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Friday, 29 June 2007

Easy day

Gentle spin to work in the rain, 30 minute swim at lunch, was very good, and a gentle spin home. Job done! Rest day tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

bike to work and lunctime swim

Took the scenic route to work this morning, via Swanage and Studland and the Sandbanks Ferry, lovely morning. 38km ride, averaging 31kph, nice riding, feeling very strong at the moment, well recovered from exertions of Half Ironman UK.
Swam at lunch, 32 mins 20 secs for 1600m. Not breaking any records, but for me I'm really pleased with the way I am swimming. Reaching further with arms and keeping my body higher in the water, and my kick is definitely improving, which is saving me energy by getting better propulsion through the water than just relying on my arms. Then allows me to not go so hard with my arms and shoulders in the water, thereby saving energy.
All good stuff, should be nice and prepared for Bournemouth International tri on 8th. 1500m swim which I hope to do in 30 minutes. 40km bike , nice and flat course which I'm hoping for around the hour, as I shall be really hammering it. And for the 10k run I'll be happy to get under 45 mins. Under 2 hours 20 mins for the lot and I will be really pleased, it will be a nice one to bounce back after the disappointment of my Half Ironman UK performance.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Wednesday evening run

Another positive run session tonight. 59 minutes of good running over 7.5 miles.
I'm trying to work at 'negative splits' , ie. running the second half of my run quicker than the first half. I'm trying to work that in to most run sessions, because I believe it will help me finish triathlons stronger. Certainly picked up the pace well as the run went on, going through 9 min mile pace to start for a mile and then 8 minute miles for 3 miles up to 7 minute til the finish, gradually increasing the pace as I went along.
Was due to do bike session today, but was late in after work and road was very slippery after huge downpour. Will bike to work the long way round tomorrow, 2 hours riding before I get in.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

tuesday evening swim

Swim this evening, a good 50 minute workout, broken up into 100m, 200m and 400m sections.
Certainly feeling better in the water I need to be swimming more often. That was my first swim since last Wednesday and I need to be in the pool at least every other day, just so I can build up my technique and swim fitness. But so far so good, feeling very strong at the moment, and am feeling like going a lot harder when working out, as though what I'm doing isn't quite enough.
Long bike tomorrow evening, followed by swim and run on Thursday, swim on Friday and long bike/run on Saturday.
I'm doing a charity bike ride on Sunday with some mates, just a gentle 25 miles around the lanes on Dorset, should be good fun, as will take in a couple of ale houses! No drink for me though, I'll ride out to meet them, do the ride and then ride back, should be a good session.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Monday evening run

Good solid run. Got in from work, needed to get out and unwind. 3.8 miles in 28 mins 32 secs. Good steady pace, and very good recovery. My target of a 5km under 20 minutes in November is getting closer. That's a major medium term goal for this year.
Obviously would love to run that off the bike, so will see if that's possible by October's two duathlons I have lined up, both involving 2 lots of 5km runs.
Really looking forward to Bournemouth tri on the 8th July, nice 1500m sea swim, hopefully the weather will improve by then! wet and windy at the moment, typical now that Wimbledon is upon us!!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Saturday long bike ride

Felt good to go out and ride today, and what a mixed bag of a ride it was. Got caught in a torrential downpour, in which I had to stop as it was hurting my eyes! I stopped twice to retrieve a dropped bottle, and had two punctures, the second of which I rode home on as the hole in the inner tube was trapped between rim and tyre, which miraculously I rode 40km home on.
Sun came out with a strong wind later on but still managed 91km in 3 hours and 5 minutes. Similar amount of climbing compared to Half Ironman, and yet I rode so much better, not feeling anywhere near as good as I did last week. Oh well, c'est la vie.
Distance - 91.12km
Time - 3 hrs 3 mins 8 secs
Ave speed - 29.9 kph
max speed - 57.3 kph
ave h/r - 141 bpm
max h/r - 173 bpm
Ave cadence - 75 rpm
Total climbing - 884m
Calories - 4173

Nutrition - 2 x 750ml SIS Go Electroyte
2 x Go Gel
1 power bar Ride
1 nutrigrain bar
1 brunch bar

