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Friday, 31 May 2013

Dorchester Triathlon 2013

At last, a race report from me for 2013! 

Well, I hit this one with minimal training. 3 swim sessions in the 2 weeks before, 2 interval run sessions and 2 time trials with a couple of longer rides. 
And full of sinusitis and feeling rough! Not the best preparation. But I had paid my money and thought, just go and give it what I can.
Lovely sunny day. Really well organised at the new Dorchester Sports Centre. 8:50am start. I had a pretty good swim really, didn't push too hard, and got out in 6:35 for 400m. OK, not quick, but for me only 20 seconds down on my best effort.  Got out onto the bike which was a nice loop, one longish climb up to Hardy's Monument and back down. 24km ride. And oh how I noticed I had no bike legs! God it was slow, 2 guys went past me and usually I would respond but just nothing in the tanks. The uphills felt so hard and just couldn't breathe hard enough( the jog before hand to warm up felt terribly hard as well!!). Descended quick into T2 and got into running when got hit by cramping calves, not happened before but I am assuming a little lack of conditioning and not enough bike to run sessions. Ran it off in half a mile and then pushed on as much as I could. Nice run, tough hill up Maiden Castle and back down to a well attended finish. 3.5 mile run in the end. I ran 23:30, so not bad considering no specific training done. Bike was 37:30, slow, more work needed. Finished 6th on the day with a time of 1:09:00. less than 2 minutes off 2nd. So all in all not a bad day and I'll take that result. It's really nice to know that the strength training I am doing is obviously having a positive effect. Now if I want to go faster, two things I must do. 1. Not get ill!! And 2. swim more, bike more and run more! Simple! 
More races planned for this year, once I have shaken off this nasty infection I have now got! All this health and fitness!!!! :)
Must say, excellently organised race and recommend their events to anyone.
Special mention to Vanessa Kimber and Jerry Apetino who took on this triathlon and put in monster performances, well done you guys!!! :)

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