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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Antwerp Ironman 70.3

This is the bike leg route. I followed the directions on the Antwerp 70.3 website and plotted it in but I think it's a little short as I didn't come far enough back down for the Loop back on the top part of the course. But overall it's pretty much there. And pancake flat!!!! Just check out the elevation( or lack of it!)

Monday, 29 June 2009

Another bonkers athlete!!

Check this out, maximum respect!

Summer Sizzler

Results are out, no splits and not in order:


I was about 4 minutes off my predicted time, and just had a thought, I wore a tri top and shorts in the pool, no wonder I felt slow!! Drag!! Why on earth I didn't wear a full trisuit I have no idea. Oh well, you live and learn. That's why it's a training race. Hopefully I'll get in the fast wave for Bournemouth tri this Sunday, which will get me firing on the bike and give me something to chase on the run.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

It's all about the bike

Well, that's what it's felt like this week!!! Lots of riding, legs have been in good shape and my body has repsonded well. Been back in the pool as well and getting back my feel for the water.
After 70 miles and a lot of hills yesterday, and an afternoon sea swim, this morning I rode 12 miles out to the other side of Wimborne to take on the Summer Sizzler. If I am totally honest I was not all that convinced about doing this race, but coach Harry thought it would be a good idea to get out and blow the cobwebs away.
Well it went ok in the end. I raced hard and bagged 3rd place. Were it not for being placed in a slow swim wave in an 18m pool and having to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge the breaststrokers, I would have been out much quicker and may well have nabbed the win. 30 secs would have been enough. But c'est la vie, never one to complain. I had noone to race against really so in to time trial mode on the bike, and felt good, apart from trashed legs! Still maintained reasonable leg speed and got into transition without any hiccups. Onto the run I felt a little jaded but held it together, until the last hill and then my trashed legs felt a little more trashed!! Slowed a bit, picked it up to finish and was pleased with how the morning went.
James Gilfillan met me down there and we hung around, watched most finish, and then headed off for a 'spin'!! Well, 20 odd miles later and I was home, totally spent!! Rode at a good tempo and gave my legs a further workout! Recovering well, and off for a snooze before much needed tea!!!
All in all good to be back and returning to somewhere near race form. Just my running legs need sharpening up, but that's ok, I have 5 weeks to Antwerp and I am confident of running strong by then.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Summer Sizzler bike leg course map

Click on the map title and it will open up in a new window

Chris Lieto and Craig Alexander duel

Checking through triathlon results these days and keeping track of all that's going on is not an easy task, as so many races around the globe. A good friend of mine emailed me the results of Boise 70.3. Two guys at the top of their sport showing just why they are at the top of their sport!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Change of Plan

Well, couldn't make the aquathlon tonight, work and transport made it impossible to get to Bournemouth in time, so Evening TT again, and well worth it. Hard riding conditions made for an interesting ride,
Only 4 seconds off my best on that course(22:05 last year in very good riding conditions), and I had really mega tired legs this evening after 5 days of hard riding and a lot of miles. But it's paying off some more of the same will see me stronger on the bike, and in a positive state of mind going in to Antwerp 70.3 on 2nd August.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Back on the training

4 days, 250 bike miles later and I'm feeling much better about triathlon. Determination and motivation to do well has come back. Having a go at a beach aquathlon down Bournemouth tomorrow evening, should be good fun in this weather, that's a one. One of a series of 4, but something different, 600m sea swim, 6k run.
Coach Harry has suggested I do the Summer Sizzler on Sunday just to have a 'hit out' and get some racing in my legs. Sounds like a good idea really. That one is through
My body is in good shape at the moment, got to re-focus the mind and get my race head back on. Dunno where it went last week, but it's coming back and hopefully if I can put together 5 weeks of solid training then I should be going to Antwerp with a lot of confidence.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Back on the bike

Out today for a long easy ride. I am going to learn how to ride again! Once this weekend is out of the way, I shll be picking up the mileage and getting more hard miles in my legs. My bike let me down at Wimbleball, and I have never felt so lacking in the leg department as I did that day. It won't happen again!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Jon Rainford Photography

