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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Run Pace Chart

Really useful chart for finding out run pace.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sandy Balls Duathlon Results

Sandy Balls Duathlon 2009

Sandy Balls Duathlon 2009 Race report, October 25th.

Saturday, rain and wind, and I was not feeling that positive about an off-road run in the cold and wet. But Sunday morning arrived, a bit earlier than expected even thought the clocks went back, and we turned up fresh and in good spirits in the autumn sunshine. Got registered, collecting number off Mr. Gilfillan who was helping out on the day. And he was out marshalling, giving a good amount of abuse as expected, but surprisingly not quite as bad as I thought!!
So we were led like horses to water down to the start, at the bottom of the campsite, by the river and a loud shout of off took all by surprise and it was like a stampeding herd back up from whence we came! Hilly would be about right and straight into uphill trail and into the campsite. The first mile was generally uphill and to a quarter mile of downhill the first left turn, then uphill for quarter of a mile and …..You get the picture!! 5.5k or thereabouts of up and down and back into transition. I had a mixed run, did not feel great but I was still keeping up with the pace, although a good couple of minutes down from the real fast guys up at the front.
Onto the bike, pretty smooth changeover and into my riding. Felt reasonably ok, but not sure if I was fast or not, as had no gadgets for this race, just went on feel. Course is a straight out and back with about a mile loop as the turnaround. And how much of a crosswind on the way back! I had chosen to ride a disc and it took some holding on! With about 6k of 20k to go I had caught and passed both Emma Dews and Will Newberry within a couple of seconds of each other and was making reasonably decent progress but tough going into a full on headwind. Got into T2 ok, in about 10th place( had a quick count up of bikes!) and set off with cramping calves for a 5k second run. Pushed on and gritted my teeth and thankfully ran it off. Shouts of come on Will behind me after nearly a mile made me pick up my running and first Will past me and then Emma a minute or so later. I tracked as best I could but they both got away with half of the second run done and I managed to hang on for a very pleasing 14th place overall in a time of 1’ 19” and something. I worked hard which was the main thing and it was a real confidence booster to take into my winter training. Lee Piercy was in a class of his own out front and dominated by over 3 minutes from the rest of the top 10 which was full of quality athletes. Well done Lee. I’m sure he’ll be up the front at Ballbuster duathlon in November. Emma Dews won the women’s race in 1’ 18’ something and Ceris Styler(James Gilfillan’s sister) was 2nd in 1’ 23”, watch out for her next season!
Yet again, Racenewforest, led by Richard and Jo Iles, put on a great race, was a really nice atmosphere, good mix of athletes there and always a pleasure to be amongst it all. And they like to make even a short duathlon tough!! I highly recommend their races to anyone out there, from pros to just starting out. Great fun!!
Back to training this week, nice hour run yesterday and on treadmill for a bit of run analysis with Coach Harry tonight. Now to find out just how bad my running really is!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Where does the time go?

So, Boscombe 5k came and went, a new PB, but I need a bit more practice at these 5k things, only the second one I've ever run! Pacing, and how hard to go etc, I have to learn all that. But I felt good and ran at a level of effort I would normally run for 10k, so pleasing. Well done Lawrence Down who came in with a solid PB of 18:30 something.
Sandy Balls duathlon on Sunday, and sore throat and hectic life aside, I feel in good shape, if a little tired. What a difference a good night's sleep makes though. Slept for a solid 8 hours last night, and can't remember the last time that happened. Most refreshed today and looking forward to a good lunchtime run session.
Good turnout at Sandy Balls in the women's race, should be a good one. Emma Dews, Helen Dyke, Kat Grimmet and Ceris Styler head a class field, all of them World/European duathlon champs of some description, other than Ceris, sister of some triathlete by the name of James Gilfillan! She was a two times winner of the British time trial Grand Prix series in her younger years and is making a return to racing. She won her last triathlon back in September in Stratford by over 6 minutes and was 2nd at Swanage sprint tri behind the overall winner. Both girls there beat all the men!! So Sandy Balls promises to be a good race. Check out for more info. Starts at 8am on Sunday, directions to race are all there. Well worth going down to watch.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Boscombe 5k

This evening is the start of the Boscombe 5k winter series. 7:30pm start at Boscombe Pier, turn up, get a number, pay your money and run! Very well oragnised and popular race. More info at Poole Runners website.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Dame Chrissie Wellington

Well, if an Olympic runner can win 2 gold medals and become a Dame, then Chrissie Wellington should be made Prime Minister!!

3 times World Champion at Ironman distance. She holds the Women's Ironman world record and she broke the Kona course record at the weekend! Why is this lady not all over the media today?! She should be on the front cover of every newspaper and we should be applauding the massive acheivements of our best ever female athlete, bar none! In fact, among our best ever athletes, male or female. Definitely Sports Personality of the Year 2009.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

World Champs

It's that time of year again - Hawaii!!
I shall be tuning in this weekend. Chrissie Wellington for win number 3?

Latest News

Hello everybody.
Been watching loads of Family Guy, making some music now I've got my studio back up and running, re-learning how to use all my kit( synths, fx units and sequencers). Been good fun to get into something else for a change. As much as I love triathlon it is not the be all and end all of life, although it does feel like that at times!
So, I started back to training this week, easing my body back into the routine. A couple of easy runs, easy swims and couple of sessions on the bike, experimenting with a better aero position on the bike. I'm not making the most of my bike power and my position is very high with a lot of resistance in the frontal area. I shouldn't be so damned big! And I'm talking about chest and shoulders.
WIll take out race bike at some point over the next few days and see what it's like riding in a lower position. I don't want to sacrifice comfort and power for more aero, as that means no gains. But if I can present less air resistance and maintain power then happy days!
Have pulled out of Slent Half marathon on Sunday. Not really in any sort of race shape and to be honest I can get a good training session in on my doorstep and don't need to drive to Southampton to plod round 13 miles at the risk of pushing myself too hard and gettin ginjured. Long road ahead preparing myself for Challenge Roth next July, so easy goes for the next couple of weeks. I have Sandy Balls duathlon to look forward to on 25th October. Will just use that as I good workout and go have some fun!!! for more info on that one.

Friday, 2 October 2009

DrivenToTri Big Weekend in Bath

Last weekend in November I shall be going on DrivenToTri's big weekend in Bath, a swim, bike and run fest over the whole weekend, training alongside Pro triathletes Harry Wiltshire, Pete Freedman, Jim McConnel and some of the UKs top age groupers. Looking forward to getting stuck in to a full on weekend of training and getting another opportunity to get in the 50m poool at the university. Brilliant facilities there. For more info check out the DrivenToTri website.
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