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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tuesday training

After a rest day on Monday I was keen to get back on the bike, but the weather had other ideas, as it has today.
So I hopped on turbo and banged out a tough 80 minute session. Legs feeling back into some sort of biking shape. Bike fitness is improving, after a disastrous 10 mile TT 3 weeks ago and a slow ride at Dorchester tri. 
Last night was Puddletown Circuits, two exercise classes, one for general exercise and the second something I have entitles 'Man Circuits'. At the end of the second session I was finished! Great workouts.

Here's what we did at 8pm.
Warm up with general stuff for 5 minutes then:
1 minute of each exercise, do all exercises, rest for one minute and then repeat.
Circuit 1:
Press Ups
Hamstring Extensions
Reverse Lunges

Circuit 2:
Bunny Hops
Single Arm Row
Clean and Press
Mountain Climbers
Bag Lift

Circuit 3:
Box Jumps
Shoulder Press
Step ups
Band Row
Farmer's Walk
Bag Crawl and Push

Cool down.

I can safely say if you work this as hard as you can it works everything. Takes about 45 minutes altogether. Job Done!!!! 

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