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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Where has January gone?

Well, 31 days into the New Year already. Just started to get cold. Nice and fresh at Forest Fit last night.
I managed a morning run for 40 minutes. 50 minutes turbo at steady pace. And an hour of Forest Fit, directing operations. Was a great fun session and a good turnout on a very cold evening.
This morning, I did a short strength workout. 20 minutes of deadlifting 60kg, single arm rows with 20kg kettlebell and curls with a 20kg bar. In total, about 60 reps of deadlifts, 60 one arm rows and 30 curls. Enough to get me working hard and prepare for some bigger strength workouts over the next few weeks. Also 10 pull ups on rings thrown in there, 2 at a time. Not my strong point, but it's all work in progress. Turbo bike later and will run out and back to Forest Fit tomorrow.
More biking in the week, as I get back to fitness after a week of cold and rubbish!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Catches up on you

Well, eventually my body succumbed to all the colds and viral infections floating round and a big turbo session frazzled me on Tuesday, leaving my immune system a bit battered and the bugs took refuge in the confines of my nasal and throat cavities!
Food and drink and rest the order of the day, walking to get some fresh air and a gentle jog later and I'll be feeling much better after two rough days.
Training begins in earnest next week, and time to get organised and look at booking some races before they all get sold out!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Swim technique

Possibly the world's smoothest freestyle stroke.


Back out on the bike today for 41 miles of good riding on a windy and cold day.
Felt pretty good, a lot of climbing in there, and legs moving pretty well. Nothing outrageous, a nice easy 18mph average, which is alright for a steady ride at this time of year, and I should be able to get another die in tomorrow, albeit a short one. Also back to running tomorrow, and will get out very early morning to run 40 minutes. A week to get my legs moving before I start any concerted run sessions of any note.
Forest Fit at the rugby club tonight. Last week's session was great, we set up a circuit-type session and I had loads of exercises printed up and got small groups working their way round each 'station' with 'fun' stuff in-between, then finished off the session with some sandbag carrying relays, always good fun. More of the same tonight, and thankfully the rain is holding off, let's hope the wind drops a bit. Will take it easy myself as my shoulders are a bit tight.
Now then, something to eat before I get back to work!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday is Forest Fit day

Quiet week training-wise, lacking a little motivation in the January weird weather. One minute ice, next minute heat!
Managed 50 miles on the bike over Purbeck's finest hills and wind! Legs held up pretty well, and was good to be out for that time.
Today is Forest Fit, I will not be doing much in the way of upper body stuff, as my neck and shoulder has taken a turn for the worse again. I swam on Wednesday, and I am just not ready for the pool yet. Another two weeks and I can confidently get back in there.
I shall run over to Forest Fit, a nice easy 4 mile run to get warmed up, and I shall get out on the bike again later. Long run tomorrow and back into some running as I have done very little running over the last two weeks.
Strength workouts to return next week, only if shoulder better.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Good tired

Nice tired feeling this evening after 44 miles of biking and 5 miles of running. 3 hours of total training on a very bright and sunny but cold and windy day. That's more like it. Bike legs are starting to return and hopefully with this type of regular riding I can get a great base in for the seasons of time trialling and triathlon which begin in March and April respectively. Now to find some races and to look through the TT handbook and book something official.
Oatcakes and a bowl of muesli and a leg massage followed by sleep!!! Nice way to finish off a good Sunday.


Hello guys and gals.
Sunday morning and up with the boys, drinking coffee and planning the week ahead.
Last week was a lighter training week, after the first 10 days of the new year, as legs feeling it a bit. However, this morning I feel refreshed and ready to push on with a two hour bike and 40 minute tempo run.
I did Forest Fit with Charlie yesterday, and what a beautiful morning in the Forest, bit frosty, but lovely and fresh and a great group to train with, we had a lot of fun. I rode over there, off-road nice and steady and my legs were feeling very good. The bike miles are starting to make a difference. Worked reasonably hard in the session and had the rest of the day off. Saturday is fast becoming my main rest/easy day, which makes a nice change from spending hours out on the bike as I was a couple of years back. Sunday morning is swimming and football with the boys and then Sunday from 12pm is training time.
The week ahead consists of PT and Forest Fit and lots of biking again, and I am delighted to say I shall be back in the pool. The chiropractor visit seems to have done the trick and my neck and shoulder are now moving much better, pain free and after another few massage sessions I should be almost normal again!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Training latest

A full week on the bike, goal 1 is well undwer way. 10th of January already and I have managed to get on my bike everyday bar one, I really needed a rest day on Saturday after Forest Fit, and playing five-a-side football on Friday night, my first 'competitive' game for 10 years! Ooooh, I ached a bit on Saturday after that. I was fit enough to run round the pitch all evening but muscle groups working in different ways. Very enjoyable to get out and try something a little different. Not sure how often I will be doing that, particularly if I have a race coming up.
Most of my outdoor riding has consisted of between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Steady riding, taking in a few Purbeck hills. Average pace between 18 and 20 mph. Nothing crazy, trying to build some consistency. Turbo efforts of around 60 minutes, again, just working through the gears, building pace, and not yet anything structured. January and February will continue in the same vain, I might throw in the odd 3 hour ride but to be honest, this time of year 2 hours is the max I like to be out, circulation in my feet is not great.
As for swimming, not yet back in the pool, chest, neck and shoulder still tight, although I did visit the chiropractor and she freed up my right first rib, so I have a lot more movement and stability through that area, but still not right, and a few more physio sessions will hopefully sort that out.
Will get back in the pool next week, and start light swimming.
Running is ticking over, nothing too structured, other than an interval session once a week, trying to get the heartrate working, and not everything at aerobic level. Light run today of about 40 minutes, then will turbo in the evening, Forest Fit and bike tomorrow. Bike and run Thursday. Friday bike. Saturday Forest Fit and off. Sunday bike and run. And then see how we feel before planning the following week.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello everyone and welcome to 2012.

I've been a bit quiet on here of late. Busy sorting out my gym and personal training work. All going well, nice and steady. Forest Fit also continues to thrive!
I have started the New Year determined to get back into my own training with a bit more vigour. 2011 was a a bit of a rest year for me. I have realised that I need to ride my bike everyday, that's what gets me riding faster. So there's goal number one. Even if I can only fit in 30 minutes on the rollers, I am not going to miss a day.
Goal number 2, more structured run sessions, train shorter and smarter. Apart from one long run of minimum 90 minutes a week.
Goal number 3, 3 swim sessions a week. Again, shorter sessions until I need to work on swim endurance for longer racing.
Goal number 4, get my neck and shoulder right. My first rib is protruding and needs some manipulation to put it back. Chiropractor for me tomorrow and am having some physio on the muscle tissues surrounding the area. Once sorted I can then work at
Goal number 5, develop upper body strength, arms especially. I have realised that for improved performance racing I need to be strong everywhere, not just in the legs.
So there we are, 5 goals for this year. I have some races in mind, and have booked Antwerp 70.3 in July as a target race for starters. More news and regular updates to follow. Very excited about 2012, Olympic year, and it's going to be a good one!
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