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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Solid weekend

Friday - 2 hours easy paced ride on bike over the Purbecks, nice and sunny but very windy out and about. 

Saturday - Forest Fit session including a couple of hill and then a 6 mile extended run home after the session. Very hot and sunny. Great morning's effort. 

Sunday - 33 miles at 22mph, followed by 5 mile run at 7 min/ml pace. Nice steady effort, at ave HR of 143bpm.

So bike and run fitness is definitely improving, after a really good week. I managed a little afternoon snooze yesterday, just to recharge the batteries. Easy Monday, might squeeze in a swim. Forest Fit in the evening, Puddletwon Circuits on Tuesday, Forest Fit Wednesday, and lots more biking to be done. Hope to time trial on Weddnesday evening, see how I get on. 

Consistency is King!!! 

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