Was not enough liquid. Short by one bottle, as it fell off and a van drove over it!
Strong on the climbs but lost focus in the middle of ride and did not go as hard as I should have really. Could have gone harder on the long climb out of Weymouth. On the whole a positive ride and good to get the miles in my legs. Rest day Sunday, swimming Monday. Will run Tuesday, and bike long on Wednesday.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Back to training

Well, I had 3 good days of solid rest, and felt like getting back in the pool on Thursday for a swim.
Really feel like I am swimming well at the moment. I know I'm no speed merchant but my technique is definitely improving and will keep getting better over time. Have cycled twice in to work, legs feeling ok. And I did a 3.5 mile run tonight after getting home off the bike, 26 minues 30 secs, good solid run, feeling strong.
Will bike Saturday, 90km loop, just to prove to myself I can go under 3 hours, a confidence booster after the disappointment of last Sunday's race performance. And then a long run on Sunday.
Back to more swimming next week, and some miles on the bike. Will work at short distances on the run to improve speed and strength, in preparation for Bournemouth International triathlon on the 8th July.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Ironman UK 70.3

Well, I did it! I crossed the line in 6 hours, 19 minutes and 40 seconds. What a race, what a fantastic experience, incredible. Great fun, brilliant atmosphere and very well organised.

After my swim, which was very good, apart from swimming a good 400m more than I had to, I decided to just take it easy all the way round. I just could not get 'up for it' even though I was in really good physical condition and had loads of energy. Mentally I was just not there, and couldn't drive myself on. I had plenty in the legs on the bike, but just did not have it on the day. That said, it was a tough course, and by the 2nd lap of the run my legs were starting to tire and on lap 3 on came the cramp! 100 yards from the finish, my legs seized up and I hobbled towards the line, only able to run the last 10 yards!
But what a thrill to finish. Just all feels a bit empty now. But I am looking forward to the next race - Bournemouth International and will be putting in a solid performance in that one, just to make up for this one.
Results can be found at
I finished in the top half. Well done to James Gilfillan who came 2nd, on his first time at this distance, what a fantastic result. And well done to Kevin Harding, a fellow triathlete from Southampton Tri Club who I have been beating in a few shorter tris this year, and who had a storming race at Wimbleball and finished in the top 150! I'll be getting him back later this season!!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

2 days and 8 hours to go

Ok, I'm now getting a little anxious, but on the whole I'm fairly relaxed. But above all I am raring to go, I feel very good, and can feel myself getting stronger. I've now got to get myself mentally prepared. My kit is packed already, kitlist checked and triple checked, and I'm now just getting the logistics of the whole weekend sorted.
I've been eating well and drinking plenty of water, important to keep my glycogen levels up and stay well hydrated. Feeling flexible as well, no stiff muscles. The only slight stiffness is still in my gluteus maximus, ie, right in my butt muscles, it's still a little stiff. But that should ease as I stretch them out and stay relaxed over the next 2 days.
I did no exercise today, was going to swim, but didn't feel like it. No bad thing, as I will swim a little tomorrow and then on Saturday I will do half hour on the turbo trainer followed by 15 minutes running and that will be it. All systems go.
This is my last post before the race. Let's hope it's a good 'un!

See you all after it! Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Not long now!

3 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes to Half Ironman UK!

Out on bike today for 40 minutes riding, legs are in great shape, and will be fresh and ready for action on Sunday. Got new SRAM chain fitted and it does ride a lot smoother.
Will swim tomorrow and that's it then. Friday off, and just a gentle bike/run on Saturday.
Been very busy today which has helped take my mind off the race, and I'm not worrying about it. Will sleep solid tonight and have a lie in as no work tomorrow! Will spend the day checking kit and bike cleaning and generally making sure I have everything I need.
So far so good!!

4 days to go!!

I will be able to do 2 more days of blogging as I leave for Wimbleball on Friday and won't be able to post til Monday.
Going to get new chain for Scott S30 this morning. Getting an SRAM 10 speed to fit the SRAM cassette that was put on my Easton wheels. I have no idea why they didn't fit a Shimano Ultegra cassette to fit the chain already on there, but no worries, I will now have a nice new chain and cassette, which all helps.
Out on my bike later today for a gentle spin, stretch the legs out and trying to relax a bit. Now I'm off work I'm starting to really feel the build up to the race!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday evening run

