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Thursday, 30 July 2009


Well, my repaired wetsuit has not found it's way back to Primera Sports yet. Thankfully, the good people of Primera have managed to get 2XU to send through a demo V1 suit for me to use at Antwerp70.3 this weekend. Bit of a result, as they're 2xu's top-o-the-range suit. But then again, if it doesn't fit well, then it ain't any good!!! It is my size , so we'll see. At least I have a suit, I was beginning to worry slightly.
Other than that, we're on track. I'm grumpy and pacing around like a caged tiger! Sign of a good taper. I was the quickest I have been for a couple of months in the pool this morning, and raring to get on with it now. Resting off the bike today and will do a 40 minute easy run this evening. Light spin on rollers tomorrow and that's pretty much it, travelling over on Saturday.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Antwerp 70.3

6 days to go and I'm feeling in good shape, legs recovering well after my last hard weekend of training and a nice taper this week, which will have me on the race line ready to give it some!
Swim today, run tomorrow, swim and TT Wednesday, swim and run Thursday and then rest Friday, light stretch and loosen legs Saturday after travelling over and then race. Sociable start time as well, I go off at 11:11am.
Website: Antwerp 70.3

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

disc has had one too many

Well, got a valve adapter to inflate disc wheel, and on checking the wheel after, lo and behold it ain't true! Damn! Took it into Bikelab( great bike shop by the way!) and we all agreed it wasn't my dodgy eyesight and it was out of line. The nice people at FFWD wheels will replace it, and in the meantime I can use the current one. Hopefully will have replacement and front wheel by the end of the month in time for Antwerp 70.3.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Vineman 70.3

James Gilfillan 11th, fantastic result, go James! Joe Gambles won it in 3hrs 49, must have been flying. James was 4hrs 8 mins.
For results go to :

Cracking weekend

Where to start?! Wedding anniversary today( I did remember!). Taking boys to Wareham Carnival. Aussies getting thrashed at Lords by a rejuvenated England, fantastic! Bradley Wiggins right up there in top 10 overall GC at Le Tour, top 5 finish I reckon! Great training session by me yesterday, new disc is awesome, with solid hour run off the bike! Easy ride this morning, legs in great shape. Sun has come out. James Gilfillan about to do some damage at Vineman 70.3( will follow online tonight!). Go James!! 2 weeks to go til Antwerp 70.3, time to go out there and throw caution to the wind and hit it hard.
Can this weekend get any better? Doubt it! :)

Friday, 17 July 2009

James Gilfillan at Vineman

James Gilfillan is racing in San Francisco this weekend at the Vineman 70.3. Promises to be a cracking race and he's in great shape for this one. Follow his progress here

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Evening 10

Poole Wheelers Evening 10 results

Another solid 10, not quite with it tonight, legs tired and not quite the power there. Reasonable conditions, tailwind/headwind scenario. Definitely missed a disc on the way out. I was averaging 30mph for the first 5 miles, which with a disc would have had me quicker and made up time on those infront. Rode strongly and very controlled back into the wind, and made up time here. Averaging over 27mph I felt pretty good and was not the all out effort of previous 10s from earlier this season. This is my fastest '10' time of the season so far. Once I get the disc on and get similar conditions on the same course, will be very interesting to see what I can ride.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Just got even better

New disc wheel arrived today, not long til I get the front wheel.
Front will be an F9 deep section rim.
Disc is loverleeeeeee!!!!!! :-)
Won't try it out til the weekend. Have evening 10 tonight, but no time to fit cassette and tubular tyre. Want to savour putting it together and getting it on the bike!!
Oh yes, quick times here we come!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

tough morning

Back to the hard stuff today, and what about this lousy weather. My god, I was struggling for the first hour into a nasty headwind with driving rain. 'Orrible!
Then, 'bang', woke up, legs started firing and did 3 hours of solid riding on TT bike, covering 65 miles. Got back, quickly chnged into something a littl drier, run shoes on and straight out for interval run session. Attacked it today, and feeling a lot more positive about my running as I'm coming off the bike a lot fresher now, as I'm finding some good form on the bike.
Off now for an afternoon snooze to make up for being up with Elliot at god knows what time in the wee small hours! Little monkey!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Monday, 6 July 2009

Bournemouth tri Piccies

Lady Birtwistle is a bit handy with a camera. Here's a couple of shots of Bournemouth, race winner James Gilfillan and a bloke in a red suit! Nope not Santa!

I was just very pleased with myself because I had got over my 'dark' moment feeling ready to quit after exiting swim, but mentally got myself together and finished strong.

Bournemouth Triathlon 2009 Results

In the end, doesn't make for bad reading( if you take the swim out!!). The run was long, 6.58 miles, so hence why all the run times seem a little on the slow side. That should cheer everyone up!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bournemouth triathlon 2009

What an absolute horrorshow of a swim! My god, I have never been so bumped about by waves, or lost my sight, goggles filled with water, swallowed half the ocean, felt sick, went off course, and generally just wanted to get out of there!! 30 minutes for 1500m, how awful is that. It took a massive effort to dig deep and attack the bike, and going up Richmond Hill at the start was a nightmare as I couldn't get my feet in my shoes,. At this point I watned to get off. In fact I had to to put my shoes on. At this point my wife was taking photos and if it wasn't for a bit of encouragement and a lot of swearing from me, I would have gladly got in the car and gone home. But I cursed and swore and powered up the rest of the hill in the big ring, 3rd gear. I don't think anyone would have gone up there quicker today, and that was it I was back in business and posted a quick bike. And that was followed by a very solid run. Somewhere in the top 20, around 2:15 overall, an Olympic distance PB by 6 minutes.

But my god, that swim!!!!
Results posted later and will have some photos too.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Easton Wheels for sale

Ok, day has come where my Easton wheels are being sold off! They have been fantastic for me and have lasted 3 years and have had some great results.
Picture and details to follow, but if you want any more info then please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Easton Tempest II, carbon tubular deep sections rims(58mm). Ideal for TT, triathlon and road racing.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Evening 10

Well, I was on a good ride tonight, just kicked myself that I eased off in the last mile and could have pushed harder. Finished 2nd by only 6 seconds! Bike legs are coming good.
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