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Thursday, 29 January 2009


Just when everything was going so well!! Damn, sinusitis, I been full of head cold and bunged up with headaches, sinus pain and little sleep. Training is on hold. Plenty of fluids, vit C, protein and sleep. Will try to get out for a walk and some fresh air tomorrow, but this damp and mild weather is not helping. Hopefully this will clear up in a few days, as the co-codamol is kicking in!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Heartbreak Half Marathon 2009 Results

Results are out on

Heartbreak Half Marathon - and a bit more!

Well, I decided to turn up and run this, having had one of the worst night's sleep of the week and feeling pretty lousy, sniffly, sore throat. Being sensible I should not have run, but we never learn and off I set at 8am for Sandy Balls campsite. Got registered and tried to warm up. It was cold, damp, windy, but thankfully the rain had abated for a while and we actually got through the race downpour free.
A very muddy walk down to the start line and at 10am we were off, and uphill! My breathing was ridiculously hard and I felt dreadful, although my legs were in good shape! I didn't bother checking my heartrate, but was probably off the chart! Anyway I dug in near the front and settled into something like a comfortable pace and the race proceeded much like that, nice and easy pace and then uphills and then down again. Through fords, mudpits, over gravel trails, grassy knolls and through countless puddles of varying depths! And the hills, lots of them. In fact there were no flat sections on this run. The last mile was on tarmac until it kicked off onto a footpath that had become a mud bath!
It was a very enjoyable run, but long!!!! My Garmin had it down as 14.98 miles. I completed it in 1 hour 46 mins and something, in around 22nd place or so. I think my coach would be pleased how I approached it. He said to go hard for the last 3 miles! Turned out it was 5 miles hard at the end! Not so bad considering I was very under the weather and was contemplating not running. Legs feel a bit sore as I write now 5 hours after the finish. And I haven't eaten much as I feel sick as a dog! Results will be out later on the racenewforest website. Big thanks to Richard Iles and Joanne for hosting yet another great event. Why do they always make em so bloody tough!!!???

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Heartbreak Half

My next race, 25th January, provided this cold has cleared up! Undulating off-road half marathon through the beautiful( and probably very muddy!!) New Forest. Good luck to everyone taking part. See you all at 10am. Results to follow immediately post race as there is chip timing!


Kerry Mclean of Pac-Tri club is organising this event in June
Well worth having a look at.


Crap! Again, headache, sore throat, cold, feeling pretty rubbish.
Lack of sleep is taking it's toll. Have Heartreak Half marathon tomorrow and if I can't shirt it then that'll be yet another race I will have had to pull out of. races are a jinx for me!! Missed NF middle tri last year becuse of injury, was ill doing that race the year before. Plenty of fluids, vitamin C and rest might get me right.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Boscombe 5k

Well, this is the first 5k I've done in about 3 years. The last one was round Poole Park and I found it hard going just to get round in under 25 mins! I've come a long way since then but I went backwards last night!!!
Well, ran down with James Gilfillan, about 3 miles before for a good warm up, and signed up at 7, pinned number on and jogged about and stretched and felt reasonably ok. Got near the front for the start and was under coach's orders to go hard from the start and see what happens. Well, I went hard, too bloody hard!! Got to half a mile at 5:30 pace and that was it, bang! I held on for 19' 52", went through halfway at 9' 26", and my god the last mile hurt like nothing before, just to hold my pace which had slowed significantly. Was good to finish and recovered well. Ran back with James after, so all in all a good run session. James did really well, finishing in 6th place, and seeing him before the turnaround he looked like he was running really strong.
So I'll take this as a big learning curve, and not go off like an idiot at the start! If I hadn't then who knows! But that's what it's all about. There's another one in 4 weeks times, and with more training and now an idea of how to pace myself then should see me run significantly better. But who knows, may get it all wrong again!!!
Results are here
Out for long bike today and long easy off-road run tomorrow. Hopefully the lactic acid has not built up too much in my sore legs!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Harry Wiltshire

Info on one of the UK's top elite triathletes and my coach!! How cool is that! And he's 12 years younger than me!! Not cool as that makes me bloody old!
Back out on the running today now my cold has faded away and felt good to get out. My morning swim was a total waste of time due to it being so busy in the laneds, and just impossible to do my set, so got out after 25 minutes, which was no bad thing as I was bloody knackered! Back in the pool tomorrow for a proper session with Wareham masters and then Thursday early morning session will be ok. I have 5k on Friday evening with James Gilfillan. Obviously I won't be quite at his pace, but not that far off if all goes well. My shorter intervals have been going really well this last 3 weeks since Ribble Valley 10k and my leg speed has significantly improved. I'll give it plenty and see how I get on.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