Went out for 38 minute run this evening in the warm evening air, was lovely. Ran at a very gentle pace and felt very strong, barely breaking a sweat until I did 5 minutes n the middle at race pace. Feeling very strong, and legs in good shape. Breathing good, very efficient, able to breathe long and deep. Stretched off afterwards, had bath, ate well, and now relaxing, printing off my kit checklist which consists of the following :

Ironman 70.3 UK

17th June 2007, Wimbleball

Kit checklist


  1. Wetsuit - Aqua Sphere
  2. Goggles – Zoggs
  3. Swim mask – Aqua sphere
  4. Goggles – Aqua sphere - spares
  5. Swim cap
  6. Swim shorts


  1. Helmet
  2. Glasses – plus lenses
  3. Cycling gloves
  4. Arm warmers
  5. Leg warmers
  6. Gilet
  7. Cycling shoes - Specialized
  8. Cycling socks( in case of cold weather)
  9. Bike – Scott S30
  10. Wheels – Easton
  11. Track pump
  12. CO2 cartridges
  13. CO2 inflator
  14. Spare tubular tyre
  15. tub cement
  16. rim tape
  17. multi tool
  18. toolkit
  19. saddle bag
  20. Bike computer – Garmin – fully charged
  21. heart rate strap
  22. bike lube
  23. cloths and rags
  24. Spare wheels – real design – plus spare inner tubes
  25. wheel bags
  26. bike rack for car
  27. overshoes
  28. Tube box - Ironman


  1. Race shoes - Brooks
  2. running shoes – Asics
  3. Spare running shoes – Brooks, for general wear.
  4. socks – Thorlos x 4 pairs
  5. running cap – Orca


  1. Race belt
  2. spare race belt
  3. Rucksack – ironman
  4. rucksack – Berghaus
  5. Kit bag – umbro
  6. Bodyglide
  7. Anti-chafe cream
  8. muscle rub
  9. safety pin
  10. elastic bands
  11. tape
  12. medical kit
  13. savlon
  14. hay fever tablets
  15. vitamins
  16. Paracetemol
  17. Sun cream
  18. moisturiser
  19. after sun


  1. Tri top - Orca
  2. Tri shorts - Orca
  3. Tri suit – spare – Camaro Speed one.
  4. Tri suit – spare – Sugoi
  5. Sweat top
  6. T-shirts/running tops x 3
  7. Skins leggings
  8. track pants – reebok
  9. Ironman oversuit
  10. umbrella
  11. Endura event jacket
  12. Gloves
  13. warm hat – ron hill
  14. Towels – kona, plus 3 white ones
  15. Spare cycling top
  16. Quick Step cycling top
  17. Base layer - campagnola


  1. SIS Electrolyte
  2. SIS Energy
  3. SIS Recovery
  4. PowerBar gels box
  5. SIS gels box
  6. Power Bars
  7. bottles x 8
  8. Evian water x 6 bottles
  9. Red Bull x 4 cans

So as you can see it's a lot of stuff for one race!

Big thank you to all my sponsors so far!!

Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to sponsor me and support Rotary Charities.
I'm on target to do a good race and I am really excited about taking part in my first Half Ironman Distance Triathlon.

Keep watching my blog site for more updates, and a full race report with pics.
The race is also being covered by Channel 4, although how much airtime it will be given I'm not sure, probably only a 2 minute slot on the news, but you never know, you might spot me!!

5 days to go!!!!

Back in the pool this lunchtime for 25 minutes easy swimming with 200m hard effort in the middle of it. Feeling good. Body is feeling rested and getting stronger. Yet at the same time I feel unfit and like I need a right good workout to feel fit. But this is the Taper! My body is now re-adjusting to not putting in the hard efforts and the heavy training sessions.
I'll be raring to go come Sunday, and hopefully if I can manage some decent sleep then I'll be in great shape.
Will have 20 minute run this evening. Bike ride tomorrow, swim on Thursday, Friday off and then very short bike and run on Saturday.
Not to self: check gear tonight. Go to get chain fitted at Primera Sports tomorrow, after I take car in to get alternator fitted.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday run