For those who use Facebook Jon has pics of most of the UK 70.3 race, loads of run shots, most of the top 50 or so bikers(I just about scrape in there as the last 2 pics in the album!) and loads of swim pics as well.
If you get in contact he will let you have the hi-res photos. Just acknowledge him if you do use them anywhere else. Excellent work Jon!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

UK Ironman 70.3 2009 non race report

Well, after much deliberation and serious consideration I have decided I cannot bring myself to write a report about this race.
It is a great race to do, has everything in it that makes endurance sport the best in the world. Some of the world's best athletes are there taking on what without doubt is a tough tough race. Massive well done to everybody who got round that course, from Phil Graves who won with an absolutely astounding bike ride, to Iain Sainsbury who was last over the line inside 9 hours. Maximum respect to all and their supporters. Great event and I would like to think that I will be back taking part another year.
But for me, it was a bitterly disappointing day. I felt so flat, had nothing to give and could not raise my game to anywhere near what I have been doing in training. Trying to get my head round what happened, why it happened and then move on. So no race report, other than to say it still was a great day just being part of it all, huge thank you to all my family who were there supporting, I'm just sorry I let you down.
But on to the next one. Antwerp 70.3 on 2nd August. Before that I am going to get angry at Bournemouth International triathlon on 5th July and I may be doing Purbeck tri the following week. Attack, attack, attack!!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

UK 70.3 2009 results

steve birtwistle

Race report to follow from me after I've had a day's rest to think on my performance. Not the best day I have had in a trisuit as the picture speaks for itself!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Healing well

Was back on the bike today, just a nice easy ride to and from work, although going off-road not the best idea I have had, jarring my shoulders, arms and hands!
And 20 minutes easy run when got home this evening, just to test the body. Still a bit achy from fall, but that aside I must admit I'm feeling pretty strong. Swim tomorrow and another easy run and steady as she goes, easing my body forwards towards Sunday's race.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A healthy dose of road rash!

Well, it's been a while, but it happened again today! This time a wet cattle grid was the cause of a spill. Ridden over it a hundred times beofre, always the same, take it straight on. Today, just didn't want to play. Was like something just pulled the bike from under me and at 20mph, no time to react. So nothing broken, all in one piece, just the usual aches and pains all over, right leg grazed and bruised from ankle to hip and taken a fair bit of skin off my arm, elbow a bit swollen. Came at 50 miles and rode 8 to get home. As my legs go, in pretty good shape and o n target for next Sunday's UK 70.3 but I will no doubt miss tomorrow's swim set. But if that's the worst of it then all ok!! :)

Friday, 5 June 2009


Well, easy week is proving to be rather a pain! Literally, sore back, tight glutes, dull ache in knee and generally feeling below par.
But that is to be expected. Stretching and massage is helping relieve the tightness and only two days before I get out on the bike for a 3 hour easy ride which should reinvigorate my system for the week leading up to Wimbleball. To be honest I do feel quite rested. Well, my heart does feel a little more relaxed, and aftter 5 days of very little training I have just about got out of my impression of Mr. Grumpy!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Well, it is nice being on an easy week, but then again, I'm itching to get going and put some effort in. I think the idea is that by the time UK 70.3 comes around I'll be ready to go nuts!!
I'm a bit grumpy as well. This will get worse as race day approaches! Apologies to my lovely wife, Tracey!
I really want to do this evening's 25 mile time trial with Poole Wheelers, but I'm not allowed! Such a shame as the weather is so nice at the moment, great riding conditions.
I have a rest day on Friday and Saturday as well. How on earth will I cope!!!???

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


3k easy swim today, no pressure, no time, no target. What a difference, just relaxed and concentrated on stroke...oh, yes, and counting! Trying to keep track of 90 lengths in a 33 metre pool ain't as easy as it would seem!!
Was with James today, he looks in good shape after his recent podium finish at TriAthy in Ireland, and he's looking forward to Windsor, which is same day as UK 70.3. As is Bala Middle distance tri, the UK middle distance tri champs, and INEOS Beaulieu triathlon. Come on race organisers, sort it out!!!
Thankfully some great pros now lining up for UK 70.3, both men's and women's fields, promises to be a cracking race, especially if this weather continues.
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