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Thursday, 20 February 2014

300 rep workout

50 reps of each, 50kg DL, 50kg Bench. 30kg big duffle Bag.

Bench/pres ups as 5/5 for 50
Bunny Hops
Bag Lift
Kettlebell swings
situps/pull ups as 4/1 for total 50

Warm up and cool down.
20 minute workout! 

Happy Days!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Feb 2014

Where has it gone? 

No posts for a lifetime!

Busy, work, training and acting. Training has taken a back seat. 

So for 2014? When the weather improves bike. When I feel more motivated swim and when I feel like getting quick, run!

I'm fit, well and strong but not done any specific tri training for months. 12 weeks solid will see me in race shape. Can I do it? I'm gonna return to blogging and we'll see! 

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