Well, if the weather is like this next Sunday, heaven help me. Lovely, very nice summer weather, but at 8 this morning, the temperature was already 20 degrees C. 8 mile run. Had to stop at Wareham leisure centre half way for a nature call. Was done at a nice easy pace and after 1 hour and 8 minutes(including unscheduled stop) I felt good and full of running, certainly more than enough for another 5 miles. Ran in my race kit today, bit of a trial run for next Sunday. Orca 226 tri top and tri shorts, extremely lightweight and very comfortable. Orca baseball style cap, white. Brooks Race shoes, bright yellow!! And Thorlos running socks. Feel very comfortable in that gear and makes me enjoy running more. Plus it looks alright too, which is always a bonus!! But main thing is that it feels great on and will give me confidence.

less than 7 days to go!!!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Saturday training ride

Feeling in great shape. Lovely warm weather this morning, not too bright, and a slight breeze to keep things cool. Set off for 90 minutes or thereabouts of a training ride, mostly at even pace with 40 minutes race pace effort thrown in. Legs are in good shape, and are definitely improving. But again, it takes me a good 50 minutes of cycling before I am properly warmed up and can feel them working efficiently. Must take turbo trainer with me to Half Ironman UK, to get legs moving. Unfortunately it will mean taking 2 bikes, so not sure if I want to do that. I'll have a think about it. The only other option is just to rely on the swim leg to get me warmed up for the bike, using my legs a lot more for the last 400m, which will help to get them moving.
Here's today's stats:
Time - 1 hour 21 minutes and 22 seconds.
Distance 42.6 km
Ave speed - 31.4 kph, max 52.7 kph
Ave h/r 148 bpm, max h/r 169 bpm
Ave cadence 81 rpm
1917 cal used.
Done over an undulating course, down to Swanage via Studland and back on the A352 through Corfe Castle. Would have been quicker on the way back but for heavy traffic caused by roadworks. But very pleasing ride nonetheless.
Certainly feel I'm getting back to my old self on the bike, and my speed is improving, pedal action good, and very strong. I will be working on my cycling over the winter months this year with a view to time trialling next season, and doing some longer rides and cyclo-sportives and a bit of road racing.
Have loads of confidence about next Sunday's bike leg, and about the whole race in general. I know it's a mental thing with me, if I am feeling good and strong on the bike I will feel good about the whole race and will do well on the run. I am preparing well, and tapering nicely. Feeling stronger as each day goes by and to be honest I'm not even tempted to go out and do extra, just enjoying the feelgood factor of building up to the race!!!

8 Days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Bustin my ass on the Bike

Little did I know at this stage of the Stratford triathlon bike leg that one of my rear brake blocks was jammed against my rear wheel.
No wonder I'm grimacing at how much effort it was, just to turn the pedals over!!

9 Days to go!

Ok, nine days to the big race of the year! Very excited and feeling great about it. In a very positive frame of mind today, very relaxed. Just got my nutrition organised, all set with bars and gels and drinks. Will work out nutritional race plan next week.
Went for a swim today, 20 minutes, which was all I could do as the pool then got laned off from 33 metres to 25 and cut down to 2 lanes, and it was too busy to swim up and down. Bit disappointing as I was feeling really good in the water. But it's ok, was happy to have an easy day today.
Will go for bike tomorrow, just an hour easy riding, and then longish run on Sunday, again, at an easy pace.
Sea swim on Sunday for 20 minutes if I have the time. Having a pre-race party with some friends. No alcohol for me :(

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Thursday brick session

Bit more training than I planned today, due to the fact our car was in for a new alternator and I had to cycle back home from the garage, took half an hour. Once back home I set off for a good steady ride. 45 km in an hour and a half, bang on 30 kph pace. 439m of climbing in that ride. Legs felt really good. Ave h/r 143 bpm. Max h/r 169 bpm. This is positive as I didn't get anywhere near maximum effort, so h/r looking good.
Once back I ran for 40 minutes. Very easy pace, and felt comfortable. Only tired a little in last 5 minutes, I felt very hungry! Recovered very well, even in the warm weather. bath and food and then back out to go pick the car up. Just gentle spinning for 40 minutes to go get the car. In need of more sleep and some rest. Easy day tomorrow, will get back in the pool for 30 minutes swimming.

10 days to go!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wednesday lunchtime run

Big confidence booster. 8 miles down to Sandbanks, my usual mid/long run route. And I just went at a nice easy pace, 1 hour 9 minutes. Did not push hard, legs felt refreshed, heart-rate steady. Filled me with confidence on going the distance after Sunday's disappointing 10k. Will rest today and then go for a light spin on the bike tomorrow.
Big thanks to James Gilfillan who has given me some info on the bike course, printed off from Makes for interesting reading and actually gives me confidence as it does not sound anything like as hard as people are making out. In fact I'm really looking forward to it, sounds very similar to a lot of the training rides I've been doing over the Purbecks. And as far as average speed over the course, I am capable of at least 30 kph, which will get me under the 3 hour mark. Can't ask for any more.