DrivenToTri swim camp

Many thanks to Harry Wiltshire, Peter Freedman, Matt Henry and Jaime King for their expert tuition and organising such a brilliant day. 8 hours of intensive swim coaching, personal tuition, video analysis, swim drills, specific stroke intstruction, open water swim skills and group discussion all packed into a well organised day. Cannot be beaten and most invaluable in helping my swimming. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone to go on one of their days. To be among such high level athletes is well worth it, and it was such a positive atmosphere, everybody keen to learn and get the most out of the day.
As for my own development, it was quite pleasing to see some of the things that I am doing well, and I have identified a couple of things that are holding me back, and to have a 3 time Olympic swimmer in Jaime King give me great advice on how to work on those areas, absolutely fantastic! Now I know what to do and how to improve, can't wait to get back in the pool this week!

Friday, 9 January 2009


Damn, finally caught up wih me. Been fighting off the sniffles and sore throat all week, and really crap stomach, but woke up this morning and that was it, no chance of getting on bike or getting into work, totally wiped out! Enforced rest. Have swim camp tomorrow and do not want to be turning up to that a complete wreck! Plenty of liquids, wrap up warm and sleep.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Exciting morning! I have entered my first race as a DrivenToTri athlete!
Heartbreak hlaf marathon in the new forest, organised by .
This is the run route of the New Forest middle distance triathlon which I'll be doing this September.
Be interesting to see how I get on as it is mostly off-road and I have been doing all my long runs off road for the last 6 weeks.
Off for a swim this morning and have a run session at lunch. I haven't ventured out yet today, but hope the weather has warmed up a little!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Lawrence, if you are reading this, I'll give you a bell, as soon as my hectic life slows down for a moment and I get the car fixed!! Very stressful! Hope you're well. I've lost your email address but got your mobile.
Take it easy, speak soon!

Race plans

Well, I've been planning my races a bit more, and have the semblance of a plan.
March - Ballbuster duathlon, 5 loops of Box Hill in Surrey!
April - Winchester FastTwitch tri -, 400m swim, 20 mile bike, 6 mile run.
May - nothing yet
June - Ironman UK 70.3( qualifier for Worlds)
July - nothing yet
August - Antwerp 70.3( qualifier for Worlds)
September - New Forest Middle distance tri(70.3 in the New Forest!)
October - nothing yet
November - World Champs Ironman 70.3, Clearwater (hopefully!)

These will be the main races, only the three 'A' races( 70.3s). I'll add in some Time trials and some road races along the way, 10ks and half marathons etc.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Latest news

Not a lot to report, steady as she goes. Training is back on track after the Christmas hols and hopefully the temperature will warm up. My god it's been cold! Was out for 3 hours on the bike Saturday and I have never been as cold on the bike. And the amount of grit on the road didn't help with 2 punctures to sort out! In fact I was down near Weymouth plodding up a climb into a visciously cold headwind thinking to myself 'what on earth am I doing this for on a Saturday afternoon?!!'
I followed that up with an off-road hill repeat run session on Sunday, 8 miles, 5 hill repeats of 2 minutes each. Feeling pretty good with my running at the moment. Equally as cold though, but not quite the chill factor as on the bike.
Was back in the pool today, 10 x 300m, and could tell I hadn't swam since last Wednesday. But, feel for water improving, and once I've had a few sessions more this week, should be back in the groove. More running tomorrow, and back to commuting on the bike. So all systems go again. Off to swim clinic in Bath on Saturday with DrivenToTri. Also signing up for Ballbuster duathlon.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

oooh, it's cold up North!
5 days of barely above freezing. Have not wanted to get out much for running and biking, but I've done something each day, so managing to keep myself in shape.
Since 10k, I've done 2 swim sessions, a long run and a long bike. Long bike today was an out and back, out easy and back as fast as possible to record heartrate. Oh god, it was hard work! I had to get off for 5 minutes before coming back, just to try and get some blood to my feet! Cold weather is not condusive to fast riding and after 30 minutes of hard effort on the return I'd pretty much had enough, but stuck it out and at least kept my heartrate up. First big effort on the bike for a few weeks, and not so bad really, but glad to get in the bath after and warm up!
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