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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Big Weekend

It has been a lovely weekend for getting out and getting in the long miles. 85 miles of hills yesterday and pushing the pace on the front for the riders on th DrivenToTri Big Weekend in the Purbecks. Was great fun, took in the sights of Bulbarrow hill, Lulworth, Corfe Castle, Kingston and Swanage amongst others. And at last I was in short sleeves and shorts. In fact, an hour into the ride the arm warmers safely came off!
Legs in good nick and recovered well. This morning, I took myself off for a long 2 hour run. Steady paced effort and squeezed in 16.5 miles in nice sunny weather. A nice solid weekend of work and I will have a sleep later and off to pick Tracey up from Heathrow, after her break in Bali! Now we will compete for sun tans!
Back to the Personal Training course this week with Premier, and getting myself together. Only 6 weeks left on the course but there are plenty of oportunites for work out there, the future looks very exciting!
4 weeks til my first race of the season, Swashbuckler Tri in the New Forest. Not sure quite how I will be up for that one, but I know I'll be in good shape and will discuss with coach Harry how to approach it. Good times ahead!

Saturday, 24 April 2010


The sun is up, the sky is blue and I'm about to set off for a long ride, and probably someone will want to rip my legs off! Group ride awaits with the DriventoTri's Big Weekend in the Purbecks. It's a 3 day triathlon training camp run by Harry Wiltshire and Pete Freedman, and involves lots of pain and suffering for 3 days of swimming biking and running, whilst trying to sleep in the Youth Hostel of Swanage!
Meeting at 10am in Wareham and should be around 5 hours of hills, descents and not many fast flats. Having only ridden once in 5 days I'm a bit apprehensive and my bike legs aren't in the best of shape as last Wednesdya's 10 result will testify. I turned up to that with sore quads and glutes and rode a 23' 14" but was well off the pace and heartrate was nowhere near what it shoul dhave been for that level of effort. But today's ride should wake them up if nothing else! More miles to get in the legs next week, as I will get back to commuting on a daily basis.
Long run tomorrow and looking forward to getting out in the sunshine, as at long last the weather is just about warm enough for shorts and t-shirt!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Bike is ready to go

So here she is! This is my machine that I have been riding for the past 4 years. I added the disc last year and am still getting used to riding with it, but certainly feels great on the flat when getting up a good head of speed.
It was in action on Wednesday evening in the first of the Poole Wheelers' evening club 10 time trials. It was difficult riding conditions with very blustery conditions and low tempreature making it hard work. But there were some good rides. I managed a 23' 06", which bagged me a third place finish, behind the ride of Leighton Girling and Terry Icke, who are obviously both going well. Winning time from Leighton of 22' 40". So I'm not too far off the pace, and seeing as 10 mile events are not my focus then I was very pleased with that. There is more TT action this Sunday with a 27km time trial on the P433 course round Bovington and Wool. I rode this back in Fenruary on a horrible cold, wet and windy day so should be a big difference Sunday as the sun is out! If it says out! see for more info.
I am swimming in the sea today! Obviously wetsuit clad and then will ride out for 3 hours nice and steady. I have not ridden much this week as have had exams. Happy to say have passed them all and conitue happily on my quest to become a personal fitness trainer. Tomorrow's time trial will consist of an hour warm and up and then riding the course for a second time after I finish, and then a run off the bike when I get home. Should prove to be a solid session, although my legs might hate me come Monday morning!!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, 12 April 2010

tired, hungry and busy!

No time for much of a post, all systems go. Great weekend of solid training, loads of coursework and some great sleep too!
Time trials coming up and have to find a short sprint tri to do in the next couple of weeks. Need to blow the cobwebs out of my race suit!
More to follow soon.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

muscles, weights and kettlebells

It's been all go this week.
Studying all hours of the day, commuting 30 miles a day on the bike, running and swimming when I can fit it in. Add to that, some gym workouts, cardio sessions and stretching classes, and it's got to Sunday and I dont know where the time has gone.
I am loving the Personal Training course, so much to learn and has given me so many ideas and opened up loads of ideas for potential work. But not just that, it is giving me a great insight into how I can incorporate strength and conditioning into my own training as a triathlete. I have my Gym Instructor's exam and assesssment on the 14th April, which is no time, and very excited by that, as upon successful completion I will be quaified to take a gym session and insurable for running circuits classes, which I will be looking into next week!
As for my own training, the mental stimulation of the course is obviously rubbing off. Was an easy week, but have got in a solid 190 miles on the bike, which included a 3 hour bike yesterday with my own 27km time trial at 70.3 race pace effort in the middle. Did this on the Dorset P433 course, in horrendous wet and windy weather, and only rode 10 seconds down on my time back in February in the Poole Wheelers club TT. Had a good 25 minute run off the bike and will be out for a 2 hour run today. So all is good for the time being, long may it continue!
Happy Easter Everyone!!
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