11 days to go!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

This is Triathlon

This picture was taken at the finish line of Stratford Triathlon, 13th May 2007. This could be anyone, and I think it's a well taken photo(I did crop and edit in Photoshop a bit) by the course photographer and captures how committed and focussed anyone in sport can be. For me it really captures the effort involved in taking part in a triathlon event. For others, it may not capture anything of the sort!! But I like it!

Tuesday lunchtime swim

Back in the pool for 35 minutes of good swimming, albeit a bit messy as lane was busy and a few swimmers who should have been in another lane and didn't move out of the way when they should. But never mind, good pool time and I feel like I'm swimming well at the moment.
Legs are well recovered today, still a bit of soreness in them. I will have a gentle spin on the turbo tonight just to get the blood flowing again and work out any remaining lactic acid etc. It's nice to put the turbo in the garden when the weather is nice and sit in the garden under the shade of our huge apple tree, trying to not get attacked by ticks and mosquitoes!

12 days to go!!!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Countdown to Ironman UK 70.3

13 days to go. First day of rest today. Another rest day tomorrow, except for a gentle swim at lunchtime. Wednesday lunch will see me go for a run. I won't go out on the bike until Thursday, my legs really do need to recover. They are so sore at the moment. Friday will be back in the pool. Saturday easy bike and run. Sunday long run. Following Monday off. Tuesday swim. Wednesday short run. Thursday swim and bike. Friday off, Saturday( day before race day, short bike and run, 30 minutes and 15 minutes respectively). Sunday -RACE!!!!!!!!

All the hard work is done now, just got to pamper myself a bit and keep injury free and stay healthy. As much sleep as possible and no stress in the workplace - nor at home! Will check all my kit this weekend, so that if anything missing I will be able to get it sorted in the week.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Mixed feelings on where I am today

Last day of full-on hard training today, before I taper down and rest my body and get it right for 17th June.
Well, it started really well with a lovely swim in the sea at Swanage. Water temperature was just right. Unfortunately since I bought my wetsuit my body has changed shape. My chest/back is slightly wider(because of the swimming) and my suit is a little tight across the chest, and felt a bit restrictive. Not major problem, but enough for me to notice. I did roughly 1600m in around 30 minutes. Good time, and I do like swimming in a wetsuit. The buoyancy is fantastic and it lets me relax and really concentrate on stroking well with good body rotation. I ran out onto the beach, which I did find hard work, and tried to get out of my wetsuit quick. I will practice this a couple of times before I race, need to do it, get sat down and slide off, pull the legs off - not my legs!! But when I race I will take my time and not rush, want to save energy for the bike leg.
I had loaded my Plasma up with 3 x 750 ml bottles - 2 electrolyte and 1 water and a load of PowerBar gels. And off I wet, out of Swanage for a 3 mile slow climb up through Langton Matravers and over to Corfe. And here was the first downer of the day. My legs were dead. I feel good everywhere else, heartrate is down, breathing good, feel strong. But boy my legs have taken a punding this week!! So I slipped into an easier gear and felt my way up the climb and over. Once into Corfe I actually picked up a lot and was setting a good pace all the way into Poole and down to Sandbanks, feeling strong. Did 30 mile ride. But the last 3 miles were just idling around Poole Park, staying loose for the 10k which started at 2pm.
So to the run. Before that I caught up with top triathlete James Gilfillan, who was running today. He went over to Wimbleball Lake yesterday to ride the bike course. He did 3 laps. (We only have to do 2!) BUt he put my mind at ease and said it wasn't as hard as people made out. Sure, he said there are a couple of really tough climbs, but mostly it's all up and down, with no flats!! But that's ok, as I'm used to riding a lot over the Purbecks, so I was quite happy with that. He did say he would get some brake gear shifters as a lot of up and down you need to be on the ball with gear changes. Tri bar end shifters not ideal. So my mind is made up on choice of bike. Tis a shame but the Plasma is staying at home and the S30 will be my steed for the day! Well, hopefully for only 3 hours max. On a positive note about the bike, I rode a cyclosportive last year over the South Downs, 95km, and that was all up and down, with some very tough climbs. I did 3 hours 29 for that. That was with 2 stops for checkpoints and a couple of stops for chain and nature! Also I am loads fitter now and stronger over the hills, so I am confident of going well below that time, and cracking 3 hours.
So back to the run, today!! My god, I was tired before I started! And it was hot! I was looking for 45 minutes, and ended up 48' 52". And to be honest I am pretty pleased with just finishinig it. I did very nearly drop out after 5 k! I had enough, and my legs just would not respond when I tried to go faster, very frustrating. Also I had to go for a pee again! Note to self - do not drink so much before the run. I will have to try some bars instead of gels. I think the gels are going right through me! At least my bowels were ok, although I did feel sick after stopping to pee and setting off again!!! And I got annoyed with some bloke behind who shouted at me to keep going when we were approaching an aid station for drinks. It got me wound up and I put my foot down for a couple of hundred yards! Bad move, legs tired even more! But I got round. I stuck it out. I don't like warm weather, and to be honest I haven't trained in a lot of it. And there's a lot of me, as I have put weight on these last few weeks. However, it's not fat, t's all muscle. Racing and going hard and recovering well, ahas made me very strong but I have gained muscle. I'm leaner, but it's the fat that's gone! And as muscle weighs more than fat, I think it's affected my running, and I did feel a bit heavier on my feet today. But all in all, I got through it, 8 minute mile pace. If I can keep that up for Half Ironman then I'll be please. The run will be around 10 in the morning and not like today's 2pm time, which was at the warmest part of the day.
Generally, a good day, with it's share of crap bits! But I'm ready for a bit of a rest now, and I will be focussed 100% on nothing else but 17th June. I didn't feel good about it after today's run, but slowly I'm coming round to thinking that if I can stick it out when I feel bad then that's what I'm going to need a lot of come the run on 17th June.
Bring it on!!!!! GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Saturday morning Bike

Took off this morning for a nice easy spin, and what a lovely day. Sun was shining but still a cool breeze, and very strong in places. Out for an hour and a half for 51km(31.6 miles) at 31.4 kph(19.5 mph). Nice easy ride, and pushed it for last 12 miles. 2 x 750ml electrolyte energy drink. Had 1 litre SIS recovery when back. Was wamr out and I was perspiring a lot, even at lower efforts of riding, so I'm preparing myself for taking on board a lot of liquid on 17th June.
Have mad a decision to use the Plasma. Quicker bike and smoother ride. Just was a tough decision, as the course is a hilly one and I would prefer to ride with drops as opposed to tri bars, just for access to gear changing. But on the whole the Plasma is a much nice ride and for a 3 hour bike I personally feel that comfort is the main thing. I'm a reasonably strong climber and recover quickly so not a major problem. Just would prefer to ride Plasma with drops. But I shall take it out tomorrow over a hilly route before I do the Poole 10k and see how it feels.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Friday lunchtime run and bike to work

Good day again today. Really has warmed up today and the temperature up in the mid 20s at lunchtime, and the wind dropped on my run route. So I decided to just do the 5km route which is one lap of Sunday's 10k race. I didn't push hard and kept at a reasonable pace. Finished, stopwatch at 21 minutes 29 secs. Best tiem this year for 5k. In fact I think that's pretty much my best time for 5k. I'm on target for under 20 minutes by the end of the year, in a race. I know I can go harder than that, and I would have pushed more in a race. All of a sudden, new shoes, better weather, feeling better and I'm running faster. All good news.
Also on another positive note, forgot to mention that I rode home last night with UK mountain biking legend Mark Chadbourne!! He was out on his road bike for a spin before this weekend Nationals up in South Wales. Had a good chat with him and he's got me to come along to do some road racing on a Thursday night. I'll have a look next week, and meet some of the riders and then once Ironman out of the way, I'll give it a go! Spoke to him today (he actually works across the hall in my offices) and he's fired up to get back his National Champion jersey after last year's campaign was hampered by injury. He won it 2004 and 2005. Have a look on the world wide web for more info, stick his name in Google for all the info on this top biker!
Always great to meet and speak with top guys(and gals) who have huge amounts of experience in the sport you are doing.
15 days to Half Ironman UK and counting!!
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