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Monday, 21 December 2009

Man City Blues

Well, poor old Mark Hughes. He has done a great job as City manager over the last 18 months, but let's be honest, he's not the high profile name that the City board and owners want at the club. It is very disappointing. What message this shows youngsters coming into sport I don't know. Nothing about perseverance, commitment, loyalty and trust. If it's broke, then throw it away and buy something else. Such is the way of the modern football world.
Good luck to Mark Hughes, I can see he will do well at a club that are prepared to give him 100% backing and let him really get on with his job.

These footballers could learn a lot from the world of triathlon, how elite athletes commit 100% to what they do for a mere fraction of the financial reward. They are committed to becoming the best they can be. Pro footballers think that they have become the best they can be by just playing in the Premiership and many do not seem to have the drive and determination to push themselves beyond their limits. Not all, I might add, are like this. Just look at City's Craig Bellamy who amongst all the bigger names at the club is determined to be the best he can be.
There is always room to improve, and that's what keeps us going. The moment we think we know it all, we should stop.

As for me, I just keep ticking the sessions off, one by one, giving them 100%, staying fit and healthy, not doing too much, but staying strong and feeling in pretty good shape.
Another Boscombe 5k last Friday, usual 19 minutes and a bit time, on a bitterly cold night. What was pleasing is that my legs recovered well after and no signs of any after effects on my 4 hour ride the next day and 2 hour run on the Sunday, both in very cold and icy conditions. Swam today and body has recovered well, getting a couple of nights of decent sleep. Massive help!

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Latest News

Hello everybody!

It's not been an easy time of late, hence no posts for a while. The day to day trials and tribulations of life in the big wide Birtwistle World continue to pound the energy reserves!
But I'm still here, and the sessions are getting ticked off. Challenge Roth gets a little bit closer. Consistency is key and thankfully so far I have avoided alsorts of germs and bugs that have been all around. Now, there we go, I've just tempted fate!
Big bike mileage the weekend just gone, quality swim sessions and a good swim session with coach Harry this lunchtime at the Dolphin pool. Few pointers for me to improve on, but on the whole stroke mechanics are pretty good and it's all slotting into place. One thing though, I do not swim hard enough!!! I have to make those max efforts really max efforts. We did some 'open water' 100s, was good fun, and what a difference it makes to really draft off a great swimmer. Just sat right on Harry's hip, I could feel the pull, but still I had to work hard to stay there, and when he did push on a bit I lost my position in the water, found mysekf instantly on his feet and that was it, like a goosed rider, 'out the back' of the peloton. Session was very useful, and always find that after Harry's coaching session I come back swimming beter than before. Hopefully this will happen again!
Easy 60 minute run tomorrow, swim drills on Friday and then bike and run Saturday and long run for 2 hours on Sunday, will end another solid week of good work.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Out it came, after 3 years of hiding under the bed, it ventured out after removing a huge layer of dust from the case! It will take a few weeks to get back into playing but I got over the initial shock of seeing it and then blew some notes! Surprisingly it still works, and so do I! Watch this space for more musical info!

Good swim and run today, in awful weather. The run was wetter than the pool, and a lot colder!
Film, leg massage, food, bed is the order of the evening. Fighting fit for tomorrow's early morning turbo! Arrrghhhh!!!!!! :)


At last, some proper November/December weather! I am layered up ready to set off for work.
Training has been steady, a good 4 hours of running over the weekend, a spin on the rollers last night and I'm feeling in good shape. Back to normal now, will be able to swim as per usual and get some long bike miles in at the weekend.
Charlie, will drop you an email when I get 5 minutes! Kerry, give me a ring one evening this week for a catch up. James, are you out and about on the bike this weekend? Lawrence, are you at the Reliability ride on Sunday?
See you all soon!!
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