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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Back on it

Despite a couple of rubbish nights' sleep, I am back to form with a very solid bike session yesterday. 3 hours of tempo riding with an inform James Gilfillan. Now he fooled me into a false sense of security earlier in the week saying that he was feeling a bit below par and was wanting to take it easy. Ha, I made the mistake of not judging pace and effort right at the start of the ride into a headwind, and James took that as the trigger to push the pace! Ouch, and then the hills came and it was all I could do just to hang onto his wheel, and even then I was dropped and worked my legs off just to get back on board. But I needed this to just wake the body up, give my system a jolt and to remind me that more of this kind of riding is needed. What is on the whole pleasing is that Roth is a fast and flat course and if I am riding at this level in January when it's freezing and windy then by the time I get to July I should be in great shape.
Legs have recovered well today and I was out in the cold weather for an easy hour run, steady 8.5 miles, felt a little tired at the end. This cold weather is making me very hungry! Trying to watch what I eat, cutting out a lot of the sugary things, more wholewheat stuff and generally not stuffing my fac in an evening!
Back to a normal training week, and looking to push on now the days are getting longer.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Scott CR1 Pro

Well, off it goes to its new home. Well, it will do today when the new owner takes it away.
Nice fresh day, bit nippy, but the wind has died and the sun is up and at 12pm I am off for a long bike with James Gilfillan. We shall put the world to rights over a nice steady ride, as long as he doesn't drag me up lots of hills! Then it might get a bit quiet! I think Mr. James sometimes forgets I am carrying 4 stone over him!
Wimborne and Blandford area should see us right. How nice it is to see longer days returning. More ride time!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

The weekend

Hallelujah! It's the weekend. Well, it's Friday, but my weekend starts today as I have the day off at home with Elliot. This is also the weekend I start picking up the bike and get stuck into getting the miles in. At last the bad weather of late seems to have relented and despite the dreary grey days it will be a lot better out and about.
I'll finish off an easy week with a ong ride tomorrow, 3-4 hours, just steady, and then a long run on Sunday. I can tell I haven't run properly for 2 weeks as my legs are heavy after yesterday's hour at lunchtime. Won't take long and I'll be back in the groove and eager to pick it up now as Roth is getting ever closer.
I have now entered two races as prep for the big one. Swashbuckler Tri in the New Forest. 1.9k swim, 80k bike and 22k run. Also Weymouth middle distance tri , same distances, run is a little shorter. New Forest on the 23rd May, Weymouth 6th June, ideal training races for Roth. I can use one as full on race effort and the other as a way getting a feel for full ironman pace. The Swashbuckler has already sold out and looks like there is a good field, with Dave Woodgate among the Elite level athletes on show. I haven't seen a start list for Weymouth but I'm sure it will be filling up quickly, as it is a good course and very good value for money. Check out the websites above for more info.
I'll probably be doing Winchester tri sometime in April as a good training race and maybe one more shorter effort race just to stay fresh, but I'm not wanting to overdo it early in the season.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Hi everybody. Back to twittering now. Plenty of news and updates to be coming your way soon. Sorry!!! :-)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Richard Allen Fitness

Pro triathlete Richard Allen has an excellent training and coaching website.
Thought I would give him a mention on here as I bought my Aqua Sphere goggles after seeing him wearing a pair at UK 70.3 last June!
I should get a refund as they don't make me swim any faster!!!

Monday, 25 January 2010


Oh, busy busy busy! What a start to the year! Nearly January gone and so much gone on. Training hit a low point last week with a knee niggle, so not been running for 10 days, but all better now and back to it this week. Swimming well, biking is ticking along, and actually, the 3 days complete rest I had over the weekend has probably done me the world of good.
The Scott CR1 will have a new home next weekend, so that's good news, all sorted. And will be having a god cach up with coach Harry at some point near the end of the month after he returns from 3 weeks of training in Lanzarote. Alright if you are young free and single and a top triathlete!!
More news to follow, races booked, future plans and general triathlon and life news!!
Let's hope we have a warmer February!!!!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bike For Sale

To make way for a future purchase of a new Time Trial bike, last year's purchase is up for sale. Lovely bike, lightweight, very strong and excellent handling. Get in touch if you need any more info.

Bike has now been sold as of 26th Jan '10. Good old Ebay!!! Going to a good home this weekend.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Latest News

Just had a big run weekend, 2 hours on Saturday, including 3 x 20 minute intervals, in bitterly cold weather. 90 minutes of 'easy' off-road running yesterday, and later in the day 2 and a hlaf hours on the rollers on the bike, watching Pirates of the Caribbean, wishing I was actually in the Caribbean! Kept my mind off the weather outside and from the relentless whirring off 3 big rollers going round! Back in the pool today for a solid session and just about to do an easy hour on the rollers whilst listening to the radio, City to beat Blackburn 3-0, hopefully!!

Also threw in a short swim challenge on Saturday morning at the Dolphin pool in Poole, hosted by James Cracknell of all people! 6 teams from the area were involved, 30 minutes to see which team could swim most lengths of a 33m pool. Was good fun! And I was fortunate enough to be in the winning team! Report will be in the Daily Echo this week some time, for Bournemouth and Poole. James Gilfillan was also in the winning team, just for a change!! :)
There's lots of news about James and his racing plans for this year, so once I have had a good catch up with him, watch out for more info on this blog!

Happy Training everybody!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Belated Happy New Year

Hello everbody! Welcome to 2010. This year is indeed year of the ironman!
Quelle Challenge Roth - website

Training is hit and miss in this weather but I've still been getting in some quality sessions when I can and still maintaining the consistency that is needed, building a solid base for the coming season.
Just planning races, a few ideas but nothing confirmed yet. Wait to see how I am going come March and then we will be increasing the level of effort in preparation for Roth!
More news to follow when I have time to sit down and write something worth reading!!

Best Wishes to all for a successful 2010!!
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