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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Forest Fit Training

Contact me via email or the blogsite for more information.

Circuit Training
1 hour of exercise in Wareham Forest
Improve fitness strength mobility and general health

3 sessions a week
Mondays 6:30pm
Wednesdays 9:30am
Saturdays 9:00am

All ages (16 upwards) and abilities welcome
Sika Trail Car Park Wareham Forest
£5 per session pay on arrival

Get Fit
Have Fun

Bring something to drink.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Circuit Training - Wareham Forest

Monday evenings - 6:30pm
Wednesday mornings - 9:30am
Saturday mornings - 9:30am

£5 per session, all abilities.

Great fun outdoor exercise sessions!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Boscombe 5k Results

I went through halfway in 9:13, and but for me stoppng brifely to see if one of the runners was ok, I finished pretty strong. 18:40 ish I think, maybe a bit over that. Good running and very pleased considering no training of any note and carrying a bit more weight than I should be. Focus now on breaking 18:30 and beyond!!!

Update, results now out and 19:08! Oh well, will try harder next time. Hopefully won't stop either!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Boscombe 5k Winter Series

The brilliant 5k series is back round again. I've only done a couple of races in the past but they are great for motivation and speed work and a bit of a social; catch up with a few people I haven't seen for a while.
I am also going to try and run a bit faster! Time I really put in some effort on these short races. I would love to get near to 18 minutes. I have done 18' 50something before, which I am very happy with, but with some work I think I can get that down a fair bit. But we'll see, just go, give it some and have fun!!
More info on the Poole Runners Website.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

James Gilfillan

It's been a long time, but me and James finally managed to get out together for a burn up on the TT bikes! And yes, he kicked my ass, no surprise there then! But great fun, just short of 50 miles and I spent most of them hanging on to his back wheel, with not much of a draft! James, please grow by 10cms and 40kgs!!
Those 2 hour rides are what I had a lot of last year and they really helped get me riding strong. James is building up for a team shot at RAAM( Race Across America) next year, so hopefully me and him wil get out and about on the bikes a bit more.
Go to the British Triathlon Federation website to vote for him as Age Group Athlete of the Year.

My own training will start in earnest next week as I start to work on my running speed and get out for lots of solid bike miles.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Circuit Training in Wareham Forest

Forest Fit.
Begins Wednesday 13th Otcober, 9:30am at the Sika Trail Car Park in Wareham Forest. All abilities. £5 a session.
This should be great fun. Me and fellow Personal Trainer Charlie Tipper are leading a new circuit-based training session in the backdrop of the lovely Wareham Forest. Focus is very much on all round general fitness; just come along, have a go, get fit and have a good time!
Ask me for more info!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Off season

Rest time, and I need it!
So thankfully it is at this time I have pulled a muscle in my lower back, one of the QLs, and it is very sore. Not preventing me moving a lot bu it is making me hold myself incorrectly and my shoulders and neck are aching as a result. Trying to keep moving as much as possible.
Unfortunately children, car seats and backs do not mix!
But this weekend I will be getting back out on the bike. Just have to purchase some wet weather gear, as I have bought no bike clothes for about 3 years! All my shorts have holes in and I have no overshoes, and just a pair of tri cycling shoes which offer no protection from the cold at all. Thankfully I have saved a little for such rainy days!
Hopefully now the winter is here I can get out consistenly for som elonger easy paced rides and get the mileage up as a base for next season.
Also going to focus on the running, will be doing a few events, Boscombe 5k series and Wimborne 10 miler and a few other local runs.
The personal training is taking shpae now and lots of really great people to train with. And I am setting up circuit training in Wareham Forest, more details to follow, so keep reading!!
Right, off for a gentle jog to see if I can loosen up my back a bit!
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