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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

April nearly

Well, April approaches and where am I in this lovely weather? Indoors recovering from a hernia op last week. 7 days in and I'm healing well, but it's slow and I feel a bit ropey as a result of the anaesthetic. I don't react very well to them. So it's slow going but all should be ok for me to slowly get back to some semblance of light exercise by the coming weekend. Will then ease myself back into it so that by the end of April I can really start pushing on for Antwerp 70.3 on 22nd July
That should give me plenty of time to get in good shape. A few training races before then should see me right, and I'm hoping to be fully fit and go well, as I would like to qualify for World Champs in Vegas later in the year. If I can get a10 weeks of consistency from end of April through to 22nd July then I know I can go well. All the endurance I have in the tank should see me right.
Will be such a good feeling to get back on track with a goal and something to aim for and to keep me motivated to put the long hours in, although this time round, I'll be shortening the sessions and upping the intensity, looking for more speed.
More blog posts to come which will help keep me pushing forwards through a slow period of recovery.

Monday, 5 March 2012


Where has February gone? Well, dunno, but it's gone and no post!

Been a funny old time of late. MY GP confirmed my suspicions of the last few weeks. I do have an inguinal hernia( groin). Only small but needs an op to fix. Tat's now sorted for near the end of March, and then hopefully a couple of weeks' recovery and I'll be able to 'resume' training. Not that I have been doing a right lot of late.
Running is ok, but any speed work is a no-no, not wanting to strain my hip flexors. So it has had to be gentle jogs and even then I haven;t done that many. I have not been near a swimming pool all year, well, one session on a Wednesday back in January. I do want to get back into swimming and I need to as I must start getting in some preparation for racing this year. Antwerp 70.3 is booked in July, and I want to go there and put in a performance. My cycling on the other hand remains very strong.
On the season's first TT last week I felt pretty rubbish and yet managed to put in a decent time in light of the fact I have hardly done anything other than some strength work and a few turbo efforts.
2nd place on the day, not bad. Work in progress and time was 2 seconds slower than the same ride last year, so all in all not a bad morning's work. Legs did not like me the following day, but generally recovery was not bad.
I've been out for 30 miles today, up and down lots of hills and now will look to ride more regular, get some pool time, and run easy when I can to build some base for the harder training to come.

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