of cyclists out, they are a friendly lot!

A nice easy week this week and then I begin training in earnest next week. My first block of 12 weeks, split into 3 groups of four. Concentration on run, then swim technique and then a lot of climbing on bike, thru January